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  1. I "feel" a hint of sarcasm off your post. Has somebody got a bee in their bonnet?
  2. JasonB

    Mk3 coaches

    Great paint job on the coaches. Not bad for a first attempt at weathering, especially on a loco. Nice work
  3. I could never quite make up my mind as to whether I liked that livery on the Mk2's. But I have to say they do look well with 229.
  4. Have you been sipping on the Blue Nun again BTB?
  5. Looks great, and a fantastic line up of motive power also.
  6. Nice work Noel. Looks straight forward enough to install, and seems to run at a nice speed. I noticed the Shamen playing there in the background, very oldskool
  7. JasonB

    Class 121

    No worries. I've been accused of worse. I was more concerned about if I had asked, I now couldn't remember. I get days like that occasionally.
  8. JasonB

    Class 121

    Don't seem to remember asking that Spudfan. Think you might be mixing me up with someone else. I've been going to the the same model shop for years.
  9. JasonB

    Class 121

    I mentioned bullshit before you replied to me. I wasn't directing it towards you. And if you look back, Brexit and everything that comes with it has been mentioned. As Fran has suggested, I'll leave it there. The Moderators have enough to be doing this weekend.
  10. JasonB

    Class 121

    General Chat. Letting Off Steam. Wherever you fancy. This thread is about the model itself. Not Brexit, or how it will impact on VAT etc etc etc... Nor is it about what discounts Irish Retailers give to their customers.
  11. JasonB

    Class 121

    I take it you're referring to my comment. It is bullshit, when it's being posted in this thread. I'll say it again, post elsewhere, It's taking away from a fantastic model.
  12. Sorry I didn't go into the politics behind my comment. But whether it was Irish Rails decision or their paymasters, it has resulted in the demise of freight movements before and since. That was the point I was making. I never said cement, or any other freight carried by Irish Rail wasn't loss making. Whatever way you look at it, it's sad to see.
  13. JasonB

    Class 121

    Any chance the bullshit regarding pricing etc can be shifted elsewhere. It has nothing to do with this thread, and is taking the good out of what is a long awaited model.
  14. Love it Noel. Looks fantastic with the new lighting. Really adds to an already superb layout.
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