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  1. Alright, I don't know where JB is,so I'll debunk it myself.. Firstly we will go through the Pro's of this conspiracy, and then the cons This wouldn't be the first time this happened, there was a certain switchero of two GNR locos to prevent ( or delay) the scrapping of the local favorite loco. Meadbh was withdrawn before Macha, so they could have been scrapping her when the preservation team said, we want to save her, CIE were like "whoops. Ah we will just give em Macha with Maebhs name/number plates. Cons The main one. Meadbh was sitting in Thurles, in 1961-2 having been repainted, wh
  2. Good lord that's beautiful.. Fantastic news lads,another excellent wagon on the production line.
  3. i think James Randi..i mean JHB could debunk or prove this..
  4. A DOUBLE HEADED 800!?...that must have been the single most awesome thing ever seen by anyone ever! that guard should have got slapped with a fish.. But seriously Leslie, Thank you very much, this info is very interesting(not to mention AWESOME) if you can find that pic I'll buy another corrugate..or a H van I'm still waiting for my Hood...
  5. Well at least they went for the good stuff, and not that pound shop glue with half a cows hoof still in it..
  6. Didn't you hear? Their spit roasting a pig too...
  7. I have a feeling you might lose a pound of flesh Kev..
  8. That's very interesting Leslie,.. She might have hung around for another year or two, lying idle most of the time(like Macha) doing the occasional freight until the beet season came.. She would have been out of service by late 59/60? Macha, meanwhile was out of service at glanmire road until 62/3, when she was retubed for a rail tour This one, probably She looks in fairly bad Shape at this stage..a sad sight
  9. 'This is the IRM home service, and this is the news' The IRM moderator known as Garfieldsghost, or Pat has made a statement that an important announcement is to be made at about 9pm tonight, so folks make sure to tune in to frequency 800 for the important message. In other news I had to save a sheep that got stuck in a fence..
  10. So this pic would be taken before she was in Thurles...wonder if she was ever used between the period of this pic and 64 If not, Macha was the last 800 to see service..
  11. Maybe in 20 or 30 years we will see one being built by some kind of trust I'd love to see a J26 A Bandon would be very useful in preservation too...
  12. I don't think it could possibly get worse than seeing an 800 in the scrap line...
  13. I would have loved to see that myself.. The other thing I'd like to have seen is the double, or even triple heading out of at kilbarry, along with an 800 defieing Irish train logic..
  14. Not anymore says you! Although that sounds like something early season Sheldon would say...
  15. Why!?.. http://www.flickriver.com/places/Ireland/Dublin/Dublin+10/recent/ About half way down..jaysus..
  16. certainly a strange one... i wonder if there are any from the West..the folk being quite superstitious
  17. indeed...but its history is very interesting too. As much as i love CIE steam, its not as attractive as the GNR with its graceful, yet powerful 4-4-0s with their blue livery.. although CIE green looks excellent, espiecally on the 800s I've never seen a colour photo of the 400s or 500s in green though..
  18. Mmm..bit of a soft spot for the narrow gauge..and one for the GNR..the thought of the VS snorting and puffing by gets the modelling mojo running again!
  19. +1 A great vid Kieran,Woolwich heaven!
  20. I think if you go to thread tools and click on subscribe, it will alert you of any replies Not sure though...
  21. Good luck on the new setup Dave More space for more baseboard awesomeness:tumbsup:
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