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  1. Might be good for confusing some tourists..
  2. With limited space, Mullingar needed some form of fiddle yard on a loop behind it. A large terminus station had been in my mind for a long time but the space required put me off. Two things changed this, the excellent Connolly station in N on this site, along with Minories, a design by Cyril Freezer (and we had Fry) which managed an itneresting terminus design with limited space. While ultimately the design of the station throat is not like minories it is nonetheless and interesting track plan! Regardless the idea of Amiens Central is a simple one, the Phoenix Tunnel being regularly used and more Cork bound trains start there. This will allow for a forray into Great Northern and UTA territory while ensuring the heavier locomotives in the fleet have more of an excuse to run. It seems a Schools class will meet the knife to become a VS so there will be a wait before the Rhapsody in Blue.
  3. Excellent stuff, completely silent and went over that crossover with ease. Can't wait till they hit home turf!
  4. Timetables unless I'm mistaken
  5. Both have their merits, but that pic of the 141s, B145 leading starting a train from Kingsbridge in a Second Glance has kept me tipped to a slight GM bias. Such shows what impressed upon me age 10
  6. Theres only really space in the loco for the motor and the tender body is a solid piece so (unless it was slung under the tender chassis?) somewhat akin to the Woolwich, though those locos have their own long set of issues! Be interesting in seeing the DCC set up and how it was managed..
  7. If i tried that i could well be waiting as long as Leslie did for the 70th! Invest the hundred or so saved and become fabulously wealthy while I wait At the end of the day its a rare type, one that I doubt will ever be produced again for a very long time, and is probably worth far more to someone if they happen to be building a layout of the west cork in the 30s. If you're rolling in a few quid you might as well....
  8. Indeed it is, probably having a hard time to shift them with the import charges lumped on For some recent purchases I've been fine, no issues of import charges, but did get hit with an extra 80 with something large that was sent by courier.
  9. I've a J15 myself, made the exception of the 250 mark I'm usually willing to go no further paying for RTR... but over 100 euro extra for post and import charges for 472..
  10. Anyone rolling in money? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114804659568?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338722076&toolid=10001
  11. Excellent stuff JM, looking forward to the 52 especially. One recommendation would be having prices in euro? Works grand for me
  12. Similar situation with a picture of a Mogul in Second Glance 10 year old me was certain some woolwiches were going around in a light blue!
  13. fairly certain that is the lighter green, having looked at a great deal of the CIE green locos I'm convinced there was some level of lack of uniformity, though a deal of it is down to the photos themselves, lighting, fading etc
  14. the latter pic does a good job of showing how hard the light green is to pin down, with the loco and coach barely in shot looking a great deal for vibrant than the other, which has been faded slightly. Theres the scaling effect of it all for us at 00 gauge too..
  15. I'll be taking my one in black and tan and throw my wallet as far away as possible where its safer.. Good to hear easy roof removal and no fear of breaking clips or the likes, even many steamers are such an arse to get the body off, setting a precedent for high quality in every aspect means rest assured even if the wallets are empty its money well spent.
  16. An outside cylindered version?
  17. It doesn't get much better than this..the attention to detail is just next level.
  18. Ah here would you ever come off it, we might as well being seeing the start of a golden age in irish railway modelling, both with the lads here at IRM, the advancment of 3D printing and kits from the likes of JM, SSM, Provincial and many others. Of course theres a loco or coach or piece of rolling stock we'd all like to see announced at some stage, but so far we've been spoiled sideways with new releases, not to mention the A's within grasp, feck all to complain about, especially considering the limitations of the pandemic. Not good enough my arse.
  19. Well Bulleid was over here...Light Pacifics instead of Turf Burners?
  20. The Rebuilt Bulleid Pacifics have been growing on me as of late, good few videos of them starting trains at Waterloo, slipping fiercely of course! Great to see Clan Line at speed.
  21. The latter was one of the unusual Bulleid built types, looked very box like
  22. 170 is far from perfect, has the opposite problem but with a bit of surgery would do the job.
  23. Maybe if you get the same shovel the Silverfox A's got a belt with, otherwise the nose is a long way off
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