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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone, suspected as much and C rail would have been first preference but I'm currently in Asia and not too many retailers provide courier deliveries from the UK and the two I use dont stock C Rail. I'll just have to order the C Rails for delivery back to the UK abode and wait to pick them up.
  2. All, Anyone know if the Wathers 40' containers will fit OK on the IRM liners? They are HO scale so not sure what they would look like. Mark
  3. I also had problems with my coaches, one coach had a wheel set missing and two others had mis-aligned wheel sets, not the end of the world but not what you expect either.
  4. Sails

    Class 121

    Does function 1 still turn the sound on and off? 😄
  5. Thanks to all that have responded, really amazing information here and this gives a much better understanding of the movements at these terminus stations. Food for thought for sure. 👍 Mark
  6. Gents, Considering a terminus station in the future layout and just wondering how coach movements were handled in the days before DMU's when coaching stock was still loco hauled. Looking at real life Irish station examples, Limerick, Sligo and Galway would anyone be able to give an insight into how this was managed, whether it was propelled out or there was a station pilot? If points were provided then running around can be done, this could save space on a layout, but using a pilot as I've read and seen on some good youtube videos at UK stations. Another thing I'm just thinking is that a small terminus like Galway would not have had the frequency of train arrival/departures. On pilot duties, what locos could you expect, A class / 121? Regards, Mark
  7. Sails

    Class 121

    All this talk of sound chips, do we know what type of speaker will be fitted into the loco?
  8. Sails

    Class 121

    I've started to put my pre-orders in, 124 & 129 pre-orders placed with Hattons, they are quoting £129 initially but if near €200 mark is reached that will be bumped up a few quid. Another pre-order next pay month (The A class pre-order is going to be culled back a bit for now). Mark
  9. Many thanks, I'll drop them a line, as they don't have an online presence this may be the reason why a google doesn't find anything. Mark
  10. Hi all, A couple of years ago I remember reading in a modelling magazine that a company had produced a kit, card I believe, for the Dundalk central signal box. I thought I kept the magazine as it had done a large coverage piece on scenics and buildings, but can I find that specific magazine now among the hundreds of others??? Not a hope. Does anyone know the company I have in mind? Mark
  11. I would certainly be interested in several examples, CIE & IE,
  12. Regarding the sound projects mentioned before, will they be also using the new ESU decoder the Deltic is getting?
  13. Excellent, thank you so much. Mark
  14. Would anyone be able to put an approx date range to each livery in use? Mid 70s - Early 80s would do. Mark
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