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  1. Sails

    Class 121

    All this talk of sound chips, do we know what type of speaker will be fitted into the loco?
  2. Sails

    Class 121

    I've started to put my pre-orders in, 124 & 129 pre-orders placed with Hattons, they are quoting £129 initially but if near €200 mark is reached that will be bumped up a few quid. Another pre-order next pay month (The A class pre-order is going to be culled back a bit for now). Mark
  3. Many thanks, I'll drop them a line, as they don't have an online presence this may be the reason why a google doesn't find anything. Mark
  4. Hi all, A couple of years ago I remember reading in a modelling magazine that a company had produced a kit, card I believe, for the Dundalk central signal box. I thought I kept the magazine as it had done a large coverage piece on scenics and buildings, but can I find that specific magazine now among the hundreds of others??? Not a hope. Does anyone know the company I have in mind? Mark
  5. I would certainly be interested in several examples, CIE & IE,
  6. Regarding the sound projects mentioned before, will they be also using the new ESU decoder the Deltic is getting?
  7. Excellent, thank you so much. Mark
  8. Would anyone be able to put an approx date range to each livery in use? Mid 70s - Early 80s would do. Mark
  9. Sails

    MK2 Wheel Sets

    Thanks all, the wheel diameter is 12mm (11.2ish traction inner ) and the axle length is 24.5mm. The wheels mentioned on Peters Spares look the part but he's out of stock. I must ave had a bad QC batch from these coaches, one wheel set missing and on another coach the wheel set was not inserted correctly into the bogie. Mark
  10. All, I mentioned in another MK2 thread a while back about a missing wheel set from one of my new MK2 coaches, the diner coach. I had sent a message to the retailer inquiring about a replacement set (I would have settled for a part number I could source myself), but unfortunately the retailer did not respond. Now that I have the coaches back after weathering I can see what I need as a replacement. SO far the closest I can find as a match is this part from Bachmann. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/5283/bachmann-36-033-oo-gauge-turned-coach-wheels-x10-for-non-close-coupling-bogies- I don't think its an exact match but after a bit of dirt application and when its under the bogie you'd have to be a damn good eagle eye's wheel nerd to spot the difference. Any thoughts an another wheel set that may be a better match? Mark
  11. Sails


    Got my email notification that my four packs are on their way to me. Mark
  12. Sails

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Weathering is coming along nicely, had sent the six coaches and fifteen bubbles so it was a big job, plus the gent is working shifts but I'm in no rush. Here is the generator van, I asked for a good medium dirty weathering application. I think I got exactly what I was looking for. Bubbles also are really good looking. Mark
  13. Sails


    Andy, will be sure to pop along to say hello on the Saturday. Mark
  14. Sails

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    I had sent my six coaches off to get weathered and just got word back from the service provider that one set of wheels is missing from the diner coach. I had only opened two to view and never opened the diner so the delay in finding this out is my own fault. The gent has contacted MM about it for a replacement, but would it also be worth advising the retailer? Anyone else had a similar situation with these or any other MM rolling stock Mark
  15. Considering the events of this week. Harp lager tanks, that's what I need. Mark Dundalk Barracks Street
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