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  1. Amazing stuff. Looks amazing!
  2. Wow just wow. She is a real beauty and is not even complete! Realy wants me to get one of those. Funnily one of the large manors near me had a garden railway using gauge 2 engines and stock. When the owner moved house he left a lot of the track behind as well as a carriage (he never carried passengers only model coaches) I am trying to find more about the railway. Could have realy intresting locomotives.
  3. Sounds nasty. I not a big fan of eBay as I find that buying stuff in a a shop gives you a nicer feel than buying online. One of the best thing about model shows is that you buy from the seller and you give the money to the seller not some electric machine in a place you don't know. If you are ever selling something like a camera I try to Stell to a second hand store who will clean it up and sell it to someone else.
  4. Amazing model you have there. They got one of the class running a few years back. The running gears on it look really confusing. Good luck with it. stay safe MM
  5. Wow just wow. I am surprised that no Guinness is being left in Cragy Island or does jack drink paddy whisky?
  6. Practice makes perfect says many people so tonight I practice led soldering joints. Came out all right and are really hard to true and take off. I think there good for a newbie like me. I getting some 3D printed baseboards sooner or latter. Does anyone have any tips? stay safe MM
  7. This layout gets better and better every time. Thank god there ain't any seaguls MM
  8. Yawn Afternoon all. I have been working on exams over the past week which has halted most work. While all of this I got a small bit of work done for the model and that being a shop/private house. It's still a skeleton but it's square witch is the only thing I want right now. There is good news I will be off school (proberly) tomorrow so Glendelogh road will begin to take shape hopefully in about a month. The goal is to get it 50% done in about 14 weeks so a lot of work has to be done in a short period. Bad news is that my stock is getting shorte by the minute. I have zero plaster card. 2 Bords of styrofoam. A bit a bobs from wills. I plan to get a SSM kit made so I can improve sodering for building steam engines but for rail cars it plaster card all the way. So then here is what I did today. I have other building I want to make but are in the works right at this moment. Thsi building will be a pub because pubs are everywhere and are a classics Irish thing so............. Hope you all like stay safe MM
  9. Interesting stuff. I must look into get about 2 of them and buy one of the JM design G2s but I have a to do list which I realy want to get down to the bottom of. To make a 1960s themed railrour you need one of those and 2 park royals with a 2 rebuilt J15s. The livery would be black an tan.
  10. How are you going to do all the lining on the sides? AKA livery.
  11. If yo sea the D&B stuff can you take pics measure it if you can and get lots of close ups of you can. Hope you can help.
  12. wow looks good. If the Shannon bridge was never improved in 1900/1901 the Ds would have been turned at Mullingar and a smaller engine would have to go on to Galway. Would have been quite interesting operation at the station. MM
  13. WOW please put more up. Sure Mullingar is like my 40km down a few roads. If its going to be a 50s/60s scene you can run realistically U class 131 A couple of J15s A LM class 0-6-0 A G2 class D5/6s And many more but a 800 can look nice as well. You got the engine shed spot on. Do not forget the railway houses where the old station master was shot [ long story]. the Sligo side has a bridge that you can run trains down it like a branch line but have it loop round to the main line. [ hope you get me] Two questions 1. could i sea the track plan or what is the length? 2. Are you building the Breathland track layer?
  14. Thanks both of you you have both helped me. The middle part where the houses are will be a there smallest in height. The goal of the layout is not to see the trains but to sea the environment the trains live in. I want to make the scene look real so that the smaller houses are at the front and the bigger at the back. I want the onlooker to see a town not a model railway. The juntion road will be the main point as you can sea one street and that's all. Hope you all like Mm
  15. Reminds me of Carlow. Looks amazing.
  16. First track plan done. Hopefully the layout will end up the way I want it. Sorry it ain't square. Made it in a rush. as you can sea there is 10 buildings. They will be a mixture o shops and private houses. Shops include butcher green grocer hardware store 2 standard every day stores. All buildings will be a mix of 1-3 Storie buildings. No section will have a great deal of mix of Stories. Hope you all like. MM
  17. Don t worry the will not be a power plant built by him at Tara junction. Great stock by the way MM
  18. That sounds nice i have to say. I did nit grew up in the 80s so i will never feel that way about hornby.
  19. Looks great. Jut one small thing i never like and that is the Hornby signal box. I know this is not my layout but i do find they don t look as realistic. Best advice i can give you on improving them. Build your own using the building measurement. You will enjoy building as you learn new techniques and you make great model. Hope i do not seem rude and hope this can help in any way. MM
  20. It would be intresting to sea the new W/WT class being built in white head in that little livery. But if a W class is built A NCC livery would be every better. Think about this a castle a WT and a W all in a line at Larne but then again the castle may all apart and the W may be a Wt.
  21. Hi victor How did you subscribe to new Irish lines? I am not a master on using emails but is there a address? Galteemore love the video. Could you post more and do you used a mega points system?
  22. The preservation scene is in a tight spot Watch this.... I think this decade will engine preserved steam sadly
  23. Here is his model.....
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