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  1. Price is plummeting, my one is Gray
  2. Absolutely there should be some sort of height gauge/barrier on approach to low bridges, let’s not forget that this problem has cost lives in the past (Clogh Bridge 1975) and will do so again. In this particular case Irish Rail’s response to the suggestion of a barrier was as follows “Given the location it would be more difficult to erect such a barrier, but there is ample signage alerting Drivers to the low bridge” Sounds like a cop out and there must be something more at issue perhaps beyond the control of Irish Rail. It maybe that the siting of such barriers would not be on railway property and co- ordination and co-operation is needed with the local authorities (how many of them??). New advance signs warning drivers of the barrier would be required. There is the question of who pays for erection and maintenance of the barriers (may need modification after road works for example). Right now the local authorities can sit on their hands when a bridge is struck but not so if a barrier is struck. I also suspect at each location there may be to a greater or lesser degree objections on the actual positioning and even the aesthetics, with the need for public consultation etc.. (This is not the 19th century) I’m actually of the opinion that legislation may be required mandating the erection of such barriers and that won’t happen until there is a fatality that gets a lot of public attention. But a campaign for such a mandate should start now.
  3. This is all speculation (as probably is the price Hattons are projecting) but for what it’s worth here are some thoughts on the subject If Sterling plummets then the price of all UK imports of model railway items will be affected not just Irish models. So the hobby as a whole in the UK may suffer somewhat. As regards the pricing of the 121, ultimately I believe this is a matter for Paddy. As a supplier to the trade he should be deciding the recommended retail price in both Euro and GBP. Whether retailers sell below that price is a matter for them, Hattons very often do so. In establishing the selling price Paddy probably already knows what the retail price in Euro will likely be but cannot divulge this because doing so in the current climate may create an unrealistic expectation of the retail price in Sterling. Bear in mind that in all probably he will be paying his Chinese manufacturer in USD and prudence dictates that rather than gamble on the future value of the dollar, he should have a forward contract in place with his bank for the anticipated dollar outlays (IE locked in the exchange rate). Accordingly he should already have a very good idea of his costs. Whatever retail price is ultimately established for the UK market should have no immediate bearing on how much a buyer in Ireland will pay. The recommended selling price will be struck at a point in time and at that point the cost to an Irish buyer in Euro whether purchasing in Ireland or from the UK will be very much the same. However, should Sterling plummet subsequent to that point in time, the out of pocket cost in Euro to someone in Ireland purchasing from the UK should be lower. At that time the retail price will have been established and the retailers will already have been invoiced for their purchases (pricing is locked down and their margin is not affected). Since the 121’s will be released on a phased basis the chances are that the recommended retail price for the initial releases in the UK may not hold for later releases should Sterling plummet. There is another factor in all of this. Post Brexit and depending on the terms agreed or not between the UK and the EU, UK retailers should be free to treat sales to EU countries the same as they currently do to countries outside the EU and not collect VAT on those sales (zero rated). Of course in those circumstances someone in Ireland buying from a UK retailer would technically be liable to local VAT on importation. However, whether the postman will be knocking on the door to collect that VAT will depend on the ability and will of the Irish Revenue to collect. The logistics may make it prohibitive for them. Some of the above may not auger well for Irish model retailers and I’m all too aware of the need to support them. But it does seem to me that they could help themselves compete more effectively for international sales (outside the EU and this may include the UK in the future) if they would only clarify their policy on the charging of VAT on their websites. I’m based in the US and this is the primary reason I go to Hattons.
  4. This appendices in this posting contain some interesting details of the Irish railway network http://www.irishrail.ie/media/ie_2019_network_statement.pdf
  5. A symptom of being spoiled in the riches offered but it should be taken advantage of if at all possible, we may never have such opportunities again.. I would also expect a lull next year (hardly likely that there will be a repeat of two offerings such as the A's and 121's). So look at the J5's as being in next year's budget.
  6. This is a fantastic opportunity for those of us lacking the skills to build from scratch. I like others paused at the price and like just about everyone else I've committed to a lot of purchasing this year. But the opportunity is too good to miss and it seems to me that this project will take twelve months or so to come to fruition so count me in. Tom
  7. Thank you, that information is very helpful and your photograph would indicate there are other issues as well. again many thanks Tom
  8. Hi Ernie, I got one of these recently from IFM and while I'm reasonably pleased with it, it does seem to me that the buffers are placed too high and your photograph appears to indicate the same issue with your one. Accordingly I'm contemplating re-positioning and replacing these with perhaps Bachmann oval sprung buffers 36-031 but I'm not sure if these would be correct for this van. Does anyone have advise on this? One other thought, while the NEM sockets are a nice feature, they are extremely tight to the point that the probe on a Symoba coupling/height gauge will not slide into the socket. That plus the fact that they are bogie mounted is inclining me to fit Symboa slotted guides with NEM sockets to the underside of the body. Note I'm really keen on close coupling and in the process of converting everything to Kadee.
  9. In response to your second question Wexford70, from memory I believe the footbridge at Connolly was removed in 1982 and maybe into 1983 (I think this happened in stages) at the same time as the removal/reconstruction of the shelter on platforms 6/7 in preparation for the introduction of the DART service.
  10. I travelled to and from Birr in the summer of 1961. I don't remember much of it other than the fact that at least one of the trains was hauled by what had to be a C Class Loco (visually to a kid an A & C looked the same). This was in silver livery as were the coaches. Despite this late date for that livery my memory is that it was reasonably clean.
  11. As a kid I happen to have visited the Midland Yard North Wall a few times (circa 1960), and remember a mobile crane similar to this but I don't think it was a vivid colour such as yellow, grey is the image in my head, but maybe it was just very grimy.
  12. Not quite, Souness oversaw the disintegration of the Liverpool team whereas Solskjaer inherited a team already disintegrating.
  13. Also on E-BAY at this time https://www.ebay.com/itm/JM-Design-CIE-Irish-Bredin-Coach-Overlays-For-3-Coaches-For-Murphy-Models/123747983049?hash
  14. My understanding is that similar to the USA there is no import duty in the EU on model trains. However, in the EU VAT at the prevailing rate may be applied in the country of importation. The figure on which VAT is calculated is inclusive of the cost of the goods, shipping and insurance. Cost of postage to Europe from the US is expensive, EG I returned a J15 to OO Works and postage was almost USD 60.00 Postage the other way was GBP 15.00. I would also note that Irish postal rates are quite expensive.
  15. Here's another set for USD 175.00, also sealed https://www.ebay.ie/itm/HO-Bachmann-Irish-Railway-Train-Set-NEW-SEALED/312584755980
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