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  1. just seen the video on you tube, looking forward to their release TDR
  2. Thank your for the information and your assistance
  3. Hi, Blaine, boxed as left manufacture, test run only about two minutes and fully intact with docs etc
  4. Hi everyone, Can anybody advise on the current value of 141/181 locomotives. Not sure if i'm allowed to ask so delete if necessary Thanks TDR
  5. its an old Q kit body on an Athearn F7A chassis, great runner at high and very low speeds, i've had this for years, just recently converted it to DCC
  6. Hi All Some more progress on the layout, ballasting completed, track weathered, signals connected and working, spent an hour our two cleaning track today after the weathering stick passed over, so NIR 112 was put on cleaning duties and assigned to the CMX withfull tank of fluid, whilst an old Q kit Hunslet body on an Athearn F7A Chassis has been on trials having been converted to DCC, very pleased with the results. Regards TDR VID_20210803_155127386.mp4
  7. Thanks Noel, the crossover was made by Patrick Nichols in England from peco points, a real superb piece of work, professionally put together into one piece
  8. Hi All Quick update on layout progress thus far, signals and gantry’s fitted, wired and tested to panel ready for connection, some home made signae added, and ballasting started, see attached pictures. TDR
  9. The Derry Road

    The Derry Road

  10. Hi all Just a quick update showing recent vehicle additions and using up left over bits and pieces of plastic parts and card to make up part of depot stores and signals workshops and stores. Also a quick peek at some new signals and gantries I’m constructing using plastic card, left over ratio parts and some scale model scenery walkways, with all working signals. Just have a little more work to do on some parts, then fit and connect to control panel, Thanks for looking in TDR
  11. Work is continuing in the shed, making tunnel entrances and fitting on the layout and on some rolling stock, a few pictures, short videos and a few drone views of the progress of the layout. TDR 1a.mp4 2a.mp4 3a.mp4 4a.mp4 5a.mp4 6a.mp4 7a.mp4
  12. I have three other sets on the bench one ready for painting the other sets will be, one in blue/maroon and two in bumble bee liveries TDR
  13. Some pictures/video showing detail added today, depot starting to come alive now. TDR 670834713_94v1.mp4
  14. Lisneal Road update on the progress on the layout done today TDR
  15. Hi everyone, some pictures and short videos of the changes I’ve been doing. Long story short the Layout Lisneal Road TMD has now been incorporated into my main layout, one pic shows the old storage/cement yard now removed and replaced by the Lisneal Road. I found it a struggle trying to maintain two Layouts so decided to put both together. 224389646_new2.mp4 1082966808_new3.mp4
  16. Hi all, 80 class 3 car units, times three under way, first power car started, lots still to do, filling, sanding, filing, cutting soldering and glueing, with details to fit also, just testing the look so far, 78807637_Project80class.mp4
  17. Hi All, Whilst killing time waiting on bits and pieces to arrive by mail/post, I made a start on the layout population, most have been repainted. There are 56 figures in total, in various poses and positions such as track and yard maintenance crews suitably dresses in Hi Vis P,P,E, workshop technicians and fitters, depot cleaners, Supervisory, office and managerial staff, and visitors. All of course observing Social Distancing. TDR
  18. Hi All, At last some loco movement on the layout, Tricky trying to hold phone whilst recording in one hand and the control throttle in the other and watch what your doing, some pictures of layout also and a running video although a bit random. Locos 112 in for routine service and 102 hunslet in for overhaul and new windows and lights. TDR LN_54.mp4
  19. Hi All, Pictures of shed now being fitted out with electric trunking, signs and various equipment etc. TDR
  20. Hi All Just a quick update, Thank you to anyone whom commented. I’m Very Pleased with all the positive and encouraging comments on the layout. For anybody seeking to know how it was done. Today I fitted the interior lights. Picture 1 shows the frame work with the LEDs and resistors, The shed then fits over snugly to allow for any maintenance/repair work to be easily accessed. Some pics of lights working. Last two pics are taken with workshop lighting off. TDR
  21. Hi All, Good progress this week so far on the layout. Loco shed floor painted and roller doors in place, interior almost ready for fitting out with LED lighting, lockers, shelving, bench, drill press, lathe, and associated equipment etc, also power cable trunking/ isolation box detail and signage. TDR
  22. Hi All, Killing time in lock down. Some items made up of scrap bits to represent a lathe, drill press and a work surface storage cupboard for the loco shed interior. Other items changed to represent NIR vans and skips for the shed area. A bit crude but look the part from a distance. TDR
  23. Couple of pictures of current stage of construction of layout. Hard standing all provisionally in place, drains, cable trunking, relay boxes, point motors and pathways in place. Oil tank scratch built from 35mm pvc waste pipe with ends from a Dapol prestwin wagon fitted walls constructed from Wills cement render and block plasticard. Track rust painted. All fixtures and fitting are by no means finished and require further detailing. Shed also having side windows fitted. TDR
  24. Great looking space, good luck with the build, will you be posting progress pics etc TDR
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