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  1. As dusk approaches, one of the J15s, no.162, brings goods from the Galway direction through the station towards Dublin.
  2. The station is within 5k of myself so easy access. The Sligo side won't be modeled, don't have the space for it. G2 will hopefully arrive from NZ once international shipping is back on the regular, the idea is generally realistic running, moguls, J15s, cattle engines, G2s along with some of the D's but 800 and 402 weren't built to not be run! I'm well aware of the murder of Thomas Anketell, and the reasons behind it.. No plan on the track layer Currently have two boards 10x2 foot, nothing is set in stone yet but overall idea is a somewhat simplified track plan for the yard
  3. Mullingar is one of the more unusual stations in Ireland, and offers plenty of modelling opportunity, a junction station at the heart of the MGWR, with a large cattle bank, goods shed, engine shed, a large gantry, the list is long to say the least. My focus is on the Athlone side, although both sides of the station have a lot to offer, the engine shed, goods shed and cattle sidings were all on the Athlone side of the station. Progress has been slow, but it's finally starting to have a vague resemblance. Maedbh makes a visit to Mullingar en route to Galway. The Civil Engineer was on holiday at the time apparently. WIP of the station building on the Dublin side of the station Engine shed and railway terrace under construction, slate roof is dry fitted. Far from finished clearly!
  4. Seconded re resin here. There's a company currently trying to make a game for Titanic, Titanic Honour & Glory with a completely accurate interior and exterior 3D model for said game. I've followed with much interest, and they've released model 3D printed liners in 1/1000. They are currently using the more conventional version, but are now experimenting with resin printing, and well the results speak for themselves.
  5. Does anyone have any pictures of Dunlavin pre closure? Some excellent photos on Eiretrains of the present day buildings, but I'm looking for it in its "heyday" although it seemingly never had much regular traffic. Any help greatly appreciated
  6. Jinty would be far too large, as said a P class is probably the best bet. Terrier would be closer to a J26, coincidentally I've been meaning to get a terrier so comparisons between the two can be made in proper and decent order!
  7. GSR 800


    Had their own livery too, maroon and white for E428, with cream for the coaches.
  8. GSR 800


    Didn't they have a few rather...lopsided carriages?
  9. The Tom Ferris videos surely would have some audio, not the best quality perhaps but I digress.
  10. Some test runs done today, front bogie kept derailing so it was replaced with something a bit heavier. Seemed to do the trick Thanks for looking
  11. Wee update. Frames added, dome modified and buffer beam fixed. she looks very foreign with the smoke deflectors anyway, somewhat bizarre what the GSR was doing at the time.
  12. Hi Mike, Firebox had been made from a piece of brass. So got to it a few hours ago Firebox Reformed She'll need to be painted soon! Onto the more general subject of conversions, I think southern locomotives are as close a donor for irish locos. The likes of the S and H classes would be close enough to a 500. The larger southern 4-4-0s are close to the V and VS class. The T9 class could probably be a donor for a multitude of Irish mid and small 4-4-0s Even the Lord Nelson has some features of the 800s that the Jubilees and Scots lack (namely the huuuge looking boiler) but was ruled out for a possible 800 conversion for the several major differences. Obviously some LMS locomotives are good substitutes Even the LNER has some very close locomotives, namely their D16s and D11, though the cab and Firebox would have to be modified The odd one of the big four for possible conversions is the GWR. Utterly useless for the most part, the tapered boiler on GWR locomotives is pretty much entirely absent from any Irish one. Galteemore it seems the GSR was up to some shenanigans with their 4-6-0s, one of the 500s looked quite bizarre for a period of time.
  13. Finished up on the tender today along with some other work. I doubt the tank tops are the same but that might be for another time. Firebox looked a bit too log so it was a cut and shut job. Still a good bit to do but starting to look like a 400 methinks. Bogies wheels need to be painted you can barely see them!
  14. Hi lads, thanks for the replies Popeye, tis indeed a pretty big job, especially compared to something like 309, that I didn't do much work on. Nonetheless I hope the end product will be decent looking David it can be very satisfying (if it actually works!) And of course dead accuracy isn't usually achieved but if it looks pretty close to it, close to same proportions, looks and certain features then I'm happy. Paint often covers a multitude of issues! Pretty much everything par the J15 is either built or kitbashed. Bit more work was done today. My original plan had been, similar to Scots Mac, use a B12 tender for the 400. However this was...tiny The King Arthur came with a large double bogie tender. Its much bigger and not too far off the 400s tender with a bit of modification. I also had an old Stanier tender base. Bogies removed and some ripping apart was done Loose Fitted together Valances will have to be extended back, ladders added etc. Next thing to do was fix the cab front. Apologies for the blurry pic, but hopefully you can see the front was pretty much gutted.
  15. I was about halfway through this project when I saw Eoins excellent thread on repairing an O gauge 400 (hopefully I'lt get somewhat close to what that model looks like) that reminded me I should probably take some bloody photos. Anyway. About three years ago I embarked on an attempt to kitbash a 400 from a hornby sir dinaden, the inspiration having been Scots Macs conversions. My modelling skills were slightly worse back then, hopefully havin improved since then. You'll note a lack of any chassis, it is merely the body of the locomotive. This will be a bit of a theme in this series. The Sir Dinaden did have a chassis but it didn't work very well. Looking back I have several issues with the conversion. The Sir Dinaden model had small driving wheels that would be undersized for a 400 and I especially disliked the Belpaire Firebox. Next attempt was with a King Arthur I was far happier with this conversion( the firebox looks soooo much better than the other one imo) but again ran into the issue of not having a decent chassis for it, so it remained semi complete Recently I came across a chassis I had that I was sure didn't work before but works perfectly now for some bizarre reason. So I decided one 400 was better than one and began hacking. After some consideration I figured the footplate of the first conversion would be better while the boiler and smokebox of the new one would hopefully combine to make a decent thing. So are there any issues? Firstly it's a Bachmann split chassis so an ass to work with, and lacks a bogie. Seconditions problem, it's a bit tall. So trimming the top will be necessary. Will try and get around to that tomorrow. In what I can only describe as a brutal murder the first locomotive body was basically torn apart to leave only the footplate and cab. Loose Fitted on the chassis Next the boiler and smokebox of the other body were removed, modified a bit and also loose fitted You can sort of see what I mean. The smokebox boiler and Firebox seem to be sitting a little high. Also need a new dome and a fair bit of filler so the finish line is more far away than small. Definitely needs to be lowered. Thanks for looking
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