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  1. Personally I would buy likely only one steam engine of any class released that’s in preservation but if it’s a diesel class release I would buy several. Plus Ready to Run stock favours diesel sales now that we have a good selection compared to a few years ago.
  2. Number 4, 85 or 171 have all been long time excellent performers for the RPSI and fairly numerous in company service days, so win, win. IRM steam would be an incredible step, unthinkable only a short time ago, hopefully some day a reality.
  3. Northern Ireland Railways loco action
  4. 40’ SeaWheel containers would be great future release
  5. Three new offerings from C Rail arrived today at Ballyercall!
  6. I would imagine accurate Mk3 coaches in all variants would still sell well given the amount of orange locos out there to pull, or push them. Also If the moulds can be manufactured in such a way that Irish and UK models can be produced accurately then it spreads the projects overall costs, but it would be a massive project.
  7. My wish list! C Class also NIR MV NIR 80 Class Bogie timber Short flats for 20’ containers Bagged cement wagons, both versions But I’m sure if IRM produces anything that ran in the late 1980’s and 1990’s then the bank balance will suffer!
  8. Fran we need timber wagons to carry all them logs your throwing!
  9. I think pallet cements must be coming from IRM soon.
  10. Passenger and freight action from Ballyercall
  11. Given that the UK forums and indeed some manufacturers including the Accurascale lads have already announced new items for 2021 is there any speculation about what is being released by Murphy/IRM this year after the A Class release?
  12. The bulk Bell will be a must for Ballyercall! Thanks Arran
  13. https://www.dccconcepts.com/product/zen-black-decoder-universal-easy-to-fit-8-pin-direct-decoder-with-6-functions/
  14. DCC Concepts also use to do a direct just like the one above. I have two in a set of vans.
  15. That’s correct about the decoder needing to see a motor during programming if it’s an old loco decoder . That’s why I always address them when plugged into a loco and also increase the value of CV29 by 1 in one of the decoders being fitted into a pair of the vans. Also by giving them the same address they change the lights automatically with the change of direction
  16. Photo showing the sad aftermath of the accident. Power car 90 still survives at Downpatrick.
  17. You require a 8 pin function decoder or I have used old 8 pin decoders that I didn't require anymore and just used the light functions.
  18. Few photos around Ballyercall this morning!
  19. Some Passenger and Tara action from Ballyercall
  20. I see that the IRM website now has a UK option post Brexit. Glad to see that IRM is making trading with us lads located in GB and NI as convenient as ever. The A class appear at the moment with sterling prices and I’m sure all stock will appear shortly.
  21. I am not sure but was the cable ploughing equipment mounted on one of these wagons?
  22. For anyone interested here’s a short video of fitting tail lamps supplied with Murphy Models 121’s to IRM stock. Hope it’s of help to someone.
  23. Happy new year to everyone on this forum. One of the friendliest online groups you will find.
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