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  1. Just announce the word "Piss" in the pause before he says Probably.
  2. More votes for this please
  3. You are onto something there, there is almost certainly a market for full width (5'3") 16.5mm replacement bogies that allow for conversion to 21mm of various types complete with lighting kits.
  4. Have you seen the graffiti? That building is in an awful condition
  5. Not a good idea to play poker with you either
  6. Depends on how that comment/question is interpreted, it can be read either way. If indeed he is saying demand has and IS NOT being underestimated, does this mean we can expect some offerings for that period. Is he teasing us? I seem to remember that Fran suggested late last year that we could expect some announcements in 2021. We are now two thirds of the way through 2021 and other than reruns ( granted in new variants) and buses, we are still waiting to hear what to expect. It's time to raise the curtain,
  7. That would indicate there is strong demand for the black n' tan era as suggested by DiveController and Leslie, which is why I'd like to understand Garfield's apparent questioning of this.
  8. Please explain this question. It would be interesting to know if the sales chart for sales of the A class is a comparison of "apples to apples"
  9. Seems to have sold out already, but they have three of a version with the Esso logo with running no. 4021.
  10. A new version of the Heljan Esso Tank Wagon that should be of interest to Irish Modelers; http://www.hattons.co.uk/StockDetail.aspx?SID=203086
  11. Hi DJ, if you refer to the resources section on this forum you'll find a document published by IE in 2019 that provides a lot of infrastructure information on the Irish railway network;- the following is an extract: This explains the reasoning behind the length of passenger trains but not freight trains. Maximum Train Lengths The maximum length of passenger trains is governed by the length of platforms at stations the trains serve. Platform lengths are set out in Appendix 1B and are measured from Top of Ramp to Top of Ramp where usable length may actually be less. Usable lengths may vary according to signal location or local infrastructure. Please consult the Infrastructure Manager regarding the usable length for specific locations. Except where specifically authorised, the number of vehicles attached to fully braked freight trains must not exceed 36 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs). For the purpose of calculating train lengths, one 18.6 m (62’ 9”) bogie wagon or one 22 m bogie pocket wagon is counted as 3 TEUs, all other bogie wagon types are counted as 2 TEUs and 2-axle wagons are counted as 1 TEU.
  12. That is to be commended, the "Nanny State" in Ireland seems to get more pervasive as time passes.
  13. Impressive, twice the length of an Irish train. No barriers or stop lights evident at the level crossing, are there advance warning lights?
  14. I'm in the same boat, and hoping it will be possible to consolidate an order. I also have a couple of questions. Is it possible to obtain appropriate lettering and logos for the bulk grain wagon and the open wagon? Also with regard to the bulk grain wagon the picture shown on the website displays this in a bauxite livery which is probably as they were at the end of their lives, However, for the greater part of their lives they were probably painted grey and it seems some of them were painted a bright red late '40s to early '60s, will these liveries be offered? Excellent stuff thank you
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