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    i am the unwilling, lead by the unknowing, doing the impossible for the ungreatful. i have been doing so much, with so little, for so long - i am qualified to do anything with nothing!!


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  1. Fair play to the Air Corps - its a fantastic service they provide!
  2. Eoin, before I saw your reply I contacted Bachmann who are sending out a replacment for 5 pounds posted. As this loco will not be near little hands again and be given the care it deserves, the replacement drawbar will see me out! But I do thank you for the kind offer of help, it is really appreciated
  3. 145 - 165 and often higher on ebay. You could get the English version new dcc fitted for that ...esp if shes black. Stick on a few decals and Bobs your uncle!
  4. Hows the boys? Got this loco for the handsome price of nothing ...its in perfect condition, but manhandled by a toddler who broke the drawbar. The bar itself is plastic and appears easy to damage so has anyone got any suggestions as to a stronger replacment?🤔 Thanks!
  5. Great news...now take your time and hurry up!!!😉
  6. Congrats lads- well deserved.....onwards and upwards!
  7. Calling IRM - might it be a runner in the future that the A classes and any further releases be they STEAM (yes please!) or diesel. will have the option of a sound chip fitted as with the Deltics across the great divide?
  8. Hmmm - the plot thickens......
  9. Sorry to learn of the death of one of the best Sgt Majors ever to hit the screen!😪 Good night Windsor!
  10. Well Boyos, I think it is a welcome change and good luck to it! There is another consideration here other than the interchangeability factor - - white paint weighs lighter than coloured therefore it saves money on fuel bills over thousands of air miles, also white does not heat up as much , if memory serves (and today its fine!) the Pepsi Concorde was painted blue and could only fly at mach 2 for about 20 minutes before the air frame began to overheat.
  11. Orgasmic thought here lads!!
  12. Great news for me.....bad news for the bank balance
  13. heirflick


    Above is the 'Mutts Nuts'!!! Brilliant pic - I'd say there is some mighty conversation going on there! many thanks for the pics railer
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