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  1. That's a very nice scene and not a poor effort at all!
  2. I was considering having a small siding off the run-round loop (at the end furthest from the camera). At the IoWSR we are planning to make a goods feature there in due course and I believe the original station had some sidings there. I like this idea a lot, but as I already have a town at one end on my layout and it's around 5m long (16ft) I don't really want to clog up the layout with buildings etc... I could always add the Illusion that the line continues on past the station as would have happened at Wootton in the steam days... Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. I've printed the amended engine off and she's being painted, I'll share a picture in due course. As for a running space - my layout is a WIP end-to-end run set in southern England ca.1939/40. I have one station planned and half built but at the other end I am planning to have a halt which will double for the BCDR halt serving Portaferry. I will take Wootton (as preserved) on the Isle of Wight as inspiration for this: A simple platform, headshunt and run round loop. The buildings will be painted in as passable colours as possible for both the SR and BCDR as from what I've seen
  4. Hi Colm, I believe I may be the 'modeller' referred to earlier in this thread as I'm developing a strong interest in the BCDR and have made such inquiries! I like the Lanky 2-4-2 conversion, I myself am making a 'freelance' BCDR 0-4-2 with my 3d printer, which is on my workbench thread should you wish to have a look. I'll be following this thread with great interest. Your work is really inspiring, thanks for sharing it!
  5. Thanks to everyone for the help. I haven't yet managed to print off my new body (sidetracked with 6th form and narrow gauge, so I thought I'd upload a picture of the CAD drawing: This is the 6-wheeled coach that I mentioned, not my design but I'm happy enough using it for now. I am thinking about the new pre-grouping coaches in NBR livery as they're quite attractive, however I would probably repaint them anyway to fit with any printed/kit coaches I paint. Thanks for reading!
  6. @jhb171achill, thanks a lot for the information! I don't think I'll be able to afford, or indeed have the capacity for, such a large fleet of coaches, but one or two would be nice and the shared livery with the LMS is useful for finding paints. I note your point about locomotives, I found a few drawings in the Manchester science museum which I may use to make a nice tender engine. Many thanks again!
  7. Not much to report visually over the weekend. I've amended my design to include a bit more support on the coal rails and I've added valances. The traction tyres are now fitted and she runs much better, but needs a bit of weight over the trailing axle. I'll print of a 'Mk2' soon, get that painted up and ready to go. As for coaches/stock, would people recommend Ratio kits? I've found a brake 6 wheeler to 3d print from Thingiverse and I'll do that soon too, by itself it may form part of a track gang train or something. I'm not particularly knowledgeable about the BCDR but from what I'v
  8. Just come across this thread and some really excellent work! That tank engine is charming!
  9. I've started painting her, but not finished yet. Also, the 14xx I bought didn't come with traction tyres, hence the middle wheel sitting oddly. I will buy some of these at some point soon. I will probably print off a better body at some point too as the coal rails failed to print on this one and a few other minor things, but I'm happy enough with this so far.
  10. Does anyone know which paint to use for the dark green livery? I'm thinking a Phoenix GNR loco green with BR mixed traffic lining transfers.
  11. How's this? Handrail to go on later. Thanks for this. What I mean is extruding the tanks upwards while also moving the details on them upwards too. Instead of them staying where they are and the tank top moving around them (see above). If I go back in the history and change the height, the cab goes funny and holes appear... I'll give your suggestion a go tomorrow.
  12. So the 0-4-2 that I made this afternoon didn't quite go to plan: There's a lot wrong with it. The tanks aren't tall enough, the lip on the bunker is too big, the list goes on. I can't get the tank taller while keeping the lip and top details at the right height, if anyone knows how to do this in Fusion360 please do let me know! As it and the 14xx chassis that it fits are far too big to be the intended prototype I think it'll become a fictional class of locomotives for operating my fictional Newtownards to Portaferry branch. When this line was built around 1898-1904
  13. A start on the 4-4-2... It might not be 100% accurate but I'm liking it so far... One thing I've noticed is the Belpaire firebox should be a lot more rounded on the sides, something I will have to amend. A 14xx is arriving soon to donate a chassis to the B&CDR, I'll also take measurements from the outline of that to make the 0-4-2.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm starting this thread to log my progress in making some B&CDR locomotives and stock. Right now I have plans to make the 4-4-2 and the 0-4-2 tank engines : I'll be drawing these up in CAD and 3D printing them. I have a fictional Newtownards to Portaferry branch line in mind, so although I'd really like to make the 4-4-2 I think that I should make a nice train of bashed Hornby/Triang clerestories behind a little 0-4-2 to start with. Thanks for reading!
  15. Thanks very much! That's really helpful. I might start a 'workbench' thread if I get anywhere with this...
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