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  1. I have at least one of those tampo printed ones stocked away. I must dig it out sometime.
  2. amdaley


  3. Import charges: Import charges £122.21 (amount confirmed at checkout) + £18.51 postage. God bless E Bays Global Shipping Programme
  4. Hello Everyone. I have for sale a Hornby Rolling Road R8211. In very good condition in original box. €55 including postage. Regards. Tony.
  5. Thanks for the clarification as I though it was to do with the 15% discount limit that was placed on sellers
  6. That's very strange although Hattons had a similar problem with Bachmann which seems to have been solved now. It had to do with the discount that Hattons wanted to apply so it seems. Might be the same problem between Rails & Hornby ? Don't know whats going to happen if the UK leave the EU without some sort of deal. I'm sure the Irish Customs are sharpening their pencils in anticipation
  7. That's just madness. Fools & their money
  8. Its must be a 12" to the foot model
  9. There's a copy for sale here if anyone is interested. https://www.adverts.ie/non-fiction/irish-railways-today/15529376
  10. I would never have anything to do with any item being sent by GSS. It's just a money making racket forced on sellers by EBay. Completely unnecessary waste of time & money.
  11. I forgot to change the location You could get it shipped free to DPD in the North & have it shipped down for €3.85. That's of course if you were mad enough to buy the item in the first place
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