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  1. Lovely stuff! IR ballasts got for my ploughs and some gyspums for the As! Now to discuss advancements from the bank!
  2. Been having fun over the last month starting to build up some out of period stock for me (More of a IR era person myself) but always had a soft spot for the steam era so some rakes of flying snail adored coaches (and GSR maroon survivor) have passed through my workbench.
  3. Turns out I was misremembering. North Wall one was one of the plough vans.
  4. There's a van in Limerick with the pockets and bogie cements on the approach and there was one in North Wall until it was burnt down a few year ago.
  5. The way I see it, more time to buy more accurate models.
  6. I'm still holding out hope that it's an annoucement that A39r will come with 1:76 scale figures of Norman and Mike, complete with banana accesories
  7. Some IR GMs have popped up on ebay if anyone wants some for their collections https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-Models-MM0143-Class-141-IR-Orange-No-143/373230775043?hash=item56e649ab03:g:tGEAAOSwlK1fa1iX https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-models-IR-183-Baby-Gm/373230765142?hash=item56e6498456:g:JCEAAOSw4Plfa1bU https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-models-IR-192-Baby-Gm/373230770590?hash=item56e649999e:g:nK8AAOSwiS9fa1e8
  8. The shunter in daylight. A kitbash of old Airfix kits into a structure inspired by Waterford Cabin. Interior all set up for interior lighting lighting and ready for glazing.
  9. My reaction as a PW engineer to No.800 returning the network:
  10. Ah I see them now. Thanks that'll be handy for the PPs.
  11. Ah that answers my question! Is there any pictures of a 121 with them on? Stunning model that's just arrived and increases my thirst for the orange ones! Bravo Paddy what a model to go out on.
  12. Considering that like a lot of people, Covid 19 has given me a lot of free time and I've been able to step back into the world of building models again. My latest project was a repaint of a Oxford Janus that I acquired extremely cheaply off a friend as he had pruchased the train pack and only wanted the wagons. 30 quid cheaper and I was the proud owner of a handsome smooth running model but an ICI liveried loco stuck out among my Irish collection so a quick repaint over the weekend into a CIE inspired green turned 'Richard' into CSÉ No.1 'Edel' Just ne
  13. DoctorPan


    I like the new visuals. Nice and clean!
  14. Thanks for the link but the thread only makes mention standard CIE green used up to 1955, not the post 1955 green.
  15. I was wondering what manufactor makes the closest shade of green to the post 1955 carriage livery? I've trawled through the forum and found a thread that discusses pre 1955 green but no mention of the post 1955 shades.
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