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  1. Cheers, Noel. Thought so, definitely a difference in sound there.
  2. One of my favourite layouts on here. There's so many small details, everywhere you look. Great stuff @Rob.
  3. Brilliant stuff @Dempsey. Love seeing that grubby 141 trundling about.
  4. What decoder are you using there, Noel. It sounds a little more beefed up, than the MM decoder for the 201. Or maybe I'm wrong.
  5. Any decent 21 pin should do the job. I had a spare one lying about from DCC Concepts which I popped in, and it worked fine. All lighting on the driving trailer is now working independently.
  6. There's a very nice XR3i amongst the buses too.
  7. That's always the enjoyable part.
  8. Look forward to it. 080, along with 077 are my personal favourites from the MM071 releases. 080 in particular, looks great with the Mk2's.
  9. That, just looks the business. Brilliant stuff as always, Noel.
  10. As I said earlier, stunning. I think my Cravens have just lost top spot.
  11. Arrived this morning. One word. Stunning. I'm looking forward to getting these home, and having a proper look later.
  12. The silence is deafening.
  13. And that looked like it was dipped into a bucket of shit, and left out to dry too?
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