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  1. They should put Peacemaker under Founding Father Although then people might suspect that IRM has to turned into a Mafia of Railway Enthusiasts....
  2. I think I have it somewhere JB,I will search my archives..
  3. Arghh! The inaccuracy! It burns!
  4. There must have been a paradox or something, or he briefly entered an alternate universe where someone had answered his question
  5. Or the smoke generator when the Crossley engine sound is engaged. If it doesn't cause you to hallucinate it isn't authentic
  6. I'd say everyone is still recovering from the horror show that is The month after Christmas January:the longest month
  7. Well lads, before you buy anything, you should know Ali express has a rep for selling rip off crappy stuff,like Nike and Canterburys. I know they aren't loco companies..but still
  8. That looks like the work of one of the lads here
  9. Nelson, a man of your talent, would put me to shame,should you build one. The painting was actually fairly simple, just slap on battleship grey, and wash the deck with a sort of teak color. I haven't gotten around to painting the boats or the AA guns yet, but I will get there. Eventually. And it is intentionally that grainy. I'm not THAT bad at taking photos. Jesus, put your pitchforks away:dig:
  10. Hms Hood,ready for Inspection Next project, Hms King George V in 1/350
  11. Looking good David! And that engine shed area..
  12. Hello to everyone, I hope ye had a good Christmas and a happy new year. Hood is currently going through her rebuild. A Warpite had to be sacrificed, which is unfortunate, as she is such a lovely ship, anyway here is Hoods current status I believe the venerable IPads camera is on its last legs..
  13. Incredible work Kieran In particular this pic caught my imagination, the angle, the dark clouds...moody
  14. It's down to you, but I think it would be a nice little addition to a layout. And with your skill, it would be done to an excellent standard too....
  15. GSR 800

    new layout

    Aye, the challenge has been put forth....should it be accepted, now that is the real question...
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