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  1. That’s what I call service, BTB
  2. Hi Wrenneire, so which of those two snails are facing the right way, just wondering like….. BTB
  3. Well guys, this will either encourage or discourage one and all, but I’m wondering should I put my identical pair on the web, or hold off… BTB https://www.ebay.ie/itm/174873356917
  4. Hi Noel, I know you said one of those photos is of Gort, so would you please tell me which is the real Gort & which is the model, right now I cannot decide as your attention to detail is phenomenal, congratulations again on your skills, Paul
  5. Sean, my lad, you’ve been a very busy man, looking just great, keep up the good work, BTB
  6. Very nice piece of work Noel, are going to put a chimney on it, keep the plate layer warm during the winter months... Paul
  7. Hi guys & many thanks, just go’s to show, ask & thou shall receive... BTB
  8. Hi & thanks, I’ve contacted the only motor factor that I know of, & that’s VINNY BYRNES, I contacted them about this paint colour & was told no, they don’t have any skin like colour paint in PRIMER...so up to now the only solution seems to be a mix of colours to get something usable but the point is it won’t be a PRIMER... BTB
  9. Hi Barl, they have quite a selection, might be the answer....! BTB
  10. Hi FL, hope you won’t mind me asking but where did you get that White Primer, I’ve had problems searching for a Primer in other colours other than Grey...! TIA BTB
  11. Hi guys,check this out fromRails, someone on here might be interested in it, BTB https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203274971099
  12. Hi guys, have a gander at these prices, might be worth a shot, BTB https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39397/murphy-models-mm0132-oo-gauge-mm0132-class-121-132-in-cie-supertrain-livery
  13. Hi guys, anyone on here seen these before, might be useful to someone on here, BTB https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3297/rails-connect-decoders
  14. OK, Garfield etc. etc. I guess I’ll have to put the Jemmy away for a while then...
  15. Did all that in 1995 mate, while you were playing with your little toys....I on the other hand still have more important things to be getting on with...! Garfield me lad, no problem but,Is that not where I put it in the first place..? BTB
  16. How come I never had to do that before....! Anytime in the past when ever I out an item on the site before it was always on the start of a list.. ! In the For Sale section...!! If it had appeared as I thought it would like all others I put on the For Sale section, I wou’nt have had to go looking for it, again & again...!!! BTB
  17. Well how come Bos. can see it, & I haven’t seen it despite the fact I put it in 2/3 times, simply because I couldn’t find it anywhere I looked after I first put it on the For Sale link,,,! BTB Well maybe I’m still looking in the wrong place, so show me where it’s at on this please, BTB
  18. Well how come Bos. can see it, & I haven’t seen it despite the fact I put it in 2/3 times, simply because I couldn’t find it anywhere I looked after I first put it on the For Sale link,,,! BTB
  19. Well hi & thanks LARNE CABIN, don’t know how you’re seeing that item on For Sale or Wanted, because I certainly cannot see it anywhere..! & I’m using my Specsavors !!! BTB
  20. Hi all, anyone on here who can tell me why despite the number of times I’ve thought I’d put this on the site in the For Sale area, it’s never shown up...!! BTB
  21. Hi guys, I thought I had put this on the site before...! But I cannot find it..! So if it’s in the wrong place, please do sort it, BTB https://www.ebay.ie/itm/333917647725
  22. Hi guys, I thought I had put this on the site before however here it is now, maybe some one on here might be interested in it, BTB https://www.ebay.ie/itm/333917647725
  23. Hi guys, don’t know if this is of interest to anyone on here, BTB https://www.ebay.ie/itm/333917647725
  24. The “A”’s Well guys, I’ll start with best regards to all concerned, but with regards to the aforementioned item, the “A”’s I’ll start here, I no longer wish to hear, or read, any of the following please, please!!!! “ an update on the A’s,“latest news on the A’s, “some more details on the A’s, “production on the A’s, “schedules for the A’s, “preorders of the A’s, “we’ll be out of lockdown before the A’s, “won’t be long before the A’s, “are they coming by boat or plane, the A’s, “ work continues on the A’s, “the liveries on the A’s, on track with the A’s, so to the powers that be, all I wish to hear or read is, “ There Here, the A’s....please, please. BTB
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