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  1. Another run of the Bell 20 ft reefers would be nice!
  2. Which livery is actually being produced? The post above says IR livery with white stripes, yet the images and description in the shop says CIE Supertrain livery....
  3. Has anyone tried the A Class - EMD Sound Decoder on a DC layout? I know the functions will be limited, but I'm wondering how well it sounded, and performed in general....
  4. When you say they haven't improved the appearance much, do you mean they didn't close the gap between stock much?
  5. While we're ranting, here's mine....Basically it's the term 'box shifters'. I don't know where it originated from, but it's a well used phrase on this thread, and on this forum in general. I certainly don't understand why it's used to describe some UK retailers. Is it because they sell more stock than their Irish counterparts? Well, fair play to them if they do. I don't think any Irish retailer would put a limit on the amount of stock they sell, and I believe they do their best to sell as much as they can. They are in the same game as the UK sellers. Or, is it because they offer nothing to the modelling community apart from sales? Well, again I'm sure their after sales service is as good as any, and furthermore they have commissioned models that might otherwise never have been made. As for the physical shop that you can walk into, well they have those too, for anyone who lives close enough or is willing to travel. I personally don't live near any model shop, so all my purchases are online. I've bough from both Irish and UK sellers. If I'm totally honest, any problems I've had with items I've bought online have been with Irish retailers......
  6. It looks amazing! All we were promised, and more! I didn't really notice until after the sixth time of watching....but that's a magnificent layout!
  7. That's going to be good! I often asked myself why hasn't he published a book as I admire the quality of shots he posts on FB......
  8. The wagons look amazing! I'd say the bundle deal is going to be popular on these! On the subject of the bags... The individual bags wouldn't really be visible on the loaded pallet, as they were wrapped in a protective polythene cover...
  9. Anything ever produced is listed here.......
  10. For me, a CIE supertrain liveried 001 class hauling a rake of ferts, or a Bell liner would be right up there...... My ultimate grail is in sight!
  11. Nice update to the banner!
  12. It's often been said that the A class should have been done a long time ago, and on one hand I agree...But, on the other hand I'm delighted that it's only being done now, because I think it's safe to say that this level of detail wouldn't have featured previously. And, it's nothing more than the A class deserves....
  13. I'd say you'll probably have time for one in Matt Molloy's.....
  14. Yes, thanks for the card lads, and many happy returns!
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