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  1. Thanks for the info. I always try to have 24inch radius curves as a minimum so that’s great.
  2. Just a quick question but does the CAWS guard have to be removed if using couplings or can it be used down to a certain radius of curve?
  3. 048! Now that’s perfection! Exactly how a locomotive should look! Can’t wait for this to arrive now!
  4. Can I just say all the images so far have been fantastic. Just one question, is the cab front handrail plastic or wire? It’s the one part that looks very easily damaged if the packaging has any weakness at all. Can’t wait for the IR images.
  5. Can’t wait for these! I think a few 141/201’s maybe sold to help with funds!
  6. But surely it should always have been that way! Ireland has 60Million potential customers to export to in the UK but the UK only has about 5million to export to in Ireland! Thats a shameful position for Ireland to have been in the first place, and would make to question what the Irish goverment have been playing at in the first place!
  7. Yes Hattons as they are my local stockists, although I have had the same problem with 121’s from Rails. It was only 5 cab end vacuum pipes I required. In Hattons defence their product support for the class 66’s I own has been excellent.
  8. I don’t think the QC on the 121’s is any worse than any other modern detailed locomotive. . I have 7 and the only problem I have had is delivery with the cab end vacuum pipe broken on 3, which obviously occurred due to the packaging. I would say that I found product support for replacement parts for the broken parts to be nonexistent. Contact with Murphy and I received an email to say that they don’t deal directly with the purchaser, see your retailer. The retailer couldn’t get any spares either. Disappointing. Another area that could be improved is the internal packaging. I don’t think the foam cradle idea worked particularly well on this occasion.
  9. Another excellent announcement bringing more variety yet giving everyone a chance to buy something to meet their needs.
  10. Here’s some images of these fantastic wagons.
  11. Just a note to say the railway has been saved by the trust and will hopefully operate again before the end of the summer. Also I believe they are hoping to buy some of the auction stock so hopefully no one else bids and it gives them the cheapest restart possible!
  12. Does this mean the Deltic will end up the first locodelivered by the team?
  13. Bells Bubbles and Ballast at Ballyercall
  14. DJ I have just checked DCKits and I think they are showing them in stock!
  15. They seem to be sold out of Bell 20’reefers. Just check theC-Rail website to be sure.
  16. Yes all C-Rail products.
  17. Just a note to say the 30' Bell Bulk containers have arrived. Another lovely product by C-Rail, in the photos you can see the variety of "Bells" we now enjoy! Great times for the Irish modeller.
  18. Bell Bulks arrive in Ballyercall yard.
  19. NIRCLASS80

    071 class

    It’s hard to see a new 141/181 model appearing any time soon. Even the much larger British market upgraded models usually appear at least 20 years later. The danger is if the vast majority of end users don’t see the improvements as significant then the “new modellers” just don’t make enough sales to make it viable. Risky Where as a model of a C Class is attractive to many modellers and the A class sales must help in gathering the appropriate data to help IRM make decisions on future releases.
  20. NIRCLASS80


  21. Are the “A’s” being flown in to be delivered early June as I see the KUA’s are delayed to late May and they have been on the high seas for weeks already?
  22. Fran I was just wondering why the gypsum bundle offer isn’t available on the.co.uk site even though all the wagons are available? I maybe tempted soon!
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