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  1. It looks like 216 has been getting around. It was on Mk4 duties the week before Christmas looking badly in need of a wash!
  2. Platforms, like other structures such as bridges and culverts, have to be inspected every two years. During platform inspections a track gauge is used to check the clearance and height of the platform relative to the top of rail. The track gauge/width and cant (angle) is also checked, as well as the 6 foot's (distance to next track) where applicable. A structural inspection of the platform face and the copings also forms part of the overall inspection.
  3. As the lads have said a new platform should aim to be 915mm above top of rail but in reality this can vary greatly depending on whether you're modelling an older platform or a lesser used platform. More attention tends to be given to platforms with greater foot traffic. . Whether or not the track has been relaid and/or tamped can also impact on the platform height. I took the photo below during a platform inspection I was carrying out recently and you can see the variation in the height of the copings and the height of the new vs old coping stones.
  4. It's probably fallen through the cracks with everything else being announced at the SDMRC exhibition but I see that Marks Models are collaborating with Hornby to produce a model variant of the NCC 3F 'Jinty'. Did anybody manage to get any further information during the show? I only saw the small drawing on a page behind their stand.
  5. The Kirow crane was being stabled in the sidings at Clonmel today. It was an interesting sight as 088 pulled it from the Limerick direction, then ran around the loop at Clonmel to push it into the sidings. 088 had to wait close to an hour for the inspection car to pass, which was returning to Limerick Junction via the loop at Clonmel.
  6. The 22k set with the MTU powerpack rebuild trial was on the Limerick Junction to Waterford service this morning - I didn't get to hear it leaving but wonder if there's any difference in sound after the rebuild.
  7. Good to know why the 2800 set was sitting in the sidings, I thought it was a bit strange! The manouvre to get it out was interesting to watch with the 'twin' set having to head south towards Cork before switching ends and heading back towards Limerick.
  8. Luckily this bridge is fitted with protective beams on both sides to protect the bridge structure itself from damage in such an event! I drive under this bridge on a regular basis and it's tight enough in a car so I can't see how it was so badly judged!
  9. Barl

    New prototype?

    I was only just after reading about a similar scheme in Mayo! https://www.rte.ie/news/regional/2023/0608/1388194-changing-track-velorail-to-open-in-co-mayo/ I remember these were very popular in some parts of New Zealand, one I witnessed was in Whangamomona which used both pedal cars and converted golf carts on the line.
  10. We were only there on Monday funnily enough, had a good look at the coaches given the announcement the day before!
  11. From what I hear it could be a long time before the final report is published, as it relies on ministerial approval north and south of the border - not likely to happen any time soon with no sitting government in Stormont. Maybe it will be published sooner with a 'TBC' section for the north!
  12. Some interesting outcomes from the report (draft) of Ireland's rail review. Be interesting to see if anything comes of it. Link to article here; https://www.thejournal.ie/rail-review-network-5991337-Feb2023/
  13. I find 'Directional Drilling' sounds far more exciting! At least we're not as bad as structures!
  14. Glad I managed to get 3 packs when I did! I missed out on the first run of Tara's so was happy to get some to run, I don't mind the tiny fault with them!
  15. Hi Mike, as far as I know it's a mixture of organic material and non-recyclable material left over after the waste recovery process (non-compostable and non-recyclable) so it can burn to a high temperature. I think I read somewhere they had applied to the EPA to start using it at Mungret but when that happens I have no idea! I'd imagine it would be mixed with coal for a while to start but not sure of the process exactly. This link has some good information https://www.irishcement.ie/sustainability/alternative-fuels/
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