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  1. I came to see a 500(4-6-0) I stayed for the barrier and ammonia wagon awesomeness.. Love the weathering
  2. WOW! She looks absolutely fantastic, the lining looks spot on:-bd
  3. I don't know about cursed... ..Looks Pretty harmless to me..
  4. This is a picture of Yamatos explosion Some say the explosion was seen from Okinawa...
  5. Beautiful... Stunning stuff I want one I'll be bankrupt..
  6. Any news on her JB? Have you got her back yet? I have a feeling Kevin would be asking for a video.. I might have a vid of my 800(not great though) if anyone's interested..
  7. The Go to place, for Hood fans.. http://www.hmshood.com/
  8. For Mayo to win another all Ireland, all the members of the cursed 51 team have to be dead... At the moment, there's two left..
  9. Ah, now you have Project 4 started, you should probably spill the beans about Project 3, I'm sure ye would feel better after telling us...
  10. I'm sorry lads,I know this I kind of old but this just cracks me up I laughed so much I broke ventus!
  11. What a strangely rural Irish approach to things, I can see it now.. "You sawed off the top of a lamppost? Isn't that Dangerous!?" Ah, shure it'll be Grand!" Admiral Horace Hood, was command of one of the three battlecruisers that blew up at Jutland, which was also the day that Hoods keel was laid! And it was his widow who christened Hood The irony...
  12. This is the official last photo of Hood, taken from POW as they sailed to intercept Bismarck However I have done a lot of searching for other photos of Hood, to no avail, until I found this.. This photo, if genuine, seems to show Hood literally a second before she exploded. As you can see,this shows hood as she has brought her broadside to bear, and hasjust fired full salvo, The jet of flame has erupted from her deck. What do ye think?
  13. Broithe, if you can find it, I would love to see that pic My own little Cutty sark..which took a bit of damage a while back.. Plus a few unfinished projects, Put on hold, in anticipation for Hood.. The Iron Duke and KGV The Iron duke kit looks like something from the sixties, clunky and with plenty of flash to take off...
  14. Holy Moly! Yamato is certainly a big beast! Victory looks fantastic, the rigging must have taken months! Love the torpedo boat, A lot of people use stretched sprue for rigging, which is an excellent idea. I don't think I will have rigging on Hood, I don't have the patience for that sort of thing:)
  15. Thanks! I built Belfast when I was younger too...I think she is at the bottom of loch Ennel now! I looked up Chris Flodberg...Mind blowing stuff, the seascapes are incredible! Click the link to see! https://www.facebook.com/flodbergshipmodels/
  16. Bejesus! The only way to beat a big gigantic monster, is to build your own, big giant monster.. This never built British battleship would have kicked Yamatos ass... Not my model though! But Yamato looks Epic!
  17. Thanks, Enterprise looks great herself! I'm sure PE will look fantastic too! Wonder if anyone would do Prince of Wales..
  18. Fresh from being primed, The Legendary Dreadnought.. And a Titanic brew to finish it off:p
  19. Is it 1/350 Bren? I think I might change my signature to bigger is always better , so it will completely contradict the later statement (Many exceptions blah blah)
  20. Here is my Revell Bismarck,prior to clean up and (eventually) painting The pics were taken from my iPad, so that's why they're awful.. (BTW, the Revell Bismarck is branded at 1/700, but it looks more like 1/650 1/600 because lengthwise,it is almost the exact same legth as the tamiya Hood even though Bismarck was actually a good 40 feet shorter)
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