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  1. Fantastic looking model lads, fair play. I've one on order and I'm tempted to go for a 2nd. Any idea of an approximate delivery date? No pressure, I know it'll be worth waiting for!
  2. An E (preferably a 421) floats my boat and would get my vote, hence my moniker 😉
  3. Thanks Edo, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Noel, that's a good start!
  5. Hi. Does anyone know of a readily available source of Irish station track plans? I'm particularly interested in Claremorris and Sligo as they were in the 70s & 80s, not their current streamlined form! I've looked online but haven't turned up much. Thanks.
  6. That's great guys, thanks! Wasn't expecting a complete list.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm newly signed up to the forum, though I've been watching from afar for a while! In anticipation of IRM's amazing A Class project it got me thinking on the subject of names. Back in the early 90s I was lucky enough to blag a cab ride on 013 with a coal and oil train from Tuam to Claremorris, and remember the name 'Vera Lynn' painted in the cab above the windows. A fellow enthusiast once told me that many, if not all, of the class were named like this, and I wonder does anyone else know the names of other locos, particularly those on the IRM production line (I've ordered 056!), or any info on who named them etc? Cheers!
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