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  1. While I can understand the logistics behind your decision, I did prefer the ability to preorder and pay upfront/by installment as it allowed me to budget my pennies from month to month whereas under the new system, the likeihood of missing out on stock does increase.
  2. Any reason for the change in pre order policy?
  3. Not a chance in hell will Meave run again, the costs would be astromonical. When the 800s were built, they could only fit on the Cork line and the loading gauge has only decreased since then.
  4. Came back to lunch with a lovely big box containing my order. Opened up one set to have a quick look at and they are stunning and delighted to see how free rolling they were. Well done lads, you've produced another first class product.
  5. Have to say I was and still am seriously tempted by the Green and Black samples they had at Blackrock...
  6. I would also add my hat into the ring for more Bells 40's and 20s.
  7. Is there a full list of layouts anywhere? The website leads you on in circles...
  8. They do get turns on RPSI diesel tours during the year, April, May and October being the usual months.
  9. Political Cover by Irish politicians is one things but Limerick - Foynes is a designed Rail Trunk Route by the EU as part of the TTEN network of lines, so it is not up to CIE/NTA/TII/FFG to decide if Foynes reopens, its Brussels and they have given Ireland 10 years to get it up and running or face penalties
  10. Order going in Friday after payday! Can't wait to get my hands on them
  11. For anyone planning to travel to the show this year, beware relying on the DART, no DARTs are running between Connolly and Dun Laoghaire on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October.
  12. Exactly. It also allows IE Infrastructure as they are becoming, to piggyback off research and standards that other European railways have adapted and tweak them to suit their requirements. And as a member of the commitee and someone who writes specs and standards, it's vastly easier to tweak existing standards than draft standards from scratch.
  13. People seem to misunderstanding what the requirement for openess that EU requires. Irish Rail Infrastructure must not display any favoritism towards any operator. If DB wanted to set up shop, it must meet the same requirements as Irish Rail Ops, RPSI, Rosenburgh & Translink Ops do. What the EU require is that Irish Rail Infrastructure cannot set up requirements that only Irish Rail Ops can achieve.
  14. Not pre say. Irish Rail is still both operator and owner of Infrastructure. It hasn't officially spilt into two seprate companies. The revelant standards and such for operations have not be fully written, although are at an advanced stage.
  15. Four, you have Belmond and then on the PW side of things you have Rhomberg Sersa as an Infrastructure Operator.
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