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  1. Being follically challenged, it's a method I've already tried Broithe, with little success. The PVA tends to disintegrate once you get into the shower, loosing your newly applied hair in the process. Nice work Robert, it's something I've been meaning to invest in for a while now.
  2. Thanks for the comments guys. As always, it's very much appreciated.
  3. I'll bring what's been a very quiet year on the bench to a close, with a few shots of my Silo. The majority of work is now completed, with just a couple of tweaks needed here and there. But for now, it will do as it is.
  4. Lovely shots as always Noel, enjoyed every update throughout the year. I never grow tired of this layout, and look forward to what's to come in 2020 from the Junction. Happy Christmas
  5. JasonB

    Project 42 Update

    Card received this morning gents. Lovely touch again, and happy Christmas to you and yours. Enjoy the break, it's well deserved. I'm sure it will be another extremely busy year ahead for IRM/ accurascale in 2020.
  6. Evening Guys, All this talk going on about containers since the arrival of the liners has given me a little nudge to dig these out. Weatherd these 3 last year, as far as I can remember. These two I've just finished this evening
  7. Good things come to those who wait Dangerous
  8. Very nice Noel. That's an extremely busy Lakeview yard. Sadly, it's a scene that's now long gone. I noticed the ferts and ammonias lurking in the background along with the liner. Fortunately, we can still enjoy it in model form
  9. Always the way spudfan. Never rains but it pours. Maybe it's time to consider selling some organs online. Surely it's worth it, if you can get enough funds for an A class and 121?
  10. Stunning. I had to look at the first photo twice, I thought it was the real thing. Top class layout and stock.
  11. JasonB

    Project 42 Update

    Got home this evening with a smile on my face and a package under my arm. Straight away the other half was suspicious. Her : What's in the box? Me : Erm... It's your Christmas present, I'm just heading out to the shed to wrap it. Her : The shed, to wrap it? Whatever. Don't think she fell for it. Anyway, just been having a quick look. Absolutely superb models. It just gets better and better. Dug out a couple of 20fts to try also
  12. Savage, 90's heaven. Just love it
  13. I "feel" a hint of sarcasm off your post. Has somebody got a bee in their bonnet?
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