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    i am the unwilling, lead by the unknowing, doing the impossible for the ungreatful. i have been doing so much, with so little, for so long - i am qualified to do anything with nothing!!


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  1. Well burst my loins and strap me vitals! The slate grey are absolutely stunning! First time to see this livery - in truth I never knew this colour existed as I never seen a pic of it anywhere! These babies are a must have (sorry Mrs O' - holiday postponed for another while!!!} Well done IRM...again!
  2. .....you should have paid the full amount like us other boyos!🤣
  3. Fair play IRM - the ploughs really are the ...
  4. Fair play to the Air Corps - its a fantastic service they provide!
  5. Eoin, before I saw your reply I contacted Bachmann who are sending out a replacment for 5 pounds posted. As this loco will not be near little hands again and be given the care it deserves, the replacement drawbar will see me out! But I do thank you for the kind offer of help, it is really appreciated
  6. 145 - 165 and often higher on ebay. You could get the English version new dcc fitted for that ...esp if shes black. Stick on a few decals and Bobs your uncle!
  7. Hows the boys? Got this loco for the handsome price of nothing ...its in perfect condition, but manhandled by a toddler who broke the drawbar. The bar itself is plastic and appears easy to damage so has anyone got any suggestions as to a stronger replacment?🤔 Thanks!
  8. Great news...now take your time and hurry up!!!😉
  9. Congrats lads- well deserved.....onwards and upwards!
  10. Calling IRM - might it be a runner in the future that the A classes and any further releases be they STEAM (yes please!) or diesel. will have the option of a sound chip fitted as with the Deltics across the great divide?
  11. Hmmm - the plot thickens......
  12. Sorry to learn of the death of one of the best Sgt Majors ever to hit the screen!😪 Good night Windsor!
  13. Well Boyos, I think it is a welcome change and good luck to it! There is another consideration here other than the interchangeability factor - - white paint weighs lighter than coloured therefore it saves money on fuel bills over thousands of air miles, also white does not heat up as much , if memory serves (and today its fine!) the Pepsi Concorde was painted blue and could only fly at mach 2 for about 20 minutes before the air frame began to overheat.
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