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  1. I was given 2 sets as a child, this one and a German freight one, I had both colors for them, not sure what one of course was with what set. Sorry I know not much of a help
  2. Awesome detail, well done, the bar is raised again. With the detail that IRM/Accurascale are able to achieve on models, looking at a Hornby model and have one of these beauties beside it, there is no comparison on the level of detail, hats off to ye lads.
  3. The cost of wood here in the US has gone up a lot, you can add at least $20 to a sheet of Plywood 3/4 inch thick, you are looking at something in the region of 40-50% increase on the costs from what I have seen in the hardware stores.
  4. I only used 1 code I think from the last time, good question @DiveController.
  5. That was a nice surprise the blue Tara's. Thanks lads, they look awesome..
  6. Is there anyone doing a model of a Volvo F12? I remember the Shannon Transport F12 and I thought it was a nice color scheme.
  7. An update.. an a thanks @murphaph for the pin breakout for the 21 pin adapter. I fixed my 141. If someone reads this and use it as a guide to repair your own model, I will not take any responsibility what so ever if you damage your locomotive. Applying this fix is completely at your own risk. I was testing the contact between the 21 pin socket and the 4 points I need to worry about as the directional LEDs work so using a multimeter to test for continuity, pin 17 to the contact on the PCB board at "M-" had issues as "M+" to pin 18 was fine. I then checked to see what component pin 17 connects to and it seemed to be a resistor that is soldered from the back of the board. I then tried to touchup the solder at the contact for pin 17 and it failed. I ended up getting a wire from an old Hornby DCC decoder and soldering it to pin 17 and the resistor on the motherboard without getting solder on a neighboring pin on the 21 pin interface and I did a test with the multimeter and it worked. I placed the loco on the tracks and she finally is running. Ran the loco in for an hour, I have to test with DCC yet but I am hopeful I have no problems with it.
  8. With the move to the cloud, will there be any changes to the website after the migration? Curious to know if there was going to be changes or if it is a case of move, update the DNS record and make sure it is working again
  9. mmie353


  10. Is this seller Model Irish Railways? If so, what are they doing in their range at the moment, or is everything through Ebay?
  11. Yes sir when I had my test track hooked up, I had a DC controller on that for testing all my locos, I did swap the DCC blanking plate to verify that there was no issues with the one that was in the loco to rule that out. From what has happened with some of my models, I know that I need a rolling road to hook up to DC when I get a model that is not DCC fitted. Soon as I have a chance to check on it again and troubleshoot the circuit, we can see what is going on.
  12. I must get it on a table again and take another look at it. I had DC power to the track and I had crocodile clips connecting from the track to each terminal on the motor, not at full power but the motor came to life, I was troubleshooting it in DC as I never placed a DCC chip on it yet. If it will not work in DC mode, then no hope at all for DCC. I spent like a few minutes on it as I was testing out each loco I have brought. I have been collecting locos since the baby GMs were launched by PM so to get them all testing, I did not have time to stick with it as I wanted to get the test track taken up again and I figured, I will get back to it.
  13. Ships to the US? I may need a week or 2 but yeah for sure I am interested.
  14. @murphaph thanks dude, I did not reflow the solder but I figured it I am going to attack this thing and if I can get a diagram for it, I would spend a few hours on it and look at doing that and if that failed, move on with a meter and start looking into it. It is dead, the loco will not move, I jumped the terminals on the motor with DC power directly and the motor ran so that is why I am thinking there is something up with this board that is in it. We shall see but I need to get a rolling road as I had some test track up and that is all put away for now, once I have that done is when I will be looking to take another stab at it.
  15. I know that I also would like these, at that price... nope.. Still keeping an eye out if I can get it at a reasonable price that Bachmann Irish Railway train set... Did anyone fit a DCC decoder in any of them? Is there enough room for a sound decoder?
  16. I appreciate the comments on this one, I am interested in both options a standard board with the 21 pin interface or hardwired. My intention is to get all sound decoders for all my locos, eventually it may happen. Keeping both options open right now, hardwired or get a standard board that will work with my 141 and from there get it going again. I am looking for a board that I can connect up the loco lighting again on it as I do not want something that just wires to the motor and the wheels to a adapter for the decoder. I am looking to get that 141 working by the end of April but I am not in a rush as I have a lot of other things going on at the moment. I may get a fit and decide to troubleshoot why that board is not working. Actually while I am on that topic, would anyone by any chance have a circuit diagram for that board? If it is a component that is defective or if there was an issue with one of the tracks on the board, I could maybe solder a wire on it to jump the defective track? On the board it advises it is a bachmann ba035.
  17. While I was bored, online looking at some videos on youtube, I saw this one that pertains to a new board that I thought would be interesting as I need a replacement one for my 141. The dude in this vid mentions a new Loksound board coming out this year with built in stay alive. Anyone know anything on this one? This is the video I was looking at -
  18. I have not made my mind up yet as I am thinking on it. The TPO is a train that I have always liked to model.
  19. Is there any model in the Bachmann range that would have a similar board to the one in the 141? It would be something that I could also consider. I do not have a DCC decoder yet for this model but if I get it going, I will be looking to convert it to DCC.
  20. That is an interesting Murphaph but if I can get an replacement board that is working, I would of course prefer that. Also, with the lights on the model, if I had to go down this route, I am looking at this: http://www.esu.eu/en/products/loksound/loksound-5-dcc-direct/. I do appreciate you finding this one and bringing it to my attention
  21. I am wondering, if there is enough interest in the Cravens in a re-release, when would we be looking at an ETA for them?
  22. I too am interested in spares for one of these, the issue with mine is that the circuit on the PCB board, needs to be replaced as I have tested the motor and the motor works, just something is wrong with the PCB board.
  23. https://www.rte.ie/player/series/prime-time/SI0000000825?epguid=IH000400707 I was able to view it here in the US, fair play it looks nice
  24. Lol I wish I could have picked a couple of more for the re-run question..
  25. If the GSR 800 class locos came out, I would have to dig deep. I would look at any Irish steam loco, preferred would be GSR. That is tough to do a run of the 800s as they were small in numbers. When Accurascale decide to go and release an LMS or LNER loco, I will have to take a look.... I was going to say if on that one.. The manor looks impressive, it sure looks like it will be an awesome model.
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