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  1. One of the finest arguments i've for 21mm gauge was the photo in the Modeller of the 00 Works UG with the wheels showing behind the splashers.Andy.
  2. Coach bogies are no problem just use MJT coach bogies easily built to 21mm gauge,and use the existing sideframes as overlays.Andy.
  3. Bogie for Phoenix is no problem the Halling chassis is spot on ,both my Phoenix s use them(yes i do have both versions)it runs a treat. Andy.
  4. Best not mention the Donegal or Swilly rail or post rail ? Andy.
  5. Andy Cundick

    Andy Cundick

  6. I've done four of the DNGR coaches which were in the last New Irish Lines as well as a couple the GN bogies and very useful they are too(Could do with some pre war bogie stock though.Andy.
  7. It was always interesting to see the variations of Blue on 08 shunters coming into Swindon and leaving,pick a shade of blue!.ANdy.
  8. From personal experience most underframes end up a browny grey black from muck and brakedust.Andy.
  9. Personally i wouldn't bother too much about what colour the roof was painted as it would soon of ended up a grotty grey/black colour.Andy
  10. A point to note is that 552 which appears to have been the regular Courtmacsherry engine has got an enlarged bunker.Andy.
  11. I must say that its one of those reviews that say more about the reviewer than the reviewed.Andy.
  12. Well so far i've built 552,90,100,Argadeen and St Molaga for Courtmacsherry and the pile of bits for Slaney is growing.The only loco which can properly run on both layouts is the C Class even though its miles too modern.i must admit 802 does look a bit odd there when shes being run in.Andy.
  13. Valencia harbour is 1935 and Courtmacsherry is early 30s,will they do, all steam apart from the odd appearance of a C Class,Andy.
  14. Quite agree all this modern image is all very well,but for me the interesting time is pre CIE,though not to extent of one mate of mine who avers that the romance of the railways went out with the horse(Fintona excluded).Andy.
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