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  1. No words needed really
  2. Hi all, Another model I've been working on has been this
  3. The information about the customer requesting the VAT removal came from a HMRC representative when they came to do a spot check. As a UK busniess man you are taught by the banks and told when chatting with other owners that if the HMRC says jump you jump and then ask how high as if you dont do things right you get hit with hefty fines. You can't always rely on the address being forgein, the number of parcels I've had to recover for Ireland due my address having County Durham in it. I don't know if you have even had to fill in the mountain of paper work to deal with VAT and I think th
  4. I wouldn't be without it these days. I did get one of the gravity versions whilst I was at a show demoing after i forgot the GW one but even after marking on the rod where to drop it from I struggled to get the consistany right on the finished rivets. Its one of those bits of kit that you look at it and think do I really need one buts its paid for its self about 30 kit builds ago. So remember the tender chassis at the start well here is the body for it in a cruel close up
  5. Having worked in a Model shop and as you say and we were told the same thing by the VAT representative that any prices displayed in the shop or website are to include VAT but it hasn't got to be listed as a seprate price and the onus was on the customer to ask for the deduction if via mail order/phone/website if the destination was not in the VAT zone. If they where present and made a purchase in shop the price was to stay the same and the customer was to ask for VAT reclaim form at customs at the point of exit to claim the VAT cost back. Your not suppose to remove it at the shop. Having
  6. HI, Ive removed a bit of your post so its just the relevent bit. Just to correct you slightly its £85K as any income into the busniess before deductions. Its also my understanding that by law you are not allowed to hide the fact that you are paying VAT and you have to display the VAT number on any recipets/invoices that show VAT. Thanks Simon
  7. For the past 3 years we have had a couple of working weekends inbetween shows to sort out any issuesthat may have developed as with a layout this size if there is an issue it can turn it into a large diorama which has happend once, but thats another story. Well we had a working weekends a few weeks ago and those very nice people at Accurascale allowed us to have a play with the forthcoming Now available PTA wagons, you may have seen the video they posted up of the wagons traveling along the cutting. Anyway I managed to get a couple of pics of the wagons in the station
  8. The former for the ground cover going in.
  9. Its been a riveting time here in the workshop recently
  10. As mentioned the layouts fiddle yard area was modifiled from a casette sytem behind a wall to a full baord where we can store cassettes ready for the next rake to come on. Here is a photo of the area being modifyed The old scenic break was where the dark red brick turns right at the end of the light coloured brick work.
  11. Lots of people have said the same as you to it being wet. It’s now go a new lease of life once it opens as a wind tunnel for automotive testing.
  12. Hi, We have had a few people come up to us at shows about thier memories of the station. One guy I was chatting to who’s dad was the quarry forman. Didn’t realise that the gate was still there that late as one guy said they replaced the fence once the line had been lifted out of the yard.
  13. HI Mike, Thanks for the kind comments. I think the service is Newcastle - Poole one. We have used a 1950s working timetable and try to run services that ran then and would still be running when the layout is set now. Its also a summer Saturday to enable us to run some locos that wouldnt normally run down the line, for exapmle 37 033 is showing her Stag stickers in the photo so is a long way from home!! Plus we are hoping to add a few of the new Accurscale 37s when they arrive
  14. Thanks. Next up is a Conflat P. I've had the kit for a few years now so before I make a start on the big winter build project i thought i would do this one as small filler build.
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