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  1. Part 2 Next job was some paint. Provided by the man from the west, name and number plates, along with some decals Reveasing lever built and added, along with the housing She sits outside the shed proudly, the newest addition. Also on shed is a D2, along with j26 no.553 and 402 behind her, and 073 ticking over on the same road. Macha peaks out of the shed. An unidentified tank is fresh from the paint shop, waiting for her decals.
  2. Jubilee for a Queen Here we go again...... While Maedbh sits on her perch comfortably the difference in size between her and Macha (converted fromissions an airfix royal scot) is quite noticeable. So then what to do. What I've always disliked about converting the Royal Scottish is the cab is quite different along with the tender drive of the airfix models. Now while the Scot has a semi enclosed cab, the Jubilee has a fully enclosed one. But the noticeable tapered boiler is a problem. Or so one woold think. Some of the Jubilee class were rebuilt, with a somewhat striking resemblance to the 800s. So for 30 quid on Ebay, came Comet. Trails needed first of course No problems there. Ran in, it was off to the workbench! First things first, removing the boiling fitting ahead of the dome As usual, my thumb bears the brunt of the assault. One boiling fitting gone, another added Next job is the smoke box door. All detail removed, and holes and dents filled. Boring the hole for the smoke box door wheel and Handrails added Starting to look a bit like an 800
  3. Points to what we did in 2012
  4. good lord...heresy!
  5. Aye, I heard you let some lads get away with painting their locomotives the wrong colour! 😉
  6. Ah jaysus JB, you can't be doing that! I remember hallucinating trying to count those feckin rivits! 😛
  7. points rodding is a good bit of work..
  8. GSR 800

    OO Works J15

    I've just noticed the smokebox is missing it's handle. It has the wheel, but no handle
  9. Agreed. Many would overlook such a loco, but her importance for modelling Irish steam cannot be understated.
  10. As in different engines would have different types of rivets, or the same engine would have different types?
  11. Back to Work I've had quite a long break from modelling locomotives (nearly 2 years!) Mainly to focus on ships. I tend to lean one way or another, but never both at once. Now with a sufficient battlefleet to protect against. ..er....cheeky buggers....it's time to get back into the Kettles of CIE. Quite some time ago I purchased an N15 class locomotive with the intention of converting to 402 Being myself, I didn't start taking photos till I had most of the job done. Chassis were terrible on her, so something must be done about that. Nonetheless, off came the body One sees the obvious differences between the locomotives. First tackled was the Firebox. Round on the N15, it was a Belpaire type on the 400s. A piece of brass, bent to shape, along with some glue and filler was used. The Firebox was filed slightly, to make the corners more rounded. Splashers were stolen off some poor old airfix kit, filed down, and fitted Then it was off to the paint shop, for a lick of green. Looking somewhat like a crazy idea Bullied would have, 402 will have to make do with the tender chassis she's lying on for now😋
  12. Tasty stuff there Noel, busy as usual at Tara Junction.
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