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  1. Is it not a bit presumptuous to cancel the move when an extension to the Brexit process has yet to be approved? 🤔
  2. I think the plan was to extend from Kingscourt to ultimately reach Cookstown, if I'm not mistaken?
  3. Hi Patrick, You'll need to provide asking prices in order to continue advertising this sale here. Photos and/or detailed descriptions would also be useful...
  4. Perhaps the term ‘engine house’ might refer to a stationary engine, rather than covered storage of locomotives? Just a thought...
  5. Aye, but it sounds like WaYSidE has a Lima Mk1 in CIE black & tan, not an actual MM Craven... ...In which case, WaYSidE, check eBay for Lima B4 bogies, such as this: https://m.ebay.ie/itm/LIMA-BR-MK1-OR-MK2-COACH-B4-BOGIE-ONLY-No-2/142981113290?hash=item214a56a5ca:g:Q4EAAOSwq9RbyjTN&_trkparms=gclientid%3DCLIENT_ID(ebay)&_trksid=p2489528.m4335.l8656 (Although that particular one is overpriced, in my opinion).
  6. I think it was simply a case of modern safety glass adding a wee bit of added protection for the crew (i.e. the glass would shatter as opposed to breaking unpredictably, possibly into dagger-like shards). The toughened panes were slightly smaller so required extra sealing. For comparison... Original: Toughened: The first photo may be making a liar out of me, as the loco has the original windows while fitted with CAWS, although the date listed in the caption is 1982, in which case CAWS didnt go ‘live’ for another two years (it’s not carrying the ‘S’ suffix to indicate CAWS is fitted, however, despite the antennae being fitted). Maybe 025 was fitted with a flux capacitor...
  7. CAWS was introduced in 1984. The locos were fitted with the toughened windscreens during the late 1970s and all locos appear to have received them by the time the CAWS equipment was added...
  8. Locomotive boilers generally look almost identical to this once the outer cladding and insulation is removed... That's not to say the boiler that was discovered wasn't a stationary industrial type, but could be from a smaller tank loco, etc. The GNR would have had standard boiler designs, so someone with knowledge of the railway's mechanical engineering could provide a definitive answer.
  9. As I understand it, this is out of Aer Lingus' hands... it's IAG (who also own BA) who've made the decision. It's no coincidence that the positioning of the logos and other vinyls are similar to Iberia's, etc.
  10. As Fran said above, the new livery is basically there so that aircraft can be easily swapped over and back among other IAG carriers as required, with only a few vinyls having to be replaced instead of a full-scale rebranding. It's sad to see the end of the classic Aer Lingus colour scheme, but it does make sense from a business perspective.
  11. Garfield


    Richie doesn’t get to do it often enough lately, but... 🙂
  12. Hi JB, The blue Taras had matching blue buffers and Instanter couplers, but the bogies were black.
  13. Meanwhile, in the IRM warehouse...
  14. Cheers, Noel! It was great to see you there! The strong Irish contingent made it feel like home!
  15. Hi Tony, you've lost me? I simply meant that if you're not comfortable with posting on a public forum, then the only option is to stop doing it. It's not an issue unique to IRM.
  16. Hi Noel, Only rebuilt locos received the low band, so A15 has the high band.
  17. Hi Patrick, A23R will have the low band.
  18. Hi folks, In the hustle and bustle leading up to the launch at the MRSI's October show, a couple of the IR loco numbers got mixed up. They couldn't be left as they were, as 024 was withdrawn while still in Supertrain livery, while 051 had non-standard detailing which would not be economical to tool. Apologies for the confusion!
  19. Garfield


    Hoping to get a chance to stop by to have a look, if I can get a few minutes away from the Accurascale stand!
  20. Tony, As others have said above, the content of open forums such as this is searchable and available for the public to read - not just members. This is common to the vast majority of web forums, not just this one. No privacy laws are being infringed upon as the forum does not publicly display your private details (real name, address, contacts, etc.) unless you choose to post them yourself. I don't mean to be blunt, but if this is an issue for you then your best option is to stop posting.
  21. I guess the Spanish authorities reckoned it was a loss-maker... 😁
  22. Garfield

    Cie parts

    Probably intended to be a representation of the SNCB class 51s (or one of the visually similar classes 55, 60, 62, 64 or 65)...
  23. Impressive! I'm not sure about the claim of it being "the largest train set of its kind in an Irish residential setting", though. I can think of at least two that are larger...
  24. Garfield

    Hattons sale

    Picked up a Heljan Class 14 in NCB livery for £100 including postage, which I'm happy with! Think I'll be showing people the link to the sale on their website in the lead-up to Christmas...
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