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  1. Happy Birthday Steven! By any chance does it rhyme with smurty smive?
  2. eBay thread already here..http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/58-eBay-Watch
  3. Hi all Got a package from a Clareman this morning(thanks) Including a replacement motor, new crank pins...and some beer barrels...hmm Anyway, this evening I got down to work,fitted the new crank pins and motor and also made some primitive looking pickups.. After a bit of frustration, I got the loco to work(with a battery) Note a heavily modified Hood, which is there for ...livery purposes.. Thanks for looking
  4. Alright Buzz Killington, anything with black and orange is blackntan for me if John didn't say anything, I'm happy with it. I liked green better anyway..
  5. Jesus that is beutiful BlacknTan is back!
  6. Ohh yes...excellent Kirley Junction has entered the steam era,and I like it!
  7. Brilliant stuff! It looks absolutely amazing, well done.
  8. I'd hate to see you work at full pace! You would put us all to such shame that we wouldn't be able to out for a month! Looks absolutely fantastic,very realistic. I assume there will be a railway behind it?..
  9. The weather wasnt actually that bad till a few days ago.. My internet was down for a while, followed by the iPad and laptop died respectively.. I'd say they all got bored without my nonsensical ramblings and pointless facts... But now I'm back....
  10. Looks fantastic Jason, really like the rust effect.
  11. Don't worry John, she will be! Does the grey look accurate enough?
  12. Finally, in its dark grey.. Wonder where I'll get transfers...
  13. Will be good to see some Blackntans at Connolly again..
  14. I don't think it's finished yet John, but I might be wrong. Could be an experiment..
  15. lovely stuff David, blackwater is looking great, cant wait to see her finished. i agree the wire mesh is a nice touch, very neat.
  16. Didn't do any harm, firing locos puts hairs on the chest, by! Certainly as soon as I become an independent state from the parental empire I will join the RPSI...
  17. The more I look at photos of 552, the more little features show up One of these is a shovel on the left tank top, so I decided to build it. sorry about the poor quality, they are pictures of pictures.. Anyway, it was very simple to do.. And on 552..
  18. The loco sits on the bench, in workshop grey. I was thinking of painting it black, but then I though a certain person would never forgive me... Might paint it black anyway...
  19. I have similar problems with Flickr, although in fairness I do live in the middle of the countryside,so wifi can be pretty bad. Back on topic, this is an excellent collection of photos I was not aware Meabh was ever stored in Adelaide. Would have been an interesting sight! no.183 seems to have been one of the last J15s in service, she was still around in June, 1964..
  20. And now, fitted to the locomotive. The smokebox really seems to finish the loco The chimney is yet to be fitted
  21. You could always just regauge Arigna.... Looks great David, a lovely little engine Don't even THINK about regauging Arigna!
  22. And soldered on.... Thanks for looking
  23. Hi all, Got a package from NZ yesterday, from a certain John Mayne. The contents.. Not one, but two riveted smoke boxes, just in case I was going to build another one, or fecked up the first one... The smokebox looks fantastic, the riveting is very well done. My soldering iron has been 'borrowed' so Soldering will have to wait for now... Anyway thanks to Mayner for all his help with the build so far:D
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