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  1. City of Turo in black although not in any way realistic is still a beautiful livery [even if it was only painted on one side] at the end of the day the owner makes the decision what paint goes on his or hers engine.
  2. I believe they are E4s.(may be wrong) 4-4-0s/0-6-0s would have ruled the rails around there back then. like many have said they were used on branch lines mainly around limerick. MM
  3. Lovely stuff. Although my favorite Midland 0-6-0 would be a MGWR B or H class the L/LM were really good engines and were the power horses around Sligo and Galway. You have a proper trio of Midland engines. All amazing made by a certain profesional modeler. MM
  4. It looks amazing. Can not wait to see this place opened. It will be a great attraction. lovely scenery
  5. Thanks JHb. It comes from a video that shows the mea....... You know what I am not going to say it. Not saying that it will ..... Saying it is like invading Poland. I think I did the right thing. MM Edit: don't feel like Douglal anymore. Liverpool won the league. You will never walk alone!!!!!!
  6. OPPs You are right JHB and I am wrong. Meadh out side on the Belfast main line. Hope you all like. MM Edit: I Feel as stupid as Douglal right now.I can live with it.
  7. Lovely stuff. Lovely the colur on the SLNCR. Are they decals or hand painted? MM
  8. When looking at some pics of 800 Meadh I noticed something. There is quite a few shades of green on the engine. This is not a shadow or the sunlight. Drew Donaldson said that Meadh was painted in GSR green. Could he be right as the is many different shades on the engine. Here is some of the shades. Hope you all like. MM Edit: I don't think any are GSR green but may be a Mix of different greens used by CIE/GSR.
  9. I saw a Patterson book in a rare book shop. The Clogher valley railway. (Sorry if I said it wrong) it was 55 euros. Did not buy it. I only have one Patterson book that being the LLSR. I got it for a lovely 17 euros in Galway first edition. Lovely stuff. MM
  10. With these photos I am becoming a fan of this railway. Is there any kits of locos and stock?
  11. I know it's a diesel and I would like to see it run again. I probally should have said in a manor that tells that Phoenix is a Diesel engine. MM
  12. Never heard of Noo Zealand but thinking of buying 2 (remember I did say thinking) One being 655 Clonsila in GSR Grey and 654 Clara in CIE Black. What engine did you get? Guessing it's non MGWR condition.Keep us posted. Would like to sea it running. MM
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