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  1. I'm sure the Do Gooder's in this country have plenty of excuses to defend this type of behaviour. Bored, no amenities, blah blah blah... They should be strung up by their bollocks in my opinion.
  2. That's as close as you'll get to the real thing. Savage weathering popeye.
  3. Fantastic scene Noel. That area has turned out really well. Loving the two 071's sitting in the yard, and of course all of that yellow loveliness as Rich has said, just makes it.
  4. Regarding the break wheels. As Eoin has suggested above, these can purchased from SSM. Below, is one of the sets I put together for some cement wagons I was working on at the time.
  5. Cheers Rich. Her Indoors picked the colours. Anything to keep her sweet after bulldozing half the back garden Thanks David. 20ft X 10ft overall, so I've a decent bit of space to play with when I'm eventually up and running. I was pushing for a little bigger but I ran out of luck in the end
  6. Cheers Fran. It's getting there slowly but surely. Things would be so much easier if life in general stopped getting in the way
  7. Evening Gents, It's been a while since the first post way back in November 2018, but plans for the layout are still very much alive. The recent combination of some work being carried out around the house and my never ending battle with time, has resulted in progress on the shed being a little slower than I had hoped for of late. Although saying that, things are moving in the right direction, with the majority of work which needed doing now complete. So here's a quick update as to where I'm currently at... First to the exterior. Original windows have been taken out and replaced with double glazed pvc. It was another added cost, but the benefits have been well worth the investment. Gutters were tackled a couple of weekends back, along with covering the exposed area's of the frame with flashing. Site supervisor keeps a close eye on things As for the interior. Walls and roof have now been insulated, slabbed and skimmed. Floors have also been covered, and painting was finished last weekend. Just the electrics to sort now, and then I'll finally be ready to really start planning for the layout itself.
  8. Intercity sharing the same tracks with B&T. Have you been getting treatment for your OCD recently Noel?
  9. Impressive looking set-up Mr Fritters. Looking forward to watching this progress.
  10. Nicely done Noel. Not too dark, so the perfect evening scene for me. Loving that tower with the floodlights. One of Dave's by any chance?
  11. Fantastic selection of stock as always Noel. The pair of baby's and pallet cement wagons are a big favourite of mine.
  12. Evening Gents, I've just been going through some of my storage boxes while giving them a little bit of a tidy. Picking up 1:76 scale cars, vans and trucks is also another interest of mine, especially trucks. Here's a few that I've dug out of the boxes. Probably my favourite. The DAF 2800 And something a little more modern
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