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  1. Sad to see the van we surveyed for the OO version being destroyed in this way. 😥
  2. I'd strongly disagree with that. During prototype research, I'm often left disappointed with the data available in books (frequently ones that are lauded as the 'definitive' tomes on a particular subject), only to find what I'm looking for in a back issue of a magazine. Everything from the Railway Magazine to Model Railway Constructor has turned up vital information that has enabled us to get projects across the line. Beyond research for the day job, I'd contend that serial magazine features such as O.S. Nock's 'Locomotive Practice & Performance' have no equal in book form.
  3. As Richie (Glenderg) says above, it'd be great if we could continue the discussion about the historical information that can be found in magazine articles, rather than a series of "I buy/don't buy magazines" statements, which don't really add anything to the conversation, tbh.
  4. Hi folks, Thinning out the collection to make room for some newer purchases. I'm sticking these up here for a few days before moving them onto eBay... I'll combine postage if you're purchasing multiple items. First up, Kato N scale Alco RS-2 - Union Pacific #1291 (12v DC) - very good condition - €55 + P&P Kato N scale Alco RS-2 - Union Pacific #1293 (12v DC) - very good condition - €55 + P&P Kato N scale Alco RSC-2 - Union Pacific #1281 (12v DC) - very good condition but missing pack with alternative Arnold/Rapido couplers - €50 + P&P Kato N scale Alco RSC-2 - Union Pacific #1288 (12v DC) - very good condition- €55 + P&P Kato N scale EMD SD-40-2 (early, with dynamic brake) - Pan Am Railways #607 (DCC ready) - never run - €85 + P&P (getting very hard to find these) Jouef HO scale DU65 draisine (inspection car) & wagon - SNCF red/cream (12v DC) - good condition for age - €25 + P&P
  5. Off topic, Leslie, but did the Taurus play a tune for you?
  6. I think you're right; probably a part of the Bretland track-laying set.
  7. Footage of staff snatcher apparatus in operation can be seen in this video: http://www.euscreen.eu/play.jsp?id=EUS_524B0F1DFF9D4311A5271797E7849D5E
  8. The vents were added to the doors during the time the locos were still allowed to operate nose-first so that it would be easier for the driver to hear detonators, etc. They were plated over once nose-first operation was banned.
  9. Sadly, A23R no longer exists... ☹️
  10. Had the pleasure of operating 'Bagnelstown' on occasion after Brian sold it on during the mid-'90s. If I recall correctly, there was an 071 built from a kit (can't remember its origins, unfortunately), some C class locos which were continental locos suitably kitbashed and repainted, and a Lima 4F in J15 guise. Rolling stock mainly comprised a rake of repainted Farish Mk2s in Supertrain livery, Farish Mk1s repainted in Black & Tan to represent Cravens, and Peco cattle wagons.
  11. The white band will be present above the headlights. From the evidence we have gathered, A1 did not have a flying snail when it first entered service. Sandboxes were removed gradually; there’s evidence of locos in plain black without them and in Black and Tan (unrebuilt) with them.
  12. Nothing to do with Murphy Models - Hattons create their own estimated prices for pre-order items and it’ll be adjusted to reflect the actual cost once it’s known.
  13. It's been very sad to watch the heat he's taken - absolutely no need for it.
  14. As @Warbonnet has already stated, we already have launch plan for the A class.
  15. Is it not a bit presumptuous to cancel the move when an extension to the Brexit process has yet to be approved? 🤔
  16. I think the plan was to extend from Kingscourt to ultimately reach Cookstown, if I'm not mistaken?
  17. Hi Patrick, You'll need to provide asking prices in order to continue advertising this sale here. Photos and/or detailed descriptions would also be useful...
  18. Perhaps the term ‘engine house’ might refer to a stationary engine, rather than covered storage of locomotives? Just a thought...
  19. Aye, but it sounds like WaYSidE has a Lima Mk1 in CIE black & tan, not an actual MM Craven... ...In which case, WaYSidE, check eBay for Lima B4 bogies, such as this: https://m.ebay.ie/itm/LIMA-BR-MK1-OR-MK2-COACH-B4-BOGIE-ONLY-No-2/142981113290?hash=item214a56a5ca:g:Q4EAAOSwq9RbyjTN&_trkparms=gclientid%3DCLIENT_ID(ebay)&_trksid=p2489528.m4335.l8656 (Although that particular one is overpriced, in my opinion).
  20. I think it was simply a case of modern safety glass adding a wee bit of added protection for the crew (i.e. the glass would shatter as opposed to breaking unpredictably, possibly into dagger-like shards). The toughened panes were slightly smaller so required extra sealing. For comparison... Original: Toughened: The first photo may be making a liar out of me, as the loco has the original windows while fitted with CAWS, although the date listed in the caption is 1982, in which case CAWS didnt go ‘live’ for another two years (it’s not carrying the ‘S’ suffix to indicate CAWS is fitted, however, despite the antennae being fitted). Maybe 025 was fitted with a flux capacitor...
  21. CAWS was introduced in 1984. The locos were fitted with the toughened windscreens during the late 1970s and all locos appear to have received them by the time the CAWS equipment was added...
  22. Locomotive boilers generally look almost identical to this once the outer cladding and insulation is removed... That's not to say the boiler that was discovered wasn't a stationary industrial type, but could be from a smaller tank loco, etc. The GNR would have had standard boiler designs, so someone with knowledge of the railway's mechanical engineering could provide a definitive answer.
  23. As I understand it, this is out of Aer Lingus' hands... it's IAG (who also own BA) who've made the decision. It's no coincidence that the positioning of the logos and other vinyls are similar to Iberia's, etc.
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