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  1. Just reminded me a bit of that fillum, the Cassandra crossing, where, if I remember rightly they are hurtling towards a big rickety old wooden bridge ! I'm sure it's way more secure than it looks, specially If you've got earthquakes to contend with too..! Great pictures..👍 It got me intrigued and looked up the movie out of interest, funny how you remember stuff wrong.. The bridge they used was apparently an impressive iron viaduct in France made by none other than Monsieur Eiffel ( of tower fame) and they did some major railway modelling to film the crash and disintegrating bridge scenes...
  2. Those viaducts look a wee bit precarious, sure a bit of maintenance probably wouldn't hurt ! You certainly get some epic views where you are !
  3. Much scope for a very fine scene / diorama there..! 👍
  4. Looking very promising!.. Are you doing an actual station from life ?
  5. ^ like the man said ! ..also with weathering you can always add a bit more to it, that's what happens in real life ! I got one if those really really cheap airbrush sets from evil bay not long ago, the type with everything in it 'compressor' and all...now, I had to fiddle with it to even get it going, but it's great for adding a bit of dust and muck and even looked pretty realistic with my crude attempts! Might be worth looking at one of these for your stuff...anyway your wagons are brilliant mate!..👍
  6. Fair play then, I've not looked in the right magazines clearly! I guess it also depends what you're looking for too, I've found some great stuff recently that I've wanted re 3ft NG all in books, I wouldn't have known where to start if I'd been set the task using mags, maybe that's the fault of me rather than the mags who knows. I still think it's been worthwhile tho even having this little discussion on the subject rather than not...debate and exchange of ideas and learning stuff is all good
  7. Sure I hear what you're saying, but i do think its relevant to voice the opinion that perhaps the historical information you can get from books considerably outweighs what you can typically find in a magazine, which by its nature has to be a bit general and cover a lot of different items, perhaps not in great detail due to space...plus adverts...
  8. I never buy mags, the only ones I have kicking around are a few odd ones given by mates after they've read them....books on the other hand, I'm always buying !
  9. The book arrived...not the thickest volume for the money, ( i certainly wouldn't have been paying 57 gbp for it!).. but some grand photos in there, interestingly it goes through many of the smaller stations on the C&L and some particularly good clear shots of rolling stock, wagons etc..so not cheap but a good book to have..(if I can ever help anyone with a pic they're looking for, more than happy to scan and msg 'em over if there's something in there you need..) 😉
  10. Looking thru your other pics in the link ,that photo near Waterloo east takes me back a bit, I remember going over there in the 80s there used to be one of those big old air raid sirens high on a brick wall up by that bridge..the trains were a bit different then the old blue emu's with slam doors and windows you could lean out of !
  11. What a great picture, you can just imagine the lads asking if they can come up and 'cab it' !
  12. There's always something specially terrible about the carnage of a train crash, God bless the poor souls who lost their lives there, and all the other such tragedies..its even worse when these catastrophes could be avoided..
  13. PorkyP

    Excellent Prospect

    Nah..just get a few goats & ponies it'll be grand..( handy to pull me little trolley cart too.😉.)
  14. PorkyP

    Excellent Prospect

    I keep thinking when I retire I'll buy an old station! That's a bit expensive tho...
  15. Interesting, good find! Most of this commercial available conversion stuff is still aimed at "Ritchy Rich & the Rich Folks" at the mo tho ! I must find the blog or whatever it was by the American fella who did his Land Rover himself, he made a converter plate to fix the elec motor onto the gearbox, (pretty easy really) I think it's the battery business that's the problem, with cost again, and weight. Tho a motor of that kind it can carry a hefty load no worries...
  16. Well they got back to me and I've bought the book, seems to be another hard to get / crazy priced title for some odd reason, will be nice to have and good reference anyway ...as the 50s period is my modelling era pretty much for all this.
  17. He doesn't look a typical Rollin Stones fan tho, bless him..!
  18. Best find one with a trolley..!
  19. You need to find yourself a station porter now...😉
  20. That looks great Eoin.... with that nice old handle on the top I just keep thinking of a fella going round 'busking' with a train set..!!! Seriously, that's a very neat set up..!
  21. Having mentioned this jhb, it rang a bell from one of the other lad's comments...I've just had a look on 'tinternet and there's the Cavan & Leitrim ,Last Decade..T.Parris & P.Flanagan, this is the new version I'm assuming.. Then I saw the price of a copy 57 gbp.!! (The name of Our Lord was then mentioned in vain I'm afraid to say! ) However.. I hunted a bit & found one for about 25 inc postage, I've put in an order for this, but it's one of those odd schemes where the bookseller has to get back to you to complete the transaction..(Jeez..nothin like doing things the easy way is there..! )Anyway hopefully at some point, if I'm lucky, I might just get me hands on a copy of this..! Thanks for the reminder jhb..
  22. Well I've got Patrick Flanagan's Cavan & Leitrim book, in the old Pan cheap paperback version, and lots of good info in there, but I believe there's an updated version out there with more...?
  23. Well the Taig lathe bits arrived from the US in good time, both Nick Carter and Taig themselves were very helpful with a few small parts, and in future anything small and lightweight I'd order from either very happily..... I must say the odd times I've dealt with folk in the US to have stuff sent over the water it's always been fine and no probs. I got a nice 4 jaw chuck for the machine at a good price off evilbay too, something which I was wanting, a very useful extra..
  24. Great model...Such a pity these aren't available in 7mm...!
  25. That's a lovely wagon, top class work..!
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