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  1. tonto.irl


  2. Thank you Railer. You were the only one that replyed to me in the thread (as per rules).... T
  3. Again, Sorry for not replying to PM's. Some of the offers did not warrant a response... T
  4. Damit... That should be "interest" I logged in in my phone and didn't even notice it auto corrected me! duh... T P.S. Sorry for not replying to PM's
  5. It's 16.5mm Exactoscale track with code 75 rail (now owned by C&L)
  6. Fresh out of the paintshop... waiting for decals and the board for the side
  7. Sorry... no internet connection last night. Edited..... Yes it's 7 coaches and the Bachmann "Stock Box" I'm based in Dublin 3 T
  8. FOR SALE I've decided to sell my full set or IE MK3's. All of the coaches have been converted/repainted from Lima MK3's coaches and all lightly weathered. The GUV was converted using Studio Scale Models brass kit and has a Kadee coupling at one end set to NEM height. Here's what you get: 1 x 1st Class (Glazed with Shawplan Laser Glaze) (Coach A) 1 x Restaurant (Coach B) 4 x Standard (Coaches D, E, F & G) 1 x GUV (AKA Genny Van) I'm looking for €450 + P&P. Will accept CASH or PayPal (Family & Friends). Sold as seen. No returns. Thanks for looking. Tony.
  9. Back to my BR One of my favourite locos is the class 50 in NSE. Here's 50028 "Tiger" repainted into revised NSE with the light blue: It wouldn't be right if it wasnt manky dirty: Next for the airbrush was 50027 "Lion". This was easier as I only had to repaint the dark blue. xTx __________________ http://www.modelrailways.ie
  10. Currently on my Wreckbench... ahem...WRENNEIRE T __________________ http://www.modelrailways.ie
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