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  1. Just a note to say the 30' Bell Bulk containers have arrived. Another lovely product by C-Rail, in the photos you can see the variety of "Bells" we now enjoy! Great times for the Irish modeller.
  2. Bell Bulks arrive in Ballyercall yard.

    071 class

    It’s hard to see a new 141/181 model appearing any time soon. Even the much larger British market upgraded models usually appear at least 20 years later. The danger is if the vast majority of end users don’t see the improvements as significant then the “new modellers” just don’t make enough sales to make it viable. Risky Where as a model of a C Class is attractive to many modellers and the A class sales must help in gathering the appropriate data to help IRM make decisions on future releases.


  5. Are the “A’s” being flown in to be delivered early June as I see the KUA’s are delayed to late May and they have been on the high seas for weeks already?
  6. Fran I was just wondering why the gypsum bundle offer isn’t available on the.co.uk site even though all the wagons are available? I maybe tempted soon!
  7. The 68 waits for the Accurascale Mk5's!!!
  8. I very much doubt that Ballyercall will ever make the modelling magazines. I don't think my standard is high enough. Just a few more photos. Glad some enjoy the photos and videos.
  9. Yeah and then accuse others of making a profit if they happen to sell one!
  10. Video from Ballyercall including a short clip on how the hands free uncoupling invisible magnet works!
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone. The SPAD aeroplane is the sort of thing I would rather not be on!
  12. No SPAD! Look for the shunt signal illuminating!
  13. I have one DCC Concepts slow motion motors and it was a pain. I have found the good old Circuitron Tortoise Motors to be bulletproof. Some now in action for over twenty years!
  14. Some action from Ballyercall.
  15. Class 59’s have a EMD 645 16cyl engine while the Class 66’s and IR 201 Class have a EMD 710 12cyl engine. Class 59’s will pull a heavier train than the other two classes due to different gearing of the traction motors. The only 66’s that might pull a similar load are a small class of heavy haul 66’s that I think maybe only Freightliner have but I’m not sure.
  16. Now that you have teased us, are any of the railway projects close to announcement/engineering sample stage?
  17. Hattons already listing some of the items!
  18. IR stock of Mk2’s and MK3’s will be a must order from me. Thanks again Mr Murphy.
  19. Voting complete. The ferts 100%
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