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  1. I think some of the old Eastern Bloc countries (maybe Hungary or Bulgaria) had certain railway lines operated by mostly children/teens so that they could gain experience for careers on the railway.
  2. Pleased to hear that they have responded promptly when contacted directly. It's becoming clear you have a vested interest in this, so I would politely suggest that the proper way to resolve any issues is to continue to communicate directly rather than sniping at the other side from here as neither party is going to benefit from that.
  3. Have you taken this up with them directly? I can't imagine it's easy to maintain regular operations with a small group of volunteers at this time.
  4. Can you please respond to my question? I get the feeling there's 'skin in the game' here that isn't being declared. My understanding is that it is run by volunteers?
  5. Can I ask what the story is with the constant criticism of Fintown?
  6. I think they may have been 'borrowed' by IR if a set was caught on the south side of a bomb alert or similar disruption on the Northern line. I have a vague recollection of seeing a set on a Sligo service in the '90s around the time there was trouble with gangs blocking the line at Lurgan...
  7. I actually quite like the appearance of the Bulleid-bodied AECs. Not exactly handsome, but there's still a lot of character there...
  8. One of the AEC sets with the Bulleid-designed bodies fabricated at Inchicore. I think most of these were later converted into powered intermediates.
  9. For a 'generous donation' in a plain brown envelope we can make doubly sure this doesn't happen...
  10. After the Crossleys were replaced by the General Motors engines, the locos were turned out in Black & Tan livery with the 'R' suffix to the running number. Then came Supertrain, and finally Irish Rail liveries.
  11. Already lined up, @jhb171achill! Unfortunately, Australia is still struggling to cope with Covid and there are still tight restrictions in place, which is preventing us from progressing with this project at the moment...
  12. DJ has it spot on. I don't know how you would interpret it any other way, to be honest. And what's wrong with a little tease now and again? Of course we have more announcements to make, but we're only going to raise the curtains when we're ready to do so.
  13. Hi John, We also sell a standard ESU LokPilot decoder, which is optimised for the A Class, if you don't want sound straight away: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/dcc-decoders/products/a-class-dcc-standard-chip
  14. We're looking at delivery around the end of the first week of September, with shipments to customers commencing the following week.
  15. With our A Class locomotives now in transit from our factory, we thought it would be a good time to update the sales chart! 036 is the latest loco to completely sell-out and many more have reached critically low levels of availability...
  16. Bullying? Sorry, but you're the only one lashing out here; I'm only asking you why, which is a reasonable request.
  17. What's that got to do with you taking bizarre potshots at Warley?
  18. Diligence is nothing to get riled up about.
  19. What an odd post.
  20. Looks to be the same shade of green as the coaches, @jhb171achill? Yay, fun...
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