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  1. It'll be GSW No100 as i've just finished scratchbuilding it,Andy
  2. It might be worth finding a prototype station or track plan which interests you and start with that,it needn't be complex you just need to something running.You can't get much simpler than Valencia but it was up and running quickly and taught me a lot,you don't have to stick rigidly to the prototype after all Valencia sees all sorts from Queens to Harland and Wolff diesels.Andy.
  3. Any rewheeling exercise is daunting it depends on the end result and just getting on with it,one of my current projects is rewheeling the majority of of my Donegal stock from 9 mm wheels to 10.5mm using 8mm spoked lowac wheels and shortening the axles,with about 20 coaches and 70 wagons its taking a bit of time but visually well worth it.Andy.
  4. Bound to happen ,i've been modelling 21mm for years so someones bound to bring out ready to run.Proof i've just finished a couple of old Centre Models industrials(EM gauge),a Hunslet 16"saddle tank and a Kerr Stuart Victory,and surprise surprise both have just been announced in 4mm by a couple of manufacturers,Andy.
  5. Its available as a kit in 4mm from Noneminstre .Andy.
  6. Mike more than up for it,my main issue these days is suitable coaching stock after all you can only have so many GSWR 6 wheelers(apparently)and my rake of Bredins are less than likely vistors west of Cork or the depths of Kerry.Andy.
  7. Now that would be useful as the next 5'3" layout is Ballinacarthy junction,something to give the various Bandon engines something to play on,not sure about the Queens though,Andy
  8. Funnily enough Fenit is on the todo list.Andy
  9. Having built one i can honestly say its a well thought out kit which went together well only problem is coming up with a likely scenario to it appearing on either Valencia or Courtmacsherry.ANdy.
  10. Just compared my No90 with a terrier . wheelbase for the terrier is bigger as is the overall length however the the cab and tanks are roughly the same size and obviously 90 is much wider so perhaps a Hornby chassis would fit(My terrier is a Ks /Branchlines hybrid).Still to be honest 90s chassis is an easy one to scratchbuild.Which reminds me i need to finish 100 where would Courtmachserry be without them.Andy.
  11. We had a funny incident with the Police involving a Foden steam wagon.We were steaming it back from the Model Engineer Exhibition(when it was at Wembley)basically a trundle down the North Circular to Kew Bridge.Anyway we stopped by Hanger Lane to have a quick blow up when a motorcycle policeman came over to have a chat.Now at this point it has to be explained that one thing that steam waggons on pneumatics have is an earthing chain usually down by the back axle.The reason for this if you are using the blower it creates a static charge(a very good one)hence the earthing chain.However its a know
  12. The waggon is a 1925 Foden C type,they're good for 30 mph tops,the Greenaways who own her have quite a collection,i bought a an Aveling roller of them back in the 80's.but thats another story.Andy
  13. Not quite sure how that leaves me with modelling 1850's GWR Broad gauge through to 1950's County Donegal via 1900's Highland and North British ,1930s Great Southern not to mention the four irish and Welsh narrow gauge layoutsannd i won't mention the Rhodesian locos(Salisbury loco shed anyone?) Andy.
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