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  1. Hi lads, thanks for the replies Popeye, tis indeed a pretty big job, especially compared to something like 309, that I didn't do much work on. Nonetheless I hope the end product will be decent looking David it can be very satisfying (if it actually works!) And of course dead accuracy isn't usually achieved but if it looks pretty close to it, close to same proportions, looks and certain features then I'm happy. Paint often covers a multitude of issues! Pretty much everything par the J15 is either built or kitbashed. Bit more work was done today. My original plan had been, sim
  2. I was about halfway through this project when I saw Eoins excellent thread on repairing an O gauge 400 (hopefully I'lt get somewhat close to what that model looks like) that reminded me I should probably take some bloody photos. Anyway. About three years ago I embarked on an attempt to kitbash a 400 from a hornby sir dinaden, the inspiration having been Scots Macs conversions. My modelling skills were slightly worse back then, hopefully havin improved since then. You'll note a lack of any chassis, it is merely the body of the locomotive. This will be a bit of a theme in this se
  3. Speaking of dicks, the father of a family friend was known as Richard Taite, but better known as Dick taite. He was apparently quite an unpleasant man to be around which certainly didn't help matters and allowed the jokes to fester One can only imagine some parents were definitely having a laugh when they named their kids.
  4. So in conclusion it has the same function as one of these. It all makes sense now.
  5. Some more work done today on no.309, which was painted, numbered and then rapidly made to look filthy Other things going on at the works included Macha getting lined. A slow and painful process for myself, tea was needed! body removed As few things need to be done to finish Macha, cabut windows and a bit of paint along the running plate. I seriously wonder how the hell people do this in N gauge. Feck it, rest will be done by tomorrow!
  6. I was wondering if anyone had old pictures of Mullingar station, mainly the athlone side, the yard and locomotive shed. I've looked online and found a few pics on Eiretrains, O'dea collection etc but there seems to be very little at all from the 50s and 60s. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Something arrived from OO works today.. numbered her 162, very impressed with the locomotive overall, many thanks to OO work, they've done a great job. The lineup shows how surprisingly small the locomotive is. Nonetheless she is of a good weight, and quite solid. Time to buy some cattle wagons to put her to work! If I'm feeling brave I'l modify the springs. Looks far too clean too..
  8. Decided to have a go at 553's very tall funnel. The funnel in the kit represented the J26 class in their original form rather than their GSR/CIE form. First thing was cutting the funnel with an angle grinder The middle section was then cut again to shorten the funnel to the appropriate length, glued together and repainted before being fitted once more to 553 Once fitted, 553 received a bit of a touch up and some weathering Think she looks a bit better now Thanks for looking
  9. A wee update... Just back from the states, and began to get to work for the next big project. Some things that need to be done include expanding rolling stock, either shortening or replacing 553's funnel, doing the touch up om the tender springs on the J15 that's in the post tomorrow and thinking about what to do with 402. Anyway, Maedb has her lining, painted by hand I'm wondering if I should put the auld D2 in a more authentic livery or leave her black..
  10. "the Bachmann green can be made up with a tin of Tamiya X-5, a few drops from a blue fountain pen ink cartridge, and a drop of black paint"
  11. Layout looks excellent so far, like the attention to detail, the small things can make the difference. Fantastic to see a growing interest in the 1950s era, often overlooked but extremely interesting
  12. Part 2 Next job was some paint. Provided by the man from the west, name and number plates, along with some decals Reveasing lever built and added, along with the housing She sits outside the shed proudly, the newest addition. Also on shed is a D2, along with j26 no.553 and 402 behind her, and 073 ticking over on the same road. Macha peaks out of the shed. An unidentified tank is fresh from the paint shop, waiting for her decals.
  13. Jubilee for a Queen Here we go again...... While Maedbh sits on her perch comfortably the difference in size between her and Macha (converted fromissions an airfix royal scot) is quite noticeable. So then what to do. What I've always disliked about converting the Royal Scottish is the cab is quite different along with the tender drive of the airfix models. Now while the Scot has a semi enclosed cab, the Jubilee has a fully enclosed one. But the noticeable tapered boiler is a problem. Or so one woold think. Some of the Jubilee class were rebuilt, with a somewhat striking r
  14. Points to what we did in 2012
  15. good lord...heresy!
  16. Aye, I heard you let some lads get away with painting their locomotives the wrong colour!
  17. Ah jaysus JB, you can't be doing that! I remember hallucinating trying to count those feckin rivits!
  18. points rodding is a good bit of work..
  19. GSR 800

    OO Works J15

    I've just noticed the smokebox is missing it's handle. It has the wheel, but no handle
  20. Agreed. Many would overlook such a loco, but her importance for modelling Irish steam cannot be understated.
  21. As in different engines would have different types of rivets, or the same engine would have different types?
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