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  1. Hello to everyone, I hope ye had a good Christmas and a happy new year. Hood is currently going through her rebuild. A Warpite had to be sacrificed, which is unfortunate, as she is such a lovely ship, anyway here is Hoods current status I believe the venerable IPads camera is on its last legs..
  2. Incredible work Kieran In particular this pic caught my imagination, the angle, the dark clouds...moody
  3. It's down to you, but I think it would be a nice little addition to a layout. And with your skill, it would be done to an excellent standard too....
  4. GSR 800

    new layout

    Aye, the challenge has been put forth....should it be accepted, now that is the real question...
  5. GSR 800

    new layout

    Have you seen these Bren? From resources..
  6. Looks excellent so far David. I suppose I couldn't change your mind about using old loco frames for the turntable... Doesn't really matter though, considering how awesome the layout will be when finished.
  7. GSR 800

    new layout

    Methinks you may have gotten inspiration to build this while constructing the MF...
  8. I....(collapses,such as the awesomeness of this project)
  9. Certainly for the GM diesels.. steamwise a farish royal scot could be modified to look like an 800
  10. All that's left is the clean up and painting..both will take a long time Here are some close ups of the boat deck. View from Bow.. And stern. Thanks for looking
  11. It seems the curse of the upside down photos continue...
  12. Fantastic stuff Nelson..the NCC is starting to grow on me.. In And I like your sheet plan, simple but genius.
  13. Finally, this morning, the Hood arrived after a LONG wait It was worth it though.. Multiple different sprues.. Firstly, she is BIG .I am building her in the waterline version, but here she is full hull, for comparison to Dreadnought..you get what I mean.. And then the building frenzy began..not a bad days work methinks Thanks for looking
  14. http://www.maxonmotor.com/maxon/view/catalog/
  15. After the third rivet, it all started getting a bit blurry....I think I need to lie down for a while.. Everything going sideways..
  16. Ahh..my eyes! 35 or 36 by my count...(starts counting again)
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