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  1. What a shame. Speaking of vans there is an auld wooden one by the Brosna...but that's for the grounded bodies thread, I suppose. Of course, we could go mad and build a cattle wagon... Or build a Tardis..
  2. And the right side uppy.. It's great that such things have been preserved. They are often overlooked, unfortunately.
  3. Amazing! Where's the jaw drop emoji?
  4. Fantastic stuff Eoin. Like the Dart was really passing by. Would be amazing to see it on a layout, somewhere in Dublin, on a soft day...
  5. An update today, mainly to compensate for the lack of it over easter(I got super lazy) An annoying wobble started to develop with the J26:I soon figured out that one of the compensation beams had soldered itself nicely to the chassis,so I had to fix it. The chassis rolls nicely now.. The compensation beams can be seen.. On to the A class, I took off as much paint as I could, and started adding a bit of detail. I've come to th conclusion that 552 got the step on only one side, here is a close up, which shows what needs to be cleaned up too! I'm not getting the SSM detailing kit, unti
  6. Bosko,my avatar is acting very weird Shows up normally in threads, but not on the index page Like this.. Above Kevs post
  7. I don't know who you are.. I don't know what you want, If you are looking for ransome I can tell you I'm not doing that with the exchange rates But what I do have is a very perticular set of skills, Skills that would make you a nightmare for people like you.. If you send Meabh back in one piece now, that will be the end of it, I will not look for, I will not pursue you But if you don't, I WILL look for you I WILl find you And I will not pay for postage! I'm at the door.....
  8. Hmm, I blew that up 10 hours ago. Kev, wrong door. At you at 6 Ballygunge way?
  9. That's where Battleships come in handy....
  10. I suppose you won't need the 800 then... The race to your door is on.. Kevin will surely make an attempt..
  11. Hmm.. What if Ireland had been 'industrialised' in the late 1700s?
  12. You've clearly been standing on your head for too long!
  13. That was quick! I would, but the train budget has run low!
  14. ..And when you thought it couldn't get any better... I did. Epic=D
  15. Simply in a league of its own. And credit to Dave his lights look fantastic. Really like the look of the concrete
  16. Fantastic stuff so far, David. As they say, you must endevour to persevere, and all that stuff. Take the valve gear in slow steps... Just don't take 4 months, like I did...
  17. Lovely stuff. And pure filthy too! I love it
  18. Great stuff John. An excellent resource for me, and anyone else who would be building the kit.
  19. Thanks John. I think the darker green looked better, the lighter green(in my opinion) didn't suit them very well.
  20. Wouldn't the brass chassis be better for that?
  21. These photos showing them under construction, and brand new show them with both wipers. The twin sulzers also lacked one of their wipers. I'm surprised that I have not noticed it until now, as something like that would seem much more obvious.
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