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  1. Love it Noel. I do like my buses, and that's a seriously impressive collection.
  2. 078 & 232 Dublin Heuston 232 at a rather wet Cork 078 now at a much brighter Killarney 078 & 232 back at Heuston
  3. Stunners Right, I'm off to put my paper underpants on.
  4. JasonB

    42ft Sample Arrives

    Oh they are just stunning. This project might have taken that bit longer than expected Fran, but the results just go to show yet again, that good things come to those who wait. You and the lads at IRM should be immensely proud of your achievements to date.Highest of respect from here.
  5. Thanks for the info. Nice work all round, it's looking really well.
  6. JasonB

    42ft Sample Arrives

    Great news, really looking forward to the arrival of these. Another must have from the Irish freight scene. Once I get my hands on these, it'll be one less from a very long list
  7. I'm liking that wall Mr Fritters. What did you knock that up from, if you don't mind me asking.
  8. Hi John, Thanks for the positive feedback. To answer your question regarding the Ammonia and Barrier wagons. Unfortunately they haven't progressed any further since the last post, spare time for modelling has been hard to come by since the start of the year. They are currently sitting on the bench along with my IRM cement bubbles. The Ammonias are a personal favourite of mine, so I'm itching to see them finished myself
  9. Cheers Rich. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. I'm looking forward to getting it painted now and adding the finishing touches. It's also nice to know there's someone else out there with a cement fetish
  10. Evening all, Very little work to report on from the bench of late. I really must put that right over the coming months. Anyway, to try get the ball rolling again, I made a long overdue return to the silo during the week. And after a couple of hours work, it's now at the stage where it's ready for painting. I'm also considering mounting an LED just inside the entrance to replicate the dimly lit interior which I've noticed from various photos. Although thinking about it, it's probably not worth the hassle for such a minor detail.
  11. Nice, very very nice. As already said above, this is class and is a joy to watch as it progresses. My preferred era also.
  12. JasonB

    after the A

    I think that's what's known as a subtle hint
  13. Purse, wallet. They both do the same thing at the end of the day. Sure it's the thought that counts Seamus
  14. While I'm down there, I think I might pick up some of them wallets, can't go wrong at that price. That'll be the crimbo present sorted for Her Indoors.
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