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  1. What is the price for one of those
  2. Mayner is right. It is a midland (Irish) C class built by the MGWR in 1915 as the As could not go on the Sligo line as they were too heavy. They were but we're very bad prefomers and all were withdrawn by 1959.
  3. Hey do you have any pics of Moate station. I know it can be a big ask but with no IRRS it is hard to get pic apart from my own collection from books
  4. Thanks all here is the next drawing I've done if anyone is interested in seeing it. It is the boiler. Does anyone know who would roll and build the boiler?
  5. Hey jhb can you do a midland question?
  6. I really do think that will kill the layout. O would probaly be easyer to maintain but would be more regualar. As for the gauge O ceiling layout the day I went there the engine (a j15 not rebuilt) would not run!
  7. How are they going to maintain the locos on the OO layout
  8. Twice the size of you wanted to a copy o the OO gauge layout but a. American styled layout would do in the space only if you move some display cases.
  9. 100% right Basebord Dave did a excellent model with bray head and the Dublin scenes being my favorite scenes out of it.My brother who is a military model thought it was on of those Noch kits but it he was wrong. The scratch building is amazing with Malahide station being my favorite.
  10. Another thing that disipointed me was that the trains did not stop at the malahide or mallow model.Simple things like that improve the model for younger people get the imagination going.
  11. Midland Man


    I thought If you put a O gauge American styled layout That you follows you around would work space wise
  12. Midland Man


    So true Fry is one of the lucky one as It was reopened but even then it need more space as you can't bend. To sea the bottom display cases without creating a jam.
  13. Thanks Warbonnet Will more buffers in 7mm come out as for the 4mm I will probably use them for my future OO gauge layout as I find the bigger brand don't put the quality any more MM
  14. Thanks all for buffers and wheels where is the best place to get them 8 know slayers do stuff but in English gauge and modeling so where could I get them.
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