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  1. Sean


    Personally derek id be handing that back under warranty
  2. Sean


    I believe its running in DC mode and you need to install a decoder. if your controller has a dc channel it will run on that but beware that the noise is caused by the motor recieving a full track voltage whilst pwm is keeping it stationary and the motors tend to get quite hot as a byproduct of running in this state which can shorten their lives significantly. Most would not recommend it.
  3. seems to be multiple sellers with multiples of each item in stock
  4. Didnt we have a similar sort of discussion a couple of years ago when some chinese 201's appeared on ebay? I was new at the time
  5. forgot theres no trains in gran canaria IS THAT BETTER!!?!?! on tour with two mixers
  6. The bogies are screwed on to both coaches but i couldnt be arsed taking them off to mine to see if they interchange
  7. running mine tomorrow but as usual the permenant way is in need of a bit of tlc before anything will be able to run MMMMMM RPSI Black and Tan run
  8. not the best of photos but they get the job done lol had not planned on running these for a little while - now its a priority over the next few days Seems i still need a mk2d and another brake to complete the rake - when are these coming out?
  9. Does the first class go at the loco end or the brake end?
  10. Just you wait till I've had my dinner
  11. F*cking bank holiday im still waiting for mine
  12. Someone just emailed me a link to the tracking number to mess with me hurrrrrrryyyyyy upppppppp
  13. Mine have posted! Will be delighted if they show up tomorrow like other IRM stuff has been known to of a saturday
  14. Cant we stop counting rivets and just enjoy our high end high quality toy trains? Oh no, the number doesnt match the tiny little vent that is invisible at more than 10cm away and the ladder is slightly wrong. THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION IS RUINED!!!
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