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  1. Their website:https://www.connemararailway.ie/ And FB page: https://www.facebook.com/connemararailwayman/ They've also gotten coverage in regional and national papers.
  2. Standards and EGVs mainly for me.
  3. Well I'd certainly want a rake or two. Was away from the hobby when they were first released and like hen's teeth nowadays.
  4. Indeed I was nice and safe, combo pack now ordered! I do love a bit of the anld yellew stuff
  5. In fairness to the lads, they've done a rerun of the bubbles this year and have mentioned that they will do a rerun of the ballast hoppers. I'm sure in a year or so, if the demand is there, we'd see a rerun of some of Project 42 - even if it's just the flats. Especally with the loads on sale seperately.
  6. Ah bugger, hope these don't sell out until payday on Monday. Still wasn't expecting this announement today.
  7. And my rake finally made its way out of the annuals of the postal centre it got stuck in for the last few days. Lovely models.
  8. And there was me thinking I ordered the full keg bundle!
  9. Annoyingly my kegs "appearently" came Monday as I have the slip saying sorry we missed you but alas no knocks on the door. Not like my usual postie! Still delievery rearranged for within 5 working days. The pictures are whetting my whistle as the thirst for the kegs is something aweful!
  10. Dromod is not in the country anymore, stored pending overhaul in the UK. Shane is in store in Giants Causeway with no boiler ticket and due an overhaul. That leaves 5, Nancy and Roisín as the 3ft steamers in Ireland with a valid boiler ticket.
  11. I question that as I remember 4 fully loaded is about that. Plus diesel weight is evenly distributed over the axles vs on Meave. Then there is the whole loading gauge clearances under the DART and structural clearances on platforms.
  12. That and complete rebuidling of the network to take her size and weight....
  13. Mr Beckett and Mr Bodel for A39r crew too.
  14. Oh now these are mouth watering. The bogie detail alone is the bees knees. Certainly looking forward to my fleet arriving!
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