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  1. I am there but with a Welsh layout,the next Irish layout is underway however,Andy.
  2. Sorry but 3850(GW 280) with 23 coaches on coming up the bank towards Washford station,knocks the spots of any diesel,sheer brute power,Andy.
  3. Ex Swindon boilermaker, nuff said,Andy.
  4. The big problem comes with steamers when you can see the wheels behind the splashers,but when all is said and done each to his own,Andy.
  5. Its worth bearing in mind that any colour starts to change as soon as it comes out of the paint shop.Andy.
  6. It does work the other way all my layouts regularly travel in a 1960's Land Rover(1962 to be precise)including the 900 mile round trip to Cultra with Castlederg.Andy.
  7. Slight point of order the Railway Magazine goes back to 1897,with some very handy artcles in them even if thepictures can be rather dark,Andy.
  8. Better have one to go with the other two,Andy
  9. Now if it was a kit for the right gauge then i'd be up for one Andy
  10. Perth Model Railway exhibition,Valencia Harbour having a little trip up there from Wiltshire,what larks,Andy.
  11. You could always count the bricks and then work out the height and length from that done it a few times and it works for me.The trick to get the number of bricks and then go and measure a wall to the corresponding number of courses.Its also useful to remember that a standard is 6'6" high.Andy.
  12. The easier answer is 5 thou brass ,rolls easily and robust once curved simple to form elliptical roofs and easy to solder on rainstrips etc,Andy.
  13. My Passage tank will make to Arigna which it did a few times over the weekend,,just fits on the turntable ,its one of the reasons theres another C&L layout in the pipeline.ANdy
  14. Ditto again apart from being clobbered for tax still splendid kits,next on the workbench,once" Tailte"is finished(not sure how to justify a Queen on either Valencia or Courtmacsherry)Andy.
  15. Either option would do for me,though would prefer complete kit,Andy
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