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  1. Ah feck it....there goes my lockdown savings!
  2. heirflick


  3. only the 201's left - ye were quick off the mark lads!
  4. Hi Fran and co. - one question please...….. will the containers be interchangeable with the flats carrying the kegs and vice versa or are there little differences with the flats to accommodate certain loads? thanks, Seamus
  5. Thanks all for the replies lads - food for thought there big time. Always wondered how the 3 tiered cage was unloaded and a great collection of images. I am in your dept, fruits of this thread will be reflected in the future!!!
  6. Thanks lads...appreciate it. Trying to incorporate a guinness siding in the plan for my layout !
  7. Hi all - with the expected arrival of the Guinness liners from IRM, I was wondering if anyone has pics of the wagons, either bogied or 4 wheeled, being loaded or unlaoded at any location? I assume the cages were never transferred to trucks - that is to say I never saw any pics of that happening. thanks as always! HF.
  8. Not in the current climate
  9. Aye...Tayto bags after a feed of porter is an experience never to be forgotten!
  10. Ah here Dave, dont be such a pussy! You that has suffered and served for his Fatherland should be used to the 'rough and ready'. Have a few sheets - and if you dont like it, Lever Brothers wont give you your money back!!!
  11. No - that would be the ould Mother-in-Laws!
  12. My woman ran out of the bedroom shouting ' feck it - its pink and wrinkled'! Luckily she was referring to her nightdress!
  13. Fair play Sir.....good thinking on your part!
  14. Never and I mean NEVER thrust a family member (espically the women!) to enter your man cave to store any of their stuff. In a frantic search to get same, albeit months later, the result can be catastrophic to your stock and damaging to their health! My rake of bogied cement wagons got on the receiving end of what can only be described as a 'Blitzkrieg'
  15. Site saying out of stock....all sold already??
  16. Here ya go lads - for anyone interested!
  17. Hi lads, can anyone throw a few pics of Chris Dyers respray of the 22200 IE rail car set he is selling - just wondering how good it will look by the old 2 foot rule...thanks
  18. Well, contacted the Book Depository and they were brilliant about it. New copy on the way
  19. Got mine yesterday and I have a duplication of 15 pages in it...for nothing - or am I missing 15 pages that were not included? Anyway its a fantastic reference for any modeller who wants to replicate the freight trains of the period they want!
  20. Just secured the last pack of CIE container flats - Pity I didn't see this sooner!
  21. well it does not appear so, according to the lads in Marks Models
  22. Peter goes into a Pharmacy & said to the pharmacist; *"Hello, could you give me a Condom? I'm going to my Girlfriend's place for dinner & I think I may be in with a chance!"* The Pharmacist gave him the Condom & as Peter was going out, he stepped back in to the Pharmacy & say; *”Give me another Condom because my Girlfriend's Sister is very cute too. She always crosses her legs in a provocative manner when she sees me & I think I might strike it lucky there too.!!"* The pharmacist gave him a *second Condom* and as Peter was leaving, he again put another request; *"Give me one more condom because my girlfriend's Mum is still pretty cute.. & when she sees me, she always make eye contact & since she invited me for dinner, I think she is expecting me to make a move.!* During dinner, Peter sat with his Girlfriend on the left, the Sister on his right & the Mum facing him. When the Dad walks in, Peter lowers his head and starts the dinner prayer; *"Dear Lord, bless this dinner and thank you for all u've given us !"* Ten minutes after, Peter was still praying; *"Thank you Lord for your kindness. ...."* Ten minutes go by, and peter is still praying, keeping his head down, very close to the table. They all looked at each other, surprised & his girlfriend was even more surprised than others. So, she moved closer to him & whispered; *"I didn't know you were so religious?"* Peter with his head still on the table replies: *"I never knew your Dad was a Pharmacist.!!*
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