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  1. irishmail

    Customs & VAT

    A week after paying the customs charges still no parcel! An post are just using Brexit as an excuse to make money charging €3.50 for every parcel. Would not be surprised if there profits increase this year. An post customer service is a complete waste of time they just fob you off with some feeble excuse. Fourth parcel that has had this problem, Will have to investigate taking this further. Just not good enough, they are quick to take your money but not honouring their delivery agreement.
  2. irishmail

    Customs & VAT

    There seems to be no logic to it at all. All of the parcels that I have received from Hatton's since the new Brexit rules came in have had the address label and customs label all filled out, which to me looks correct and gives the relevant information. As I mentioned previously of the recent (July/August) orders I have had from Hatton's three were stopped for customs charges. Of these once I received the items there were no difference to how the labelling was done. Even our local post person could not understand it. I currently have two parcels on the way from Hatton's this week so will see what happens with them.
  3. irishmail

    Customs & VAT

    An post at it again! This time it is some crafting supplies that SWMBO ordered from England, the company are registered and charge the Irish VAT @ 23% on orders. Like me with my Hatton's orders she had a text message and email from An post to pay customs charges, she phoned the company she ordered from and advised her to pay it and email them the receipt and they would refund the cost, similar to what Hatton's do, she got the refund straight away, but now have to wait over a week now before An post decide to deliver the parcel.
  4. Used to visit Peco many times before I moved over to Ireland. The cream teas in the Pullman are very nice indeed.
  5. Sometimes it can be quite a few months before they publish articles, I think that the articles for RM is usually planned two or three months in advance. I subscribe to the Railway Modeller and will look forward to reading about your layout when it is eventually published. Regards, John
  6. irishmail

    Customs & VAT

    In August I had 7 parcels from Hattons and 3 of them were stopped for customs! No logic to it seems to be random, as the largest parcel (still well under the €150 limit) came with out any problem but a low value item which was £12.00, approx. €18.00 with postage got stopped for VAT! As Bob229 said Hattons were good at refunding the VAT & charges. Also took over a week for the 3 items to be delivered once i paid the charges!!. Never had a satisfactory response from either customs or An Post about this despite sending several emails. Last week had a Hattons parcel with no problem at all. Maybe someone in customs don't understand the parcel labelling properly or do not like Hattons parcels.. I have found them to be very helpful with the 3 parcels that I have had to pay VAT/customs charges on.
  7. Great looking layout there, what track did you use? Regards, John
  8. Hi, JPK, Yes the 141 is still available at the moment. Regards. John
  9. Bachmann/Murphy MK2a coaches in IE livery MM4108 coach No. 4101 MM4108 coach No. 4108 MM4110 coach No. 4102 MM4110 coach No. 4110 €55.00 each plus postage or €200.00 for all four.
  10. Bachmann MM0161 class 141 loco No 161SA in CIE livery. Has only ever been out of the box about two times just for test running. All lights are working and detail pack still unopened. Few minor scuff marks on box from storage. €225.00 including registered post within Ireland.
  11. irishmail

    Customs & VAT

    Its some Lima pre-owned locos that I have been buying recently, I am aware of Modellbahnunion thanks, and Modelbahnshop Lippe which I have used a few times in the past.
  12. irishmail

    Customs & VAT

    Just had another email for customs duty on another low value item I ordered from Hatton's. An Post and Irish customs are a right PITA!!!! When you try to speak to them they just fob you off with feeble excuses. Sometimes makes me wonder if its worth bothering with railway modelling anymore.
  13. irishmail

    Customs & VAT

    The saga continues! I paid the Anpost customs charges and Hatton's have refunded me, so far so good. This was on Thursday and the receipt from Anpost said we will now deliver your items. It is now Tuesday and still no delivery. Been in contact with Anpost customer support but total waste of time just keep getting fobbed off with feeble excuses! Nothing wrong with our local postie or our local post office, but as for their customer care staff!!
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