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  1. Lighten up for christ sake. I was taking the piss.
  2. I find some of these comments extremely harsh. It's rare to come across such a highly detailed model, at such a reasonable price.
  3. Along with gloves and a face mask, Broithe.
  4. I'm aware they are both fixable, Noel. As for chocolate, have to say it wasn't the first thing that sprang to mind.
  5. Savage work Robert. Loving the Oil/Molasses tankers.
  6. The plough van looks like it has fallen victim to a four year old, that was let loose with a paint brush.
  7. I hadn't realised how bad a condition the wheels where in, until I had removed them from the coaches. As you can see, they were absolutely caked in residue from glue that had been used by the previous owner. Not good with general running, let alone when you're relying on pickups to light the coaches. Anyway, I've given them a good clean, which should improve future running.
  8. Very nice. I do like a bit of PW stock.
  9. Another little project on the go at the moment are these Cravens, which I picked up second hand back in 2018. The guy I bought them from had already painted the interiors and installed lighting. Over the past couple of evenings, I've carried out some small repair jobs which needed doing, and I've also added some passengers. Once everything is put back together, I'll finish off by applying some light weathering.
  10. Brilliant Noel. I'd watch this layout all day.
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