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  1. 184 being turned in Bray. There were three Dublin to Bray return trips on 22/9/1979 and on 12/04/1980 and 13/04/1980, I cannot remember which day I took the photos. The film coaches were stored in the siding between the turntable and the up platform and on the line at the then disused Goods store. DSERetc
  2. In the magazine of the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland, FIVE FOOT THREE, No. 42 Winter 1995/96, Peter Rigney has an article, FILMING 1995, describing the activity of the RPSI in filming Michael Collins. Also, in FIVE FOOT THREE, No. 52, Winter 2005/6, there is an article, Cameras, Continuity and Codology by "Best Boy" describing some of the events in 1978 before and during the filming of The First Great Train Robbery.
  3. When Alice retired Mella took charge of the catering. She had a habit of leaning out of the window when the train stopped at a station. I waved to her a few times in Dundalk when she was in an up train heading to Dublin and I was on a train going to Belfast. Andy Crockart made a TV programme on the GNRI Line between Belfast and Dublin and interviewed Mella. She was from Omagh and started work on the Derry Road. She told me she was on the train on 24th November 1950 when 5 men working on the track were run over in Omagh Station. She said she was down on the track under the res
  4. If it is Mella, I first met her and Alice Quinn in the Restaurant Car on the 11.00? am Dublin to Belfast train on 19th January 1966.
  5. Sympathy to the families of the Driver, Conductor and passenger who were killed and also to Scotrail on the loss of two employees. Looking at the aerial photographs, where is the leading locomotive? The news report says that there was a locomotive at the front and back and four carriages. Looking at the wreckage, it seems to illustrate the risk of Pull-push working compounding an accident, when a powerful locomotive continues to push after the front of the train has suddenly stopped. The rear carriages ride up over t he derailed carriages in front in spite of buckeye coupli
  6. Leslie, sorry to hear of the fall. Get well soon. The discussion has mentioned signal posts: square - wooden and concrete, lattice, round and telegraph poles. Signal arms: red and white stop signals and distant signals. The GSR and CIE distant signals were yellow and white until the end of steam. The steam locomotive head lamps were only indicators to signal men rather than illuminating the way ahead. With the powerful head lamps on the diesel locomotives and railcars, as a further safety feature, the reflective material was put on the signal arms and I read somewhere ther
  7. I have being trying to contact Steve in Railtec to see if it is possible for him to reproduce a sheet or half a sheet of the existing Irish CIE 'Stanier' coach set 4mm transfers in 7mm. DSERetc
  8. DSERetc

    rpsi B134 loco

    Is this story true? When General Motors Corporation EMD representatives accepted the order for 15 Diesel-electric locomotives, they asked ' What livery do you want?' C.I.E. said 'We will get back to you on that!' After some time with committees , consultants, artists, PR People and Board Members, C.I.E. contacted GMC EMD to pass on the decision about the livery, only to be told that the locomotives had already been shipped from the factory.? The following item may be of interest: Journal of the Irish Railway Record Society, No.28, Spring 1961, Vol 6 page 49
  9. For O gauge modellers, on ebay: TMD models Irish J15 0-6-0 7mm kit unbuilt. DSERetc
  10. The other type of CIE headlamp with the piecrust top goes back to GS&WR days...... The RPSI made two 'Genuine Antique' lamps similar to this for No.461 during a previous overhaul. DSERetc
  11. Has anyone ever reviewed or commented on the Bassett Lowke Gauge O Irish Woolwich 2-6-0?
  12. /Never heard of Obelisk Hill railway station though. Obelisk Hill railway station was below the Vico road at about mile post 9, from 1855 until 1857. Ballybrack Station was mile post 10.15 from 1854 to 1857 and mile post 10.20 from 1857 until 1882. Killiney station was at mile post 9.50 from 1854 to 1882 The present Killiney and Ballybrack station at mile post 9.74 replaced these in 1882. Ballybrack station house is on upside and is now a private dwelling at the corner on Seafield Road. There does not seem to be any trace of Obelisk station. It m
  13. I am very saddened by the news of Anthony's tragic death. He was one of the smiling faces greeting us at the IRRS meetings. About two years ago, at a Tuesday night meeting I asked him if he could get me copies of some drawings. I expected him to say that he would have them for me next Tuesday. Instead he said wait there and within twenty minutes he was back with the copies and a big smile. He will be greatly missed. Sincere sympathy to his wife and children. etc
  14. Regarding the S.L.N.C.coaches not leaving their own line, it seems that four of them may have been responsible for a train over-running the buffers in Greenore on 30th June 1904 according to D.S.M.Barrie in The Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway, page 32. Perhaps that is why other companies declined to accept them on their lines. DSERetc
  15. On the Bray to Harcourt Steet line: I travelled on Drumm trains, 6 wheeled and bogie non corridor coaches hauled by steam engines and later by A class diesel engines, and AEC railcars. In particular I remember two coaches, a 6 wheeler with a half compartment at one end. It had a seat on one side facing windows in the end wall. The other was a bogie coach also with windows at one end. I learned later it had been a DSER Railmotor. I never saw either coach at the back of a train so the only view you got was the end of next coach. Dundrum Siding: once on the way into Harcour
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