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  1. I see the coloured springs on the bogies of the Mark 3 Executive- very topical !
  2. They were around by April 1998- see photo from Colm O'Callaghan's excellent book 'lrish Traction Iarnród Éireann'. I never saw more than one in a single train but may have been, given the amount of Bells that must have been around when they finished.
  3. Bell 40's would have been well gone by then- some lingered on in a 'fallen flag' status for a while after ('Bell' wording painted out but rest of the container still the same). See Ernie's photo from Limerick 2000.
  4. Amazing quality- brilliant detail!
  5. Brilliant- scenery is very impressive in particular
  6. Rob

    Port traffic

    Great news- If only it led to a move back to evening movements down Alexandra Road instead of night time....!!
  7. Now, THAT would be great. Look forward to that for sure
  8. Yes John- from regularly stalking the IWT liner at North Wall for years, coupled with hours of watching videos of lrish container trains on-line going back a decade or so (l need to get out more), l too previously tried to piece together what available containers would suit a modern liner. CAI / CRONOS / EVERGREEN / GENSTAR / HAPAG LLOYD / K LINE / MSC / MAERSK / OOCL / ONE OCEAN / CMA CGM/ HAMBURG SUD / KYK LOGISTICS / TIPHOOK. 20 ft Tankers: BRUHN / GCA TAINER / DANA / EUROTAINER / HOYER Hope it helps.
  9. Agreed- Definitely not 1987- with the 45' Cobelfret, it looks recent enough from the last few years at most, but shows the Evergreen does appear.
  10. Looks very impressive! I know nothing about US stock but it looks great.
  11. ...and they look every day of it too!
  12. Just 20ft Tankers on the liner this evening in North Wall- no 20 / 40 / 45 ft containers which is rare. Never saw 'Murphy Transport Ltd' tanker before either- too far away to take photo but they were like the one below, alongwith the usual 'DANA' and 'GCA'. Maybe a new one for C Rail??
  13. Since the moving of the IWT Liner down to Ocean Pier from North Wall to nighttime, there seems to be a lot less containers on it when it is parked up after arriving from Ballina. Maybe just coincidence with a quieter time or is there some reason?
  14. Great videos- definitely a great era just slightly too early for me. Push forward just one decade and you have the greatest era in lrish Railways!!!!! (Am sure l will be in minority though )
  15. It's often parked up there on it's own allright. Don't like the livery but like the loco though! Great pic
  16. All that planning paid off with the end result!! Looks great!
  17. I wanted to keep the weathering very subtle as rolling stock around Heuston by the mid 2000's seemed to be kept a lot cleaner than in the past. Mark 3's at Heuston particularly always seemed to be reasonably clean & even the Cravens (while showing their age) were clean-ish generally, so l tried to replicate that here. I have no skills myself at weathering- wouldn't risk it but l got these done a good few years ago. Strict instructions were not to go mad on the weathering given the 2005 - 2008 era l am trying to model!
  18. Cheers for all the comments, lads! Really appreciate it !
  19. Brilliant!! The viaduct is really excellent- very impressive overall !
  20. After arriving from Ballina earlier, 085 heads up the liner waiting at Heuston North freight yard before going to Ocean Pier.
  21. @MOGUL had the bad news....
  22. 082 at the East Wall yard / Alexandra Road trip this Friday evening at 18:30, before the move to nightime container moves from next week which is a pity. Good views tonight- plenty of Bruhn Spedition tankers as usual and an 071 class is always great.
  23. Missed that Jason- cheers
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