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  1. A quick photo showing the station building wiht one of the kit built locos that are used on the layout.
  2. Had a couple of sound fittings come in recently. One was the new Bachamnn 94xx and Bachamnn 9F. The 94xx had working lamps fitted bth front and rear with the rear one being able to show both white and red depending on direction of travel. The 9F also had working lamps fitted with the lamps programmed to show either express passenger configuration or express freight. The top lamp will come on and off as part of the freight lamp code but can also be switched on and off as required. It also had a rear lamp with both red and white being able to be shown and firebox flic
  3. Hi all, The grass was soon added to the top wall. It still needs the a bit more work even now and finally i hope to get the bridge in over the track and we have been looking at putting a signal in as a bracket coming off the top of the wall. Will have to make firm plans as we hopefully have a show for March next year and a possible magazine article.
  4. Due to the size of the layout, being just under 40ft long, we only get chance to set the layout up at shows or on our working weekends. The working weekends consist of 2/3 long days were we just work down the list of jobs/snags that we have come across. The photo below was taken during one of those weekends and gives a nice view up the layout that you normally can't get due to the bridges being in the way.
  5. Been a while due to varous factors, some of which I will go into in the future. Has this on the bench recently a re-spray of a Hornby sentinel. I'm currently on with another one that is going to be a bit different.
  6. The steps up to Station rd.
  7. Track laying was started with the inside point and the stock rail with a hour or so of threading chairs on to the rail.
  8. A view that you don't normally get when the layout is up, taken whilst doing a spot of track repair after a rail got pulled out of a couple of chairs at a show. Thanks
  9. Next up has been crossing construction. Now just to add to the fun (they do say the hobby is fun......right ) I had to have the crossing V jigs custom made as i have 1:12, 1:13 and a 1:14 and the ones avaiable from the 2mmFS assocation stores only go up to 1:10. I will take a photo of the jigs when I next get the box out but this is the result of about an hours work Thanks
  10. Thanks, I found it easy with or without the sprue attached. The key to it all is getting the end free of burrs so that the rail slides in nice and easly and dosnt slice the chairs in two. Curved point baldes are the easy bit in my eys but when my first go at point building was a 1:8 curved 2mmFs point then anything after that is easy.......isnt it??
  11. Hi all, One of the issues with a round layout is you have to have curved track work which means handbuilt track work, well I didn't really have a choice as you have to build your own track work in 2mmFS. So after gluing down the templot plan I made a start gluing down the sleeper strip. Lost count how many there was to glue down.
  12. Next up is a N gauge class 28 3d printed body which came in to be painted. After several hours of sanding the body to remove the print lines in places it was treated to a few coats of phoenix BR Loco green post 54.
  13. First task was to ake up the plain line work using the 2mmFS easi track track bases which as you may be able to make out is a sprue with two sections of base per sprue. I spent several mornaing and evenings threading the rail in to the bases after dressing he end of the rail. When you build things you find little short cuts to make things easier to do and again as you can see in the photos I first started to thread the bases on to the rail using the same side of the sprue. This reduced the amount you could thread on so I would have to keep cutting the bases off the sprue,slide the bases d
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