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  1. It's funny you should say that! The theory of this railway is that the Ouse Valley Railway (belonging to the LBSCR), instead of being built in standard gauge and contributors going bankrupt before it was finished, it was built in narrow gauge. This engine, I thought, had a slightly Billington-esque cab and so I painted it up as the railway's goods loco. I also designed, as you say, a mini O2! I thought that these would be built post-grouping for passenger working where the big loco wasn't economical to run. Here's a CAD picture as I'm yet to paint my print: For rolling sto
  2. While this isn't Irish modelling per se, it might be of interest to some : This design draws heavily on the Donegal Class 5 but I've painted it up for use in my Southern narrow gauge project and I'm incredibly happy with it! Thanks
  3. The 52 on the number suggests that it is masquerading as one of the Br52s: I wonder how they are fitting this film into the Indiana Jones timeline; the Crystal Skull was set after WW2 and Harrison Ford isn't getting any younger. Perhaps this is for a flaschback scene as there have been leaked photos of stunt doubles in 'young Indy' masks...
  4. That looks brilliant! Nice job
  5. Thank you! The wheel broke off the original BCDR tank and I thought I'd put it to good use!
  6. I made mine up as No.3 'Orla' for my own imaginary railway and tried to replicate the CDR dirty red look. A real amalgamation of Irish narrow gauge in order to produce something which I think looks very attractive. The number is a Southern buffer beam number transfer. Thanks
  7. The residents of Portaferry were very surprised to see a narrow gauge line built at their halt this week! Apologies for the dismal photo quality, my phone isn't the best. The more eagle-eyed of you may be able to identify the second red locomotive as a 2ft version of Blessingbourse, as designed by Model Engine Works. I put the line here temporarily to give me a running space for my 009 and have put together a small collection of grounded wagon and coach bodies at the far end. This doesn't fit in with my plans for this side of the layout but I may keep it, albeit moving it behind the 00 g
  8. No problem there! I have asked Dr Alan about the building of his class 3s and he's very kindly offered to send me a writeup of how he did it. I'm not sure how the body shell I've designed would fit a pre-existing chassis and I was going to design one for specific parts I have lying around, although I could design a rudimentary set of frames to go with the loco if that is what would be needed... Also very pleased to see the photo of Drumboe, thanks for sharing! Out of interest, is much of the loco salvageable or is it mostly new? Thanks!
  9. My Elegoo Mars is pretty good, I've used it for lots of 009 gauge bits and bobs, plus the BCDR loco in my workbench thread. I'm slightly nervous of the lubricator details failing to print but that's my only concern. Fingers crossed it'll print well!
  10. Hi Colin, Thanks for the interest! I don't think I intend to 'produce' them as such, but if the test print goes well I'd be happy to sell you two and perhaps make them on demand for people. Would you design your own chassis for this? Thanks
  11. Fancy renders of the Class 3: I drew this up using a works photo I found online and the photo and drawing from E.M Patterson's book on the Donegal.
  12. The Class 3 body is now finished except for the whistle on the roof- it's always small things like this that you see after saving the photos! Thanks!
  13. Thanks Colin, I joined the group a few days ago as well as the Irish 3ft modellers .io group. I will read that PDF in due course, thanks for sending it my way. Cheers!
  14. Very glad to hear the news about Drumboe! This is as far as I got with the class 3 this morning: The body is nearly finished, there are a few small bits to add at the front, some touching up and some rivets to add to the buffer beam. I then need to design the chassis, work out its dimensions and extrude a big enough hole into the bottom of the body to fit the motor. Thanks!
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