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  1. That's the dogs danglies right there.
  2. It's not always easy to tone down bright colours when weathering, without it looking like you've gone too far. No worries on that front with these. That's a lovely job.
  3. 'Tis why I ventured out to the man cave to inspect this beauty further. I can make as much mess as I want out there. You know me too well Rich
  4. Even though we all knew what to expect from recent photos, I have to say I'm blown away by the detail on this beauty up close. It has without doubt, been worth the wait. Most will probably prefer to double head with another 121. But I also have a soft spot for the pairing below. Have to also point out, despite the age difference between both models, the 141/181 still stands up extremely well against the new offering with regards to detail. Just highlights yet again what Mr Murphy achieved all those years ago.
  5. Apologies Noel, and without trying to sound smart, but I've no idea what 3 steam locos pulling a Cork - Dublin train up a hill and out of a tunnel has got to do with anything. Maybe I'm confused, but DJ asked what a DCC consist was, which my reply seemed to cover, as stated by you above. I'm fully aware you can have more than two locos in a consist, and when you dig deeper into it, it's possible to send individual signals to each loco. Again, I was trying to simplify my answer without complicating things. It's the last time I'll bother to post a comment on the topic again.
  6. It's a straight forward process of pairing two locos to run together (double heading) on your layout. Basically, you log your two preferred loco numbers under one, on your controller. When you enter this number, both locos will work together. It's easily cancelled when you want to run each loco individually again.
  7. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. But it's quite easy to make comments regarding the size of a certain run of model, when it's not your money tied up in the venture. COVID or not, these things still have to make sense financially at the end of the day.
  8. Really like how that area has turned out Noel. Perfect combination of looking busy, but not overcrowded.
  9. Lovely stuff. Always nice to see the 181 class on duty with the bubbles.
  10. Coming along nicely. Impressive work on the signage.
  11. Fantastic news for anybody that missed out on these little beauties first time around. It's great to see the wagon that started it all off, being given a new lease of life. Have to admit, I'm tempted by the IR points logo, but I don't think I'd use another rake of ballasts. As for the gypsums, now they're definitely on my radar
  12. If it's the blue wagon you're referring to Dave.They were used for carrying bagged cement.
  13. It's eight more than I have
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