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  1. @irishthump I have no issues in trying out programming a DCC decoder. I live in the US and the main reason why I started to look into this is I have when the A class and the 121's are released, close to 50 locomotives that are either DCC ready or I need to hard wire them. They do range from British steam and some diesel, Irish and American locomotives and hence as when I get to building my layout, I have to also get a DCC decoder for all of them. May as well get a few here and there and get sound installed. When I do this, I would like to source my decoders locally, which I live near a model store that seems to be a dealer for ESU decoders. I have not gotten to check out the store in a bit, but I will get there. (not getting into the question of my choice of locos, I love the engineering of steam locos from the UK, of course nothing like an Irish diesel, grown to like the American locos also) I seem not to be able to get v4.0 decoders over here as I have looked online for them. I am waiting to see if I can get the same decoders over here as I am advised that for my 071 and 201 I would need to get a 97418 but that is a challenge to source over here. I have tried to setup an account with ESU but with what is going on with Covid 19, that could be a while before they get back to me on my account activation as I am trying to see if I can use 58419 or 58449 can take the place of 97418. I would then look to upgrade my 141s and 181s. I meant to ask Fran at IRM if and when the A class comes out and the decoders become available for them, if it is possible to purchase the sound file for them. I was hoping to visit the homeland in June but that is up in the air so if that does not happen, some of the money for that trip may get, "re-assigned"..... I so thank all the replies that I have gotten on this topic and if it is assistance to anyone else, i am glad, please if someone else has something to shed more light on the ESU decoder question I have, then thanks in advance. Mark
  2. Man some people have issues, an intentional derailment of a train - https://abc7.com/usns-mercy-coronavirus-train-crash-derailment/6069395/?fbclid=IwAR0OjuE6RIDqK8lHYLsOG-L3CQHK_uCb3VP4UvcrpNLKQTfxp4kzpwWXn4U
  3. Hi All, Thanks for all the feedback, once I am done with my day of work (which is about to start), Noel I shall be watching those vids that you have advised, not at all sorry that I asked the question. After I asked the question, I actually did some googling around and I came across that the ESU sound chips, maybe for where I am located, could be the route to go as I maybe able to source them locally. I came across these downloads for the 201 and the 071 from the ESU website: http://www.esu.eu/en/downloads/sounds/generation-4/loksound-v40-oem?no_cache=1&tx_esudecoderprojects_pi1[filterLoco]=2&tx_esudecoderprojects_pi1[filterCountry]=IE&tx_esudecoderprojects_pi1[sorting]=dateD And a little more googling, I found out how to program a ESU with a computer and also I would need this board - http://www.esu.eu/en/products/lokprogrammer/ and a how to program an ESU sound chip - Do in trying to see if I can get new 4.0 chips, I found out that I cannot source ESU V4.0 DCC sound chips as they are out of production, however with an ESU chip, apparently the software that you would need Lokprogrammer, is able to convert the files intended for the V4.0 to V5.0. This is the URL for the LokProgrammer - http://www.esu.eu/en/downloads/software/lokprogrammer/. This is the URL from ESU that mentions conversion for a 4.0 to a 5.0 - http://www.esu.eu/en/support/tips-tricks/lokprogrammer-software-50x/random-functions-after-conversion/. So I am not sure what functionality I would loose if I was to get these and program them myself? However I have another question, the actual 5.0 chip, I am unsure if anyone here has looked at getting a Loksound 5.0 for any of the Irish locomotives, but would ESU Loksound 58419 chip or the 58449 be the one that I would go with? Also, can I purchase the sound files from WheelTappers - http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk/ for each one? I cannot remember if IRM's A class will be using a Loksound chip as with the upcoming 121's, if they will be using Loksound 5.0 chips as well, but would they also be something I could purchase if I can get the sound decoders myself? All stay safe and take care. Mark
  4. Hi, I am wondering in 2020 if i was thinking of getting DCC sound for my 141s, 181s, 071s and my 201s, what DCC sound decoders can I buy at the moment for them? I am interested but I have 15 locos at the moment with no DCC sound, it would be nice to have them upgraded if I can.
  5. I have to agree with Doctorpan and Ironrod, paying up front for me is ideal and I am able to collect most of the models i want. If IRM is trying to move away from pre-paying for upcoming releases, are we able to order, when they come available and pay off for the items when we can pay them off by installments?
  6. Uh Oh... a delay, guess I know what that means... time to plan an increase my order for 4...... Fran, thanks for letting us know. I am perfectly fine with a delay, it actually helps me out, in my quest for ordering more, once the 121's are out.
  7. Fair play to the person that discovered this layout and refused to tear it down - https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/man-pays-to-save-worlds-largest-train-set-to-the-public/
  8. I noticed that the 2019 awards are now open for voting. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/150320-british-railway-modelling-awards-for-2019/ Saw Accurascale and IRM in there..... Lads best of luck!!!
  9. @WRENNEIRE let us know if it worked for you, when you get a chance to install it. I am also curious to know if it did. Maybe in 2020, I will finally get going on my layout... funny thing, I thought the same thing for 2019 at this time last year. And then I will look to see what I will get for a DCC controller.
  10. This might be worth a shot, if you have the software installed on a computer, you maybe able to use a program like Belarc which scans your computer for software licenses and it may pick it up for you. https://www.belarc.com/products_belarc_advisor
  11. Man you know the length of a train over there, people cannot wait like for a couple of minutes for the train to pass, over here, a train length can be over a mile long, you can be waiting for a while for that train to pass. I do not complain when it happens as I get to see the freight cars, I am actually disappointed when i miss the locomotives at the start of the train!! Does anyone get punished for the damages done, or get fined at that was deliberate?
  12. mmie353

