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  1. Hi All, Whilst killing time waiting on bits and pieces to arrive by mail/post, I made a start on the layout population, most have been repainted. There are 56 figures in total, in various poses and positions such as track and yard maintenance crews suitably dresses in Hi Vis P,P,E, workshop technicians and fitters, depot cleaners, Supervisory, office and managerial staff, and visitors. All of course observing Social Distancing. TDR
  2. Hi All, At last some loco movement on the layout, Tricky trying to hold phone whilst recording in one hand and the control throttle in the other and watch what your doing, some pictures of layout also and a running video although a bit random. Locos 112 in for routine service and 102 hunslet in for overhaul and new windows and lights. TDR LN_54.mp4
  3. Hi All, Pictures of shed now being fitted out with electric trunking, signs and various equipment etc. TDR
  4. Hi All Just a quick update, Thank you to anyone whom commented. I’m Very Pleased with all the positive and encouraging comments on the layout. For anybody seeking to know how it was done. Today I fitted the interior lights. Picture 1 shows the frame work with the LEDs and resistors, The shed then fits over snugly to allow for any maintenance/repair work to be easily accessed. Some pics of lights working. Last two pics are taken with workshop lighting off. TDR
  5. Hi All, Good progress this week so far on the layout. Loco shed floor painted and roller doors in place, interior almost ready for fitting out with LED lighting, lockers, shelving, bench, drill press, lathe, and associated equipment etc, also power cable trunking/ isolation box detail and signage. TDR
  6. Hi All, Killing time in lock down. Some items made up of scrap bits to represent a lathe, drill press and a work surface storage cupboard for the loco shed interior. Other items changed to represent NIR vans and skips for the shed area. A bit crude but look the part from a distance. TDR
  7. Couple of pictures of current stage of construction of layout. Hard standing all provisionally in place, drains, cable trunking, relay boxes, point motors and pathways in place. Oil tank scratch built from 35mm pvc waste pipe with ends from a Dapol prestwin wagon fitted walls constructed from Wills cement render and block plasticard. Track rust painted. All fixtures and fitting are by no means finished and require further detailing. Shed also having side windows fitted. TDR
  8. Great looking space, good luck with the build, will you be posting progress pics etc TDR
  9. Whilst waiting for parts and materials for the layout in the post, and having watched a video on Cheekytec's channel on you tube. I gathered up bits and pieces from my brass odds and ends box and made a Locomotive workshop stand for the shed, requires a little touch from the grinder, cleaning and painted to finish. TDR
  10. Thank you for your query, The NIR Logo was traced onto 40thou plasticard from a loco transfer, cut out and painted, then glued on. It is the same thickness as the red band around the shed to match. TDR
  11. Hi All, some pictures showing a little more progress and slight change to backscene. Thanks for looking in TDR
  12. Hi All, Just a quick update showing progress to date, Sheds build and exterior paint work almost completed outside, inside starting tomorrow, Backscene frame work added and ply panels painted, to be fitted shortly.
  13. Hi, MM, The original buildings are from Pikestuff HO kits, with various added parts from Slaters plastic, Wills plasticard and plastruct To bring them up to OO Gauge TDR
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