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  2. Is there any news on the progress of restoration of the real 134? Some up to date photos would be good to see!
  3. Yes I believe that all of the CSE Rustons were 88DS apart from the one in Tuam which was a much larger 165DM (I think!). A great little loco, sadly it's no longer with us following an arson attack at the former Westrail shed in Tuam.
  4. I contacted Hattons earlier this week about delivery times for the ST 121s and they replied that they had no confirmed date for when they would receive them. I ordered my IR 121 from IRM and dithered that much about getting a second (supertrain) version that they'd sold out of them by the time I'd manned up! Ordered from Hattons instead. I'll know better next time. My next concern is that being in Co Down will there be extra hassle getting it back into the North if its delivered after Jan 1st?
  5. Thanks Jonathan I nabbed the last one on Amazon last night!
  6. Thanks for the info Mogul. I have Rails through the West already, I must look out for North Kerry!
  7. Would anyone have any close up photos of the open topped containers used on the Asahi coal trains? Were they purpose built or just standard 20ft jobs with the roof cut off? Were they side door or end door, were the doors welded up and they were tipped to unload? Sorry for so many questions at once but I've no doubt someone out there knows their history! Many thanks Des
  8. Downpatrick also has Laminate buffet 2419 and Generator/brake/open 3223.
  9. I did wonder! Thanks Jonathan.
  10. Hi, I saw this old cast metal sign in a recent online auction (in Ireland). At first glance I thought it was Belfast & County Down but obviously the ampersand is in the wrong place. Does anyone know what railway it belongs to? Cheers!
  11. Damn, you got my hopes up with that title. I thought the models had left China!
  12. Hi Angus, I'm not sure of the exact track layout in those days but I'm pretty sure that was the procedure. One of Gerry Conmy's videos on YouTube ( Trains at speed, Ireland part 3 or 4 perhaps) shows 2 141's backing out of Sligo and then reversing in to the other platform, and I witnessed it myself back in the day!
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