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  1. Excellent work as always Killian. I am a great believer in the potential for 3d printing, especially for the Irish steam scene. The great challenge for RTR Irish Steam is the sheer variety of classes and variants. This example illustrates the possibilities of bringing these to life and taking full advantage of the ever-widening range of Irish RTR rolling stock coming online. Killian's excellent work shows the level of detail that can be achieved.
  2. Looks like a lot of the WW1 mass-built tramp steamers, there's a sail vessel there, and the cross channel steamers look to be of 1890s-early 1900s vintage. I would say this is the early 1920s. The 'Melmore head' freighter picked out in the footage was built in 1918, and sunk by a uboat in 1942, so its definitely interwar. If I can pin down the liner in drydock can probably have a near exact date
  3. during leaf fall early morning (and possibly late night idk) Enterprises are subbed by ICRs. They are also preferred for winter, as if a loco engine decides its not going to cooperate with cold weather its the train out of action. On an ICR (or any DMU railcar) it has a large degree of redundancy so usually isn't an issue, or can at least limp to terminus.
  4. Some horrible lab experiment hybrid jinty USA tank gone wrong?
  5. AFAIK seats on 29ks aren't being replaced, "all" that's being done is floors, cleaning and replacing graffitied seat backs
  6. 29k reflooring is currently underway. Upgrading is always good, IIRC there are no plans to replace the Mark 4s in the near future. I imagine if they are it will be with DEMUs rather than 22ks. I am unsure about the cream colour scheme, new carpeting for the floors would have refreshed the carriages significantly.
  7. Nothing ridiculous about it. Badly needed additional bike space + standing room, and likely to be added to consists so another car per train.
  8. Connolly is going to be at capacity with accelerated Enterprise timetable and Dart +, and Tara Street allows one to travel to Connolly or Pearse within 5-10 minutes in either direction. Link to Drumcondra allows access to services on Cork mainline (hopefully the station at Heuston platform 10 will be completed to facilitate a more cohesive overall network) The sum for the enterprise is quite low, I suspect that may be in part due to any more significant investment in Enterprise services to come when the 201s + DDs are replaced with tri-mode sets. Whatever to be said about the complexity of the Dart + and the power transfer from overheads to batteries, I'm sure a tri-mode will cause no hassle at all....
  9. Good excuse to quad track out to Drogheda, which they will need to do anyway whether they want to or not.
  10. shunting on and off traversers is done with a forklift with a coupling attachment these days. Dunno about 80s and 90s
  11. I agree with much of this, though one must consider the inflationary impact low-interest rates (along with deregulation) have had on upward pressure on residential property markets and cause overall increased inequality as housing detached rapido from the average income. These are more international trends, certainly in the West. Something I find personally interesting, especially given the current debate regarding agriculture across the EU, is NZs approach which would probably be completely unacceptable but has proven productive for agriculture in NZ. What I will disagree on is the omission of Leinster and Connaught as a force to be reckoned with in Rugby!
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