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  1. Another weekend, another completed build or two! First up the Deans Goods into J15 bash: Secondly, the turf coaches.
  2. They don't do sense because the voters don't do sense. We're all talk great things about what we want done to improve public life but the minute they start to do anything about it, a vocal minority who always vote come out against it. Look at how hard it's been to get Bus Connects through
  3. http://nebula.wsimg.com/f7e82593cc2c203572905367348247a2?AccessKeyId=D1829DBC3C305DDDBF0E&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 Yeah form alright
  4. Ballinasloe? Know a 6 piece made it down that way with Driver Noel Playfair at the controls
  5. A big issue that hampers development is the territoralness of areas. In the Midlands, back around Celtic Tiger days, there was a plan for Tullamore, Portlaosie, Athlone and Mullighar to form a city of sorts to counter balance Dublin. Fell apart as Tullamore councillors would complain when Athlone or Mullighar would get a certain feature, others would block decisions as it went to the wrong country ecta. Then you get to the fact that a lot of regional towns are within catchment areas of each other, canablising each other and ending up with halfway measures. There needs to be set towns that are
  6. One of my upcoming projects requires wheels that are ~6-8mm diameter. I was wondering if anyone knew a source of wheels this size for 00/HO. If not, anyone have experience putting Graham Farnish wheels onto OO gauge axles?
  7. Would be interested in one spanning two tracks
  8. Wouldn't say never about RPSI preserving an ICR. Kids today growing up with them will be just as likely to want to preserve one as the older generations wanted to preservate BGMs and steam...
  9. Yeah, have another one ready to build to have a small rake of them.
  10. Transfers along with name and number plates from Des dry on 801 Maca I turn to a subject matter I've had an itch to try since seeing David Holman's wonder 7mm versions. Now mine maybe 4 wheelers but I do think they capture the unique look of the turf coaches. I have another coach on the bench ready for construction.
  11. Yup, only place I could find that did the wbw lining required.
  12. First attempt at doing lining and its going ok so far.
  13. Not as far as I'm aware but he does put models on ebay from time to time. Over the last few months a weedspray coach, some 47fts, 4 20ft flats, Brake Laminate and bits have appeared on it.
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