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  1. Well done, great finish bud
  2. Six brand new still with plastic on boxs bachmann/murphy models mk 2 IR coaches up on ebay
  3. Agreed, I'll be retaking the photos as obviously I'm trying to promote the service Thank you very much Can't be giving away my secrets
  4. Many thanks rob
  5. It was an awkward angle to take the pictures from. As requested. I do offer that service if you don't feel comfortable weathering yourself
  6. The latest edition to the fleet no.184 found itself in the weathering line. My goal was to give the paint more of distressed look as opposed to a more filthy appearance and to push myself more and more with weathering. Your thoughts and comments as always are appreciated
  7. Thanks for the info, I had misunderstood that when they were built for tara mines they were built for them as a costumer rather then built for running from tara mines.
  8. I maybe showing my age or lack of knowledge of anything rail related before the early nineties or both, I had no idea that these existed in another colour. Would these be the only examples of privately owned freight stock running on the network?
  9. Thanks rob, much appreciated
  10. While I do not pretend to be an expert I submit my own attempt for your viewing
  11. Locomotive weathering is available and below are some examples. Effects and degrees of weathering can be varied. DM for further info.
  12. I've really enjoyed the comparison video between older models and today offerings and the reviews are very well done I think
  13. Nice job. What was the base loco?
  14. Could we see reopening of any closed lines which would be a potential benefit to the network and rail travel as a by product?
  15. That is excellent work. Very informative
  16. Which is great as it has allowed the range of detailed irish models to grow. We've seen with MM upcoming re-releases that demand is there so maybe 141/181/071 aren't outside the realm of possibly
  17. Good point. It is unfortunate to think that there maybe people who have turned their back on the hobby because they can't afford the stock they want.
  18. Well maybe with the upcoming releases of 201s it could be a possibility depending on how these sell?
  19. Now that is a idea and a half in my eyes. I'll talk two of each
  20. The two 071s that were up before it finished up near the 300 mark. Crazy money all round
  21. It would remind you of when manufacturers starting applying their own form of "weathering" to locomotives. Just a quick blast and job done.
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