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  1. Sincerely hope it doesn't, many great selections of photos were lost to Fotopic never to be seen again. Flickr has so many excellent albums and collections of photographs which are priceless historically let alone photographically that it would be a tragic loss. Particularly of many people, understandably, are put off from starting again from scratch.
  2. Like the shed, very nice! Looks excellent lit-up like that. The atmospheric backscene looks a treat too.
  3. Been on at least twice last year, but still an interesting watch. The same channel has had many other BTF short films on such as Terminus, Elizabethan Express, Blue Pullman and Snowdrift at Blea Moor.
  4. Thanks everyone again for your help, my first tranche of journals arrived so it's just left to see about the other ones from the IRRS and then, hopefully (!), my researches will be complete!
  5. That's alright, don't worry about it! I appreciate the help everyone has given. I've sent an e-mail to the address above and hopefully I'll be able to obtain the 3 issues I'm looking for. If nothing else I know precisely which issues I want now which is a big help in itself
  6. Thanks anyway, there's something for the June 2024 issue! It's a bit far, though I've been saying for years I must visit Dublin, my great-grandfather came from the city. Cheers. Brilliant! That's exactly the info I wanted. I have October 1985 in the job lot I purchased, sadly not June 1984. As an aside, I know the IRRS website states one can obtain back issues for reasonable cost, but does anyone know how you actually go about doing that on their website or am I missing something?
  7. Happens rarely enough over here, usually a few times a year you see such a story in the media. Though doesn't everything stop at Mallow these days, unlike some timetables of the past?
  8. Appreciate the kind offer jhb, but you needn't go to any trouble. I took the plunge and decided to get them anyway, there's bound to be other interesting snippets anyway even if there isn't precisely the content I'm looking for ;)
  9. Thank you for your help, much appreciated. If there was something in No. 104 October 1987, that would be ideal as that is also obtainable.
  10. Hi DiveController, which issue (month/year) does Vol. 16 pp. 360-364 correspond to? Thanks
  11. Thank you for confirming, I'd be very grateful if you had a look thanks.
  12. Seen a copy of June 1985 come up for sale. Picture of an 071 with brand-new Mk3s, would I be right in assuming there's a feature on them in the issue? Grateful for any confirmation provided. Regards, Ben :)
  13. If it was the early 1990s, then the other Mk2D would likely have been any old mix as Hueston sets seemed quite randomly formed after the Mk3s were introduced and cascaded the Mk2Ds down the pecking order. The two EGV were needed for long sets, I think one could power up to 11 then for 12 or 13 they'd have two EGV, the jumpers being disconnected between the two middle vehicles so each Generator Van powered half the coaches.
  14. Don't know about him, but I'm still not happy IÉ got rid of them...😢
  15. Hi guys, this time you'll be glad to hear I'm not here to bother you all with more questions(!) Instead I'm going to summarise some things I've deduced and see if anyone agrees. I recently acquired a set of consecutive CIÉ timetables from the early 1980s and with these I've pieced together how I think the early Mk3 operations developed. So, to start in 1980, from another thread on this forum I believe in that year as regards the Mk2d stock 5 sets were generally in traffic, with a sixth at busy periods. I assume that this would mean two sets for Dublin-Cork and one for each of Limerick, Waterford and Galway? From 1980-1983 there are services with Superstandard on the latter three routes in addition to Dublin-Cork, but in 1984 and 1985, only Dublin-Cork services have Superstandard. Now, if I look in my Doyle/Hirsch 1987 rolling stock book, the Mk2d composites which were fitted out as such are all declassified so what I think happened when the Mk3s were introduced from 1984 was that a decision was made to only have Superstandard on the Cork line and run everything else as Standard only. This would explain the declassifying of the Mk2d composites and the fact that only two Mk3 Firsts were built until 1987. So, I assume therefore that CIE decided to run two Mk3 sets on Dublin-Cork with Firsts, and in the early years Mk2d sets as well also with Firsts, with Mk3 Standards being upclassed to cover for unavailable 7107 or 7110. Then by 1987 CIÉ decides, for whatever reason, to re-introduce Superstandard (now First Class) on the other InterCity routes, hence the construction of the Mk3 composites while 7157 was also built to give an additional full First for the Cork line. Does this seem plausible, as I am working off an awful lot of assumptions? Cheers, Ben.
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