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  1. Video of some action from Ballyercall and just to say thanks to all the subscribers
  2. There’s a difference in the tooling around the buffer shank area. With the rpsi ones I had to glue the buffers back flush with the end of the corridor connections to stop buffer lock when reversing them over even large radius points.
  3. If your DCC and certainly with loksound V4 and V5 you can adjust the light strength by changes using the lokprogrammer.
  4. Today I started a small Facebook group which will include some articles, photos and videos of my model layout and also real railways past and present if anyone is interested here’s the link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/473839153545688/?ref=share
  5. I can supply smack side on photos of a NIR 80 Class willingly!!
  6. Great announcement once again. Something for everyone. It’s great to see how so many more modellers and collectors are now interested in the Irish scene than 5 years ago and hopefully as more get interested my dream of a NIR 80 Class DEMU in RTR gets more viable! The IR and gypsum packs will get a little run on Ballyercall.
  7. Sounds great. Can’t wait to get one entering Ballyercall.
  8. Then we all needed a drink after all the excitement! And finally the ballast needed a van!
  9. Then the liners another classic with Bells and also with containers thanks to C-Rail The Fertiliser wagons just renew childhood memories. The ferts were basically the only wagons on the Derry line apart from departmentals.
  10. Five years ago I was a North American / Canadian modeller. I had actually sold a few Canadian items to this strange fellow called Fran from Dublin. I had purchased a few Murphy items like the GM's and the Cravens but only for display. I had always been reluctant to get to involved with Irish modelling due to the lack of quality RTR wagons. Then IRM appeared and I thought I would support it by buying a few packs of ballast wagons!! The rest is history. Thanks lads for supplementing Murphy Models Locos and coaches with fantastic wagons. The ballast wagons first. Then the bubbles. What's nicer and more Irish than these with a coupl of Baby GM's leading! Brillant. Then the Taras just crying out for an A Class!
  11. Can’t wait to have a few roaring out of Ballyercall!
  12. Enjoy Dave. That’s what the hobby is about. Some really nice stock.
  13. Believe my Irish stock runs 95% of the time but just every now and then mu love of Class 50’s need to be followed.
  14. Short video of some local railway action including a working with some PCA’s as produced by the lads at Accurascale.
  15. No problem with the speaker in the one MM 121 I have purchased so far. I have had a couple of faulty speakers in the past from various other manufacturers so it’s not a unique problem. At the end of the day the more features and extras that a model has the more chance of a problem. What I would say is the 121 is a nicely designed bit of kit.
  16. Just a little note to say that if anyone wants a chip remapped with functions on the F button they desire or a complete reblow please private message me and I will give you details of service provided. All of my sounds can be seen in action on the Ballyercall thread under Irish Layouts.
  17. Thanks for the update. Some financial relief although you did say in another thread that you might have another announcement soon, “so take the money!”
  18. The 121 model just released is really nice. But I think this photo just shows how good the 141/181 stands up against its 12 year younger cousin!
  19. Is the A class delivery going to be after Christmas just I am trying to negotiate a present?
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