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  1. Not to mention the very limited stocks and choice of product in every store.
  2. Without having seen this thread I was thumbing through some old magazines yesterday and came across the "Plan of the Month" Aug 2009 in Railway Modeller the subject of which was Ballina. A great deal of the necessary rolling stock to create this has become available in RTR form in the meantime making this scheme a lot more feasible today, perhaps RM can be persuaded to rerun it? The picture is a taste, I do not want to infringe copywrite.
  3. Empty returns unfortunately
  4. Between three of us that accounts for 5, (which is quite amazing) lets see if the other 75 can be located LOL
  5. Very surprised to learn this, I have three of them, The paper is lifting off them and shows its age. Do you know if this was pure fantasy or was Guinness transported on British Rails in 6 wheel tankers?
  6. That took the air out of the room somewhat but the strive for perfection is appreciated. On the other hand does this also mean that you will also push back any announcements of future plans, the suspense is killing. Thank you
  7. Thank you that's something I did not know, I just remember them as mainly landscapes in monochrome (brown toned), but those carriages even then seemed like they were from another time.
  8. I came into the world in 1950 so I remember CIE steam and being on the footplate of a shunter at the Midland Depot at Nth Wall, - looking into the firebox made an impression . I also remember both the silver and green liveries and listening to an uncle of mine who was home on a visit from England expressing disgust at the change of livery to "Black & Tan" given the historical context of those colours. I had no real interest in railways and accordingly my memory on quite a lot is a bit vague. But I do remember that blazing embankments were a common sight in summer in the age of steam. I ha
  9. This is a fantastic step forward for an entity I have allways found to be elusive, however the following is really a throwback; Quote "If you would like us to post you a printed copy of our latest illustrated catalogue, please send six Second Class stamps to the above address. (UK customers only)."
  10. Is anyone interested in this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/333975843278?ul_noapp=true
  11. Two questions, when does it stop snowing? And more seriously is it not the practice there to have a red lamp on the end of trains, looks like this video was shot at dusk or dawn?
  12. I simply click on "Activity" and scroll through to the point I last logged on, that way I see all postings in that time frame.
  13. I was not aware that a railway "police" existed but do know that CIE recruited regular staff to travel on the Sunday Mystery trains to act in the event of unacceptable behaviour which became a problem on some of these excursion trains. Staff travelled undercover but other that liaising with Garda I don't think they had any real authority. Why do this if they had an actual policing unit?
  14. Irish post codes (Eircodes) are specific to actual addresses so these should not be used here, suggest using the name of the townland or suburb.
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