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  1. Barl


    I never knew there was a model shop in Kildare town, and I'm from Kildare! Does anyone know if the Model Shop in Capel Street in Dublin is still open? I know they mostly focused on RC but they did stock railway items too.
  2. This is an interesting topic as it can be very confusing for people to transition to DCC. In my experience DCC isn't complicated and, as the lads have said above once all the track is connected to as wire 'bus' then insulfrog points shouldn't be an issue. All of my points are insulfrog. One point that I don't think is mentioned is that it's worth having a short section of track isolated -either in a fiddle yard or siding - that can be used as a programming track for loco's etc., rather than having to connect to a separate piece of track each time.
  3. Thanks for the helpful replies. Would you know if the Bachmann BSK is the only one that is the correct length or would the Mainline version be an option also? Is the Hornby version a re-released Lima model?
  4. Rather than hijacking the thread on the release of the weedsprayer wagons, I said I'd ask the question here. What is the best option for modelling the Mk1 Weedsprayer Coach? I know about the Silverfox model and I'm assuming Glendergs overlays are no longer available? Are the Mousa overlays a good option? If so is the Bachmann Mk1 the best option to convert? I have used this method previously for a GSV but there doesn't seem to be many available on eBay or elsewhere at the moment.
  5. There's an Irish Times article on it incase anyone hasn't seen it. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/heritage/railway-revival-steam-trains-set-to-return-to-connemara-almost-a-century-on-1.4311951?mode=amp
  6. Thanks for the above links, with a quick search I was able to find a photo of my grandfather working one of the cabins in Sallins (not sure which one). http://catalogue.nli.ie/Record/vtls000305635/MooviewerImg?mobileImage=vtls000305635_001 The Tullow branch ran right behind my Dad's home in Sallins and he has fond memories of playing on the stored open wagons after the line had closed!
  7. They look stunning! I'm glad I have A46 and 054 ordered now
  8. I'm not sure if this was mentioned already but there was a section on Irish railways and model railways on Nationwide on Monday night if anyone is interested. https://www.rte.ie/player/series/nationwide/SI0000001172?epguid=IH000367922
  9. Barl

    Vote for IRM!

    Job done. Good luck to IRM!
  10. Absolutely fantastic model with excellent examples of detail visible everywhere you look! It really captures the atmosphere perfectly.
  11. Glad to see they're selling well. Just a question about ordering; is it possible to pay part with a gift card and the remainder by credit/debit card? I couldn't see the option online last time I was ordering but not sure if this has changed with the site update. Also just noticed that there seems to be VAT added to the cost of the gift card options online i.e. a €10 card costs €13.50 etc. This may have been fixed since but just incase you hadn't noticed. Apologies if this is a little off topic but I want to order a set of the ploughs before they're gone
  12. It's an excellent video of the works. This is only around the corner from my home place in Osberstown so it was very interesting to see it all come together. The only road closure was the 'canal road' but this has been closed for a while now anyway due to a truck hitting the top of the aqueduct. As far as I know the crane had to be brought in from the UK but not 100% on that.
  13. I think Mayner has covered most of the issues with cut-and-cover tunnel construction very well. As he mentions the dusruption to the city centre areas would be huge, not to mention the effects of the noise from the constant thumping of the sheet piling rigs. The sheer number of services under Dublins streets was also a factor. The sub-base for the LUAS was close to 1m deep in most places but it still required a separate contract to divert all services under the track. We still encountered huge issues with existing services including sewers, many of which are old Victorian brick arch culve
  14. As one of the silly, overpaid consultant "engineers" who worked on the construction phase of the LUAS Cross City, I always find it funny reading comments from armchair planners and engineers criticising the designs. Do you honestly think that every route option for the LUAS Cross City wasn't examined in detail. The project began planning not long after the red line was finished, and the final route was decided upon following public consultation and agreement between all stakeholders; including DCC, NTA, RPA (now TII) Grangegorman Development Authority etc. These projects are designed with long
  15. If only I could get away with that! Some 'creative accounting' is what's needed I think.
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