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  1. If I was new to the hobby, yes but too many other interests in railway modelling like British and Canadian. Even though the Canadian stock doesn’t run on my layout Ballyercall, I can use the fiddle yard for both layouts.
  2. My little Christmas treat from the better half. I have a weakness for all things CP Rail and Soo Line.
  3. Happy Christmas one and all Hopefully IRM will make me very poor one day when I can recreate these scenes!
  4. Here’s just a couple of images showing the Murphy models
  5. The 121’s are a cracking little model but does anyone else think the IE logos have been put on IR orange bodies and the IR logos put on the IE orange bodies?
  6. Received 2 IE ones from Hattons this morning 16 hours after payment! Impressive service as usual.
  7. I always just buy blank ESU sound decoders and just manipulate the free files from the ESU website using the Lokprogrammer to get the result I’m happy with.
  8. I fitted 19’s but I also had to fit a small piece of plastic shim in below it to get the coupling height right.
  9. Great idea. I forgot about those little spares! Thanks IRM.
  10. Here’s the exact quote from the reputable retailer “ Sorry to see this We have sold out of this model, Murphy Models has discontinued the item as no more is available so we're unable to get this replaced for you They do not do repairs, I would advise we get this back and get it fixed for you, however I suspect it may have to be glued.” Can I just add that this is a lovely model of a classic loco.
  11. I received 2 so far and both had damage. Can’t seem to get any support other than if it’s damaged return to retailer for refund as this item/items are now discontinued from the Murphy range. I don’t usually moan publicly but this was a tad disappointing.
  12. Something new for modellers of the UK scene
  13. Vac pipe on the cab end broken on mine also. Must be a slight weakness in the packaging that must press against it once it gets a thump or two in transit.
  14. Some images of the new IR ballast wagons
  15. Video containing 127 and the new IRM Irish Rail Ballast wagons.
  16. The UK Stockists are selling them between £157.50 and £145 so its slightly unfair to single out Hattons. UK Model shops have to compete to survive, its just great that they stock Irish models and keep increasing the market for all.
  17. Go on and give it a go! You never know your luck.
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