    Project 42 Update

    Cool thanks for getting back to me, I know from what was said above with shipping to the US and the An Post cutoff date, but I have gotten mail and items sent to me after the advised date by An Post and before Christmas, I think a lot has to do with where you are located over here. We shall see, it would be nice to get them before Christmas but as long as they arrive, I will be happy.
  13. mmie353

    Project 42 Update

    @Warbonnet do orders ship in order and paid for when they come in, or do orders intended to ship to Ireland get dispatched first? As I am in the US, I am curious to know if my order has a chance of getting to me before Christmas. Normal time for me to get an order from the day of shipping is 7 days.
  14. mmie353

    Class 121

    Is there any idea yet on how much each will cost?
  15. Lads I am sorry, I believe that it is not a true reflection on the quality of the models that Accurascale/IRM produce. Next year is going to be interesting in respect to what Accurascale have announced for the coming year for the British market with the 2 locomotives, Class 52 and 92.
  16. Has anyone seen the results yet for this year's awards?
  17. @Warbonnet dude, any idea on quantities of each for the A class? With the 121's coming out, and I have to get an order in for the ferts, I would like to add if I can to my order for the A class
  18. Anything there in the way of Peugeot? Are you looking to sell?
  19. Done, good luck to Accurascale and wondered why IRM is not listed as a manufacturer? For sure you have set the standards higher and it would be nice to get recognition for all the hard work that ye do.
  20. A couple of pictures of Big Boy.
  21. I have noticed that while trying to view some of my older orders on IRM, that the items details for what was on that order, is missing. It seems to have for orders that were placed before 2019. I am only wondering if this is to be expected or if there is going to be a fix for i?
  22. Did the 46% Nitrogen (Urea) bag pallets have more in weight than the normal bags like the 10-10-20 and the 0-7-30? I remember as a teen them having more weight per bag, and also the pallets may have been a little bigger than the normal ones? If there is an option for pallets, would these be considered? I am not sure who produced them, something tells me it may have been IFI. Did the ferts also transport the huge bags? There was 4 of them on a pallet as well as an option other than the smaller bags. There was another bigger bag option available to farmer that was also on a pallet, specifically in the 90s
  23. As the Chicago area is popular enough for Irish to visit, an interesting development I noticed on the Big Boy tour is coming to the Chicagoland area, so I will be trying to pop up to see her in all her glory in July: https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm In case by any chance anyone else will be in the Chicagoland area about the 27th of July, is when she will be about 45 minutes west of O'Hare airport. It seems to be furthest east that she will be coming as after the few days she is in this area, she seems to be making her way west again.
  24. I would be interested in getting a few myself as I would like to add to my stock but with the 121 coming this year and I still wanna order more A class locos, it's a rough year for the credit cards but for the models coming out, for sure is exciting.
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