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  1. amdaley

    Customs & VAT

    Hopefully but as other have said. Some are stopped & some get through. We'll see.
  2. amdaley

    Customs & VAT

    My Hattons package arrived today with the postman. Just regular international priority postage @ £5. No communications from Irish Customs about it. The customs declaration had a bar code UY---------GB This number & bar code was also on the postal label with a little IOSS in one corner. I presume that this code gave customs all the information they needed.
  3. I had visions of Frenchmen in a convoy of 2CV's transporting a load of boxes marked "Trains" At least the French have a transport system unlike Ireland where large parts of the country are devoid of any sort of decent transport
  4. Life would be very dull without a bit of fun. Now where did I put that shipping container I know I left it around here some where
  5. You are surrounded so give yourself self up peacefully. There's no where to run. Step away from the boxes
  6. amdaley

    Customs & VAT

    According to An Post the parcel should have a TARIC code to enable it to be electronically scanned. A suitable code for toy trains imports from GB is 9503009990 I'll see what happens my parcel when it arrives.
  7. amdaley

    Customs & VAT

    This is the reply I've just had from Hattons. I think Hattons are taking the chance that some packages will get stopped & others will get through. So basically its totally hit & miss Thank you for your email. As we have VAT registration for the republic of Ireland, Vat is paid at the time of purchase with us and after that, no other charges should occur. With the new government guidelines in place Republic of Ireland fall under DDP (delivered duties paid). If any further charges should occur with this order please do get back in touch with us and we will look into this for you. I hope this helps. If there is anything else that I can help you with please do not hesitate to get back in touch.
  8. amdaley

    Customs & VAT

    Anyone still having problems with Hattons ? I just bought a RTR item & was charged the UK vat rate on the item. I've sent them a message about it & await a reply.
  9. Minor detail Well done that man. Not there any more though. Still trying to find a decoder for it
  10. You go out & do the same. That'll sort him
  11. My A Class turned up this morning. Its bigger than I thought it would be ?
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