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  1. You're right sneaky altogether Des, I'm sure You're sending subliminal messages to get us to buy you're...excellent...kits... Where's that crazy guy meme where you need it?
  2. That is awesome How's Prinz Eugen getting along? ( If anyone else wants to put up pics of their own warships, go ahead! Will keep the thread interesting while I wait for Hood to arrive!)
  3. Must have been half asleep! I Will delete it
  4. True, but one has to remember a hell lot of luck was involved. Hood was only a minute or two from her immunity zone, so Bismarck got EXTREMLY lucky And when the swordfish(accidentally) attacked Hms Sheffield, the torps exploded on intact with the water, due to the new mechanism added,these were taken off, and second wave attacked Bismarck successfully The crew member of the swordfish that got the lucky hit hung out of the plane, to tell the other crew when to drop the torpedo. But Bismarck is really overrated, for her tonnage, she was underpowered, especially compared to the the British
  5. Far enough.. anyway to start the annexation..takeover.. I mean.. er.. some info on the Hood for those who dont already know about her... Hood was designed in 1915 as a battlecruiser(a warship with the speed and armour of a cruiser but the guns of a battleship) The idea for the battlecruiser was that she could kill any other type of cruiser, however due to their big guns they were put in the battleline. After the Battle of Jutland the battlecruier concept was thought of as as flawed and the Hoods design was drastically revised, to a point where she was up to standard with most battleships o
  6. I would hardly call my stock accurate, but I do agree having the proper stock gives a layout that edge. provincial wagons and SSM have brought up the standard a great degree Alas tis not easy being a teenage Irish railway modeller...
  7. Indeed, I went there this summer and it was very interesting, but much of the rolling stock has been neglected, unfortunately nonetheless seeing the 141s A's and C's was great , and better to have them preserved than scrapped We watched a movie, cant remember the name, but there was trains, drink and a hurling team involved.....
  8. Thanks Lads.. my ultimate plan is to convert you all to battleship fans! whether you want to or not.......
  9. Simply stunning, the attention to detail, and the perfection of the whole thing is ridiculously Good
  10. That looks Epic! a proper job, well done.
  11. Hello all! So this is my new workbench, for battleships,aircraft, and any other nonsense that is not fully railway related. Your probably thinking, where the hell have you been,what about your other workbench and why battleships? well to be honest, the forum is not very active anymore, and i lost interest for a while, but I'm back now My other workbench..is on hold for now, while i try to get the electrics of 552 to actually work battleships, because they are my other love, especially British ships My first project, Trumpeter's 1/350 HMS Hood And in typical Harry style,I don't even hav
  12. oh yes..very handsome..
  13. i'm looking forward to this. the result will, without doubt,be jaw dropping..
  14. Tis true. at least Clarkson was funny, even if it was crude. and the way he talks the whole way through the footage of a star in a reasonbly priced car drives me mental! plus he is only quitting cause he didnt like the look of the ratings I could say a lot more about him but Pat might have a heart attack rant over Mike drop Bobs your uncle
  15. Part of the Captain Boycott movie was actually shot very close to where I live... The mansion you see in the movie was actually Ladestown house, which unfortunately fell into dissrepair, and had to be knocked down.. Anyway back to France, terry even admitted it...feckin ref
  16. I always thought that would have made a great specksavers ad...
  17. Surely there would be some kind of agreement with us and Britain, to keep the border open, in the case of a brexit
  18. That's fine, but the Don still wants his moolah....
  19. 800? What! Will it be in CIE green?
  20. According to the website work has begun on the "third project!" And the third project is!.............. ................ ........ ...... .. .... .......I have absolutely no idea whatsoever.....
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