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  1. Nice work on the scenics. You've got my favourite Baby GM there carrying the IR livery, 143 with it's day-glo panels. Along with that, Bells and Bubbles. Perfect.
  2. Nice work. Liking those portocabins, Bachmann by any chance?
  3. The bogie bulks look great Noel, a definite favourite of mine. I haven't always been a fan of the 201 class, but I've found myself watching more and more footage of them lately. That combination looks well together.
  4. I wouldn't have much of an interest in British Outline. But I have to admit, there's something about this layout that I really like. I definitely have a soft spot for that Class 20.
  5. Hi Mick, welcome to the site. Unless you're entirely confident in tackling some kit bashing, I'd suggest avoiding it for the time being. Sometimes taking on projects like that can end up costing more in the long run. The ex BR generator van by Silverfox, which Rob has suggested above, is a decent enough model. It can be a little pricey depending on who or where you get it from, so look around before buying. The detail is no way near what you'll get on one of Murphy's Cravens, but it does the job, and looks well behind an 071.
  6. Something from the 90's, great start to the thread Noel. I do like my vehicles, especially when connected in some way to the railways. I'll be following this with interest
  7. That's some progress, it looks fantastic. Have you slept since Friday?
  8. Tara Junction. Always the go to place for an elusive wagon.
  9. I see the clampers have found another victim.
  10. I wouldn't be a fan of either. But what has the Eurovision, and North Korean propaganda got to do with each other.
  11. The busier the better. Great stuff.
  12. Lovely stuff Noel. Always nice to see the 2600 out and about.
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