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  1. The wagons look amazing! I'd say the bundle deal is going to be popular on these! On the subject of the bags... The individual bags wouldn't really be visible on the loaded pallet, as they were wrapped in a protective polythene cover...
  2. aclass007

    murphy mk2s

    Anything ever produced is listed here.......
  3. aclass007

    The Ultimate

    For me, a CIE supertrain liveried 001 class hauling a rake of ferts, or a Bell liner would be right up there...... My ultimate grail is in sight! 😍
  4. Nice update to the banner! 😍
  5. It's often been said that the A class should have been done a long time ago, and on one hand I agree...But, on the other hand I'm delighted that it's only being done now, because I think it's safe to say that this level of detail wouldn't have featured previously. And, it's nothing more than the A class deserves....
  6. I'd say you'll probably have time for one in Matt Molloy's.....
  7. Yes, thanks for the card lads, and many happy returns!
  8. You're right.... It's listed as.. 'in Irish Rail on Supertrain Livery' on the website.....
  9. The darker shade below the black band is the dayglo panels on the front of the loco....
  10. Does anyone know what year the staff snatchers began being removed, and likewise, the toughened windscreens fitted?
  11. The following is taken from, Irish Railways Traction & Travel, by Peter Jones & Andrew Marshall..... 003, 012, 015, 039, 055, 058 are listed as the last six stopped in 1995... 005 and 051 were also stopped, slightly earlier in 1995.... 039 being the final one stopped, on the 23/9/95
  12. They reefer to it as a 'train set' throughout the article.....That layout is something more than that!
  13. A39 did in fact carry the high band tan in service. In fact, unusually, she carried that livery before being rebuilt....
  14. If you click the 'Sort by' arrow at the top of the page on the website, there are several options, including listing the locos from Oldest to Newest, and vice versa
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