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  1. Point and Signal console finally assembled and sprayed with under coat, panels placed to test the look, will give it a finishing coat of metallic grey, tomorrow and hopefully fit in place at weekend. The big task of connecting then begins TDR
  2. hope to see you all there on Saturday, also looking forward to the reveal Fran. TDR
  3. Some pictures and several short videos of some of the exhibits at the URM show today. It was great to meet up and chat with many fellow modellers there present TDR 20190824_124727.mp4 20190824_124727.mp4 20190824_125424.mp4 20190824_125554.mp4 20190824_124903.mp4 20190824_125152.mp4 20190824_131154.mp4
  4. Rob, there are triang pumps for sale on ebay, see attached picture. TDR
  5. Thanks Popeye I did not notice it, hover will sort it tomorrow. TDR😁
  6. Hi all, Some pictures and a short video of the layout with Loco 183 pulling a rake of cement bubbles, This is the last train to run on the layout, as some changes are coming into play, track work is changing slightly to permit better running possibilities and the retaining wall and tunnel mouths are going. To be replaced with a new arched wall being three inches closer to the track to allow a better and deeper backscene. TDR Bubbles.mp4
  7. very tasty looking model Boys
  8. Yes, bachmann class 20 is in both my hunslets
  9. Hunslet primed and head lights temp fitted, temp wired selecting the correct resistor, positioned and tested for light bleed, working perfect happy days
  10. Further progress on the hunslett today, new brass hand and step rails fitted to door sides and cab fronts. I removed the remaining side grills and fitted brass etches, they provide a better finish. Marker lights also bored out, some test running beside my other hunslett, a few pictures and a short video Project_hunslett_2.mp4
  11. A few pictures showing the progress thus far on the hunslet, moulded side and roof grills bored out, removed and new brass one in their place. I have also removed the hand rails hopefully fitting replacement brass ones tomorrow, on both cab fronts and doors. Head lights have been bored out and tapered from inside to outside to accept LED lights. I’m still wondering about fitting marker lights, I’ll sleep on it tonight. TDR
  12. Thanks, it keeps them in a tidy order for access to when required, TDR
  13. Just started this morning the second NIR Hunslet (DL) number 102 FALCON, to be in NIR light blue with Bachmann class 20 DCC sound chassis (same as maroon version posted two weeks ago). The main difference is this body will have, molded hand rails removed along with roof and side grills, and replaced with brass ones. also considering head and marker lights TDR
  14. Noel totally agree with you, however the chip shown by Heirflick is not a sound chip it is a plain dcc chip supplied by hattons, if memory serves me, they are £16.50 each. TDR
  15. Seamus Ive use these in two 071s and a 201 and 4, 141/181s without any issues, on a recent visit to Hattons I was informed that these chips are supplied to them by DCC supplies. Most of my BR stock has these also. Again never had any issues Regards TDR
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