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  1. I know this thread is old...but that is a great story You should seriously make a book on those stories, if you haven't already John.. "warrenpoint? How can a warren be pointy?" Love it
  2. Vision isn't great in a steamer anyway! But,strangely it does have a weird attraction to it.. It's a mixture of nostalgia, uniqueness and the fact that it looks in a desperate state Also that it would be really fun to build
  3. A remarkable story indeed.. One or two of his pics of the turf burner ended up in Tom Ferris 'A Second Glance' including one of her Fresh out of inchicore, in green (although it looks blue!) The entire project is fascinating..although poor Aul 356 would probably think otherwise! Poor thing..
  4. I might have a H van and a beet Leslie...
  5. Alright, I think it's time to clear the cobwebs from this"haunted" thread:p As its approaching Halloween again, has anyone got some more creepy stories?
  6. Wasn't he charged with being the photographer during the build? I don't know if it was Leader or CC1 though..
  7. The project was probably forgotten, or lost in the mists of time... So..go for it if you want to.
  8. Well, I'll be "seeing" one or two kits Leslie...three if I'm lucky!
  9. better to have an aul dry sambo than a soggy one... i like my tea not too hot, a good bit of milk, and no sugar:p is someone writing this down?
  10. From the 20s? Keep talking...
  11. Excellent John! I'll try to be there:tumbsup:
  12. Urban dictionary..damn Anyway you got your "mainstream" memes.. The most notable being this guy.. A lot of him.. Then you got..ehh And then a a vengeful baby..sorta a half meme? Dunno I'm going to regret this post when I'm older..that's for future Harry to worry bout Cause we have derailed off topic!
  13. Yum. The rivet detail is fantastic, exactly like the old H van in one of our fields (Well, except it has wheels, the paint hasn't faded off and it hasn't been riddled with shotgun shells..) But I'm seriously impressed. 2016 has raised the bar for Irish stock. I might be at Raheny ...... I have a weird sense there should be a meme in the post...hmmm A pint for someone who gets a meme that suits it!
  14. My plan is to build Hood, if she had survived the Bismarck engagement. 05:39 am Hood begins the turn to bring her full broadside to bear on Bismarck, As she does, she fires from her A and B turrets at Bismarck. The first she'll lands 60 feet from Bismarck, the second straddles her, But the third was the one that mattered. The shell hit and skidded across the deck. That's when it hit something hard. the Ceaser*barbette. The shell exploded causing the Ceaser turret to jumped of its roller while the Dora turrets electrics were severed, and unusable. Admiral Luztens realises he is in big trouble. Another shell from prince of Wales has crippled the fire control. Luztens orders the ships to turn back. Bismarck makes smoke, and retreats to towards Norway, however Prinz eugen, damaged by Hoods second salvo lags behind And is sunk by the heavy cruisers Norfolk and Suffolk. Hood and Pow* gave chase to Bismarck, but lost her in a snowstorm The two ships return to Scapa flow Hood has taken some serious damage, mainly to her deck, when an 8 inch HE* shell hit her deck,causing a large fire as the 4inch shells and UP*rockets began exploding in their ready to use lockers. Hood is in bad shape anyway, as she hasn't received a major overhaul in over ten years. The admiralty decide to finally give her a "Large Repair" this plan had been conceived in 1938, but had been delayed by WW2. But resources were in short supply,so the plan was to repair the essentials( deck armour, boilers, armour reconfiguration, extra AA, and getting rid of the Up launchers. So that is the general plan for my Hood, along with the story of how she survived. It will require some scratchbuilding, but it will be a fun project overall Something like this, but without the massive"castle style bridge" *Bismarcks turrets were given the Names Anton, Bruno,Ceaser and Dora *Prince of Wales *the UP( unrotated projectile) launcher was an experimental Anti aircraft system used on Hood They would fire rockets, which would then put out little parachutes, creating a minefield in the air, or at least that was the plan, they had a rather bad habit of drifting back to the ship, and exploding. Needless to say they were not very successful, and were abandoned in favour of the 40mm bofors. *high explosive
  15. Ah yes, sounds like a rather severe case of horrificallyinnacuratelocomotiveitus Quite incurable, I'm afraid.. But they look more like the Hunslets, than whatever the hell kind of CIE loco they were trying to simulate..
  16. Very true. I'd rather have a accurate model of something later, than some random British Hornby yoke in blackntan sooner.. Cough"Hymek"cough..
  17. I came to see a 500(4-6-0) I stayed for the barrier and ammonia wagon awesomeness.. Love the weathering
  18. WOW! She looks absolutely fantastic, the lining looks spot on:-bd
  19. I don't know about cursed... ..Looks Pretty harmless to me..
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