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  1. Some more progress on the dreaded incline
  2. Thanks Guys. The next phase is providing an upper level, currently building the incline. I am also working on building my own ground signals.
  3. Always sad to see a layout disappear. We all know how much time and effort goes into any layout. Hopefully a new one may appear in the near future.
  4. Bachmann is certainly the number 1 for detail and price. I also find Noch provide a good cross section of people and accessories for a reasonable price. Preiser have a large selection but I find them very expensive and are a smaller scale against Bachman figures. Hope this helps.
  5. :fingersintheair::fingersintheair::fingersintheair: Speechless
  6. Speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tumbsup: Must be everyone on this forums dream. The ship is something else as well. How did you do that Dave???
  7. Didn't realise you were there or would have spoken to you Nelson
  8. I have just returned from the 1st Bangor MRC and feel I must respond to the above comment which I feel is very unfair. I spent the morning at the exhibition spread over 4 halls and a great number of layouts. The atmosphere was very cordial and relaxed, allowing time for a bite to eat put on by the MRC. For a modeller this gives the chance to chat to the stand holders about the hobby and experiences. It should be noted that MP for the area Lady Herman was also visiting the exhibition as a show of support which I thought was a very nice touch. The fact no trade stands there did not spoil this experience in any way and in fact probably saved me a fortune. I would like to congratulate Bangor MRC and would recommend anyone to visit this highly enjoyable exhibition. Attached are some photos of the exhibition.
  9. Did you airbrush the An post transit? if not how did you achieve such a good finish. Looking forward to seeing the finished article. Great work
  10. Great looking layout Bill. Can you post more pics as I am redoing my layout and seem to have the same baseboard layout as yourself and I am interested in how you come across the room. Have you a track plan?
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