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  1. The dogs dangly bits. If you have a yard on your layout, this is a must have accessory!
  2. Down to the last of their stock, according to their September newsletter. Get them while they have them guys!
  3. I could never quite make my mind up about that livery on that class, but it's really growing on me of late. Very nice.
  4. That's the dogs dangly bits right there.
  5. Keep banging out them oil wagons Robert. The longer you're at it, that theory of yours might bear fruit
  6. Lovely stuff Noel. I've watched many a video of this little beauty working the rails. No surprise, it has reached the Junction
  7. Love this combo. Looking forward to running both in IE livery.
  8. I can still remember the sunday evening when I stumbled upon 141 Class no.156, while rummaging through my dad's collection back in 2012. Straight away, it reignited my childhood interest in irish railways, and I haven't looked back since. To see a model so finely detailed, just blew me away at the time, and it has continued since then. The man is a legend, and without doubt has inspired what we see today from IRM. He has topped it off with 121 class, which might be his last, or maybe not. Thank you Mr Murphy.
  9. The coupler looks like it's been on steroids.
  10. Really like that finish in the yard. It captures that slightly rough appearance, with little maintenance, really well. My type of layout. Less is definitely more.
  11. Love it. Always enjoy watching a master at work.
  12. Not a hope. I get enough earache as it is off MrsB about the amount of time I spend in the shed
  13. Strangely enough, 073 and 085 were the first 071 class models I bought when the IR/IE liveries were released. Both are now gone, they were moved on for unweatherd versions, which i hope to tackle myself eventually. Something just never looked right about them to me, but that's just my opinion.
  14. I have to reluctantly admit, that I am a full blown 'rivet counter' (which I receive weekly counselling sessions for). Even so, I think the handrails look fine. Looking at the photos, I think it's more to do with the yellow against the grey which gives the impression they look slightly oversized. Very impressive model overall, roll on the IR IE versions
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