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  1. I'm not sure if this was mentioned already but there was a section on Irish railways and model railways on Nationwide on Monday night if anyone is interested. https://www.rte.ie/player/series/nationwide/SI0000001172?epguid=IH000367922
  2. Barl

    Vote for IRM!

    Job done. Good luck to IRM!
  3. Absolutely fantastic model with excellent examples of detail visible everywhere you look! It really captures the atmosphere perfectly.
  4. Glad to see they're selling well. Just a question about ordering; is it possible to pay part with a gift card and the remainder by credit/debit card? I couldn't see the option online last time I was ordering but not sure if this has changed with the site update. Also just noticed that there seems to be VAT added to the cost of the gift card options online i.e. a €10 card costs €13.50 etc. This may have been fixed since but just incase you hadn't noticed. Apologies if this is a little off topic but I want to order a set of the ploughs before they're gone
  5. It's an excellent video of the works. This is only around the corner from my home place in Osberstown so it was very interesting to see it all come together. The only road closure was the 'canal road' but this has been closed for a while now anyway due to a truck hitting the top of the aqueduct. As far as I know the crane had to be brought in from the UK but not 100% on that.
  6. I think Mayner has covered most of the issues with cut-and-cover tunnel construction very well. As he mentions the dusruption to the city centre areas would be huge, not to mention the effects of the noise from the constant thumping of the sheet piling rigs. The sheer number of services under Dublins streets was also a factor. The sub-base for the LUAS was close to 1m deep in most places but it still required a separate contract to divert all services under the track. We still encountered huge issues with existing services including sewers, many of which are old Victorian brick arch culverts requiring rehabilitation works. Even finding space for something as small as a 150mm diameter gully connection was difficult. As you can imagine, cut and cover would require a greater number of sercive diversions and disruption to services when it occurred. I think the DART Underground project (whenever it happens) has some sections of cut-and-cover proposed in certain areas like St. James Gate but disruption could be minimised in these areas. The City Rail link example Mayner gives did cause huge disruption, as well as being an eyesore in one of the busiest streets in the city. It also made finding The Fiddler Irish pub very difficult 😂
  7. As one of the silly, overpaid consultant "engineers" who worked on the construction phase of the LUAS Cross City, I always find it funny reading comments from armchair planners and engineers criticising the designs. Do you honestly think that every route option for the LUAS Cross City wasn't examined in detail. The project began planning not long after the red line was finished, and the final route was decided upon following public consultation and agreement between all stakeholders; including DCC, NTA, RPA (now TII) Grangegorman Development Authority etc. These projects are designed with long term thinking in mind (the new metro and other proposed lines for example) not the short term that many seem to criticise. The chosen route serves the largest agglomeration and provides the most conveniently located stops. It is no coincidence that many large cities around the world - such as Edinburgh and Sydney - are returning to light rail as an option for public transport. As Mayner mentioned above, the grass is not always greener. Having lived in Auckland for a year it makes Dublins public transport look like a well oiled machine! As for the underground options, Dublin is sitting on a bed of limestone covered by boulder clay and other glacial till deposits. These make it a nightmare to tunnel through as there are many fissures and water pockets which are difficult to pick up during site investigation works. Other tunnelling projects in Dublin, such as the Port Tunnel and the Greater Dublin Drainage Scheme were far from smooth sailing and encountered many difficulties, but none that couldn't be resolved by the "clueless" designers involved. For the LUAS to work as intended, it requires the cooperation of other road users which, unfortunately is not always the case - how many incidents involving trams are the fault of the trams/drivers? Look at how well the trams work in cities like Amsterdam as they have priority and car usage is reduced. Hopefully the proposed metro will resolve some of the issues with Dublins public transport but it is an old city with old, and hidden problems so it may take some time.
  8. If only I could get away with that! Some 'creative accounting' is what's needed I think. 😂
  9. Barl

    Project 42 Update

    Great line up of models, IRM will have a busy few months ahead. I got a prepay IRM card for Christmas, which I have yet to use. Is it a fairly simple process to top these up as a means of saving, as you've mentioned above?
  10. Spotted this in Dealz today, it may be useful as a cheap foliage material for layouts.
  11. Looks like they're going to be another fantastic wagon. Now all I have to do is figure out a way of hiding some of the wedding savings fund to buy some 🤔😂
  12. It's actually a term used when designing for certain rainfall/precipitation intensities and durations. For example a 1-in-100 year return period (1%AEP) rainfall intensity, along with a selected storm duration, is a design rainfall 'event'. Apologies for the jargon 😂 It seems to have been adopted by the media for anything now!
  13. Great job on the GSV so far Noel! I found the roof vents, fuel tank details and fuel filler points to be among the most awkward parts to get right. Looking forward to seeing the finished article
  14. Barl

    Dutch Van

    Stunning job on the Dutch van! I know when I built mine a few years ago the roof was the most time consuming part also.
  15. Apologies if this has been posted before but it appears IÉ have put out a tender for the refurbishment of the 2700 class railcars that are currently in storage. http://https://www.kildarenow.com/news/increasing-train-services-anticipated-next-year-renovations-fleet-28-iarnrod-eireann-carriages/176306
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