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  1. Some motive power shots from Ballyercall
  2. Sorry but that video doesn’t do the models justice. The sudden start really annoys me when the technology is there to do it right.
  3. A Class on the Tara's at Ballyercall
  4. A Class review. No talking or unboxing, just the models doing the talking! Hope you enjoy.
  5. Just some action from Crewe Basford Hall for modern modellers of the British scene.
  6. I have used old 8 pin decoders in the past for functions only but I always carry out programming on an old spare 8 pin chassis and then install in the rolling stock saves any hassle. Everyone has their own way of going crazy!
  7. They work fine for me but light flickering is still an issue
  8. Congratulations to all involved. The KUA’s are stunning and your constant contact with customers and regular updates deserve the recognition shown through these awards.
  9. Any new freight movement by rail is a positive news story.
  10. The problem I found with using coupling bars on the small four wheel stock is finding ones flexible enough to stop them dragging each other off the rails at crossovers and curves. This is on a layout with large radius points and 24 inch minimum radius curves. I just ended up using Kadees on all of them. Fitting them by sticking onto the bottom of the coupling box.
  11. Plus there was a period between the 70’s dying and the 450’s being in full service that I would imagine anything goes as long as it moved!
  12. Thanks so much lads for the positive feedback. Much appreciated.
  13. Big GM 084 departs with the fertiliser working which will soon be in the hands of the A class!!
  14. Will the modified bogies be available to buy separately at some point in the future?
  15. Thanks. Did you specialise in managing debt collection agencies in a previous career?
  16. Some Friday evening action from Ballyercall. It’s great to be running again after the summer break.
  17. North of the 49. Thanks for the positive feedback. Big Blue is supplying the power today with this GE brute!
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