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  1. Not commercially. But I've seen homebrew versions like this.
  2. I'd hardly call them "game-changing".... they're bloody magnets!
  3. Lovely work, Richie. If you can manage it, a full how-to would be much appreciated!
  4. Any decoder with enough functions will be suitable for the 121, but they will have a lot of separate lighting configurations so reprogramming will be a daunting task if you're not experienced. I was never worried about space inside these locos to be honest. I mean the US manufacturers can fit everything, decoders and speakers, inside slightly smaller HO models.
  5. The locos in those pics appear to already have the Loksound installed so I wouldn't worry about space. Anyway, ESU produce a smaller decoder which is readily available. I'm sure the likes of Wheeltappers would supply those decoders if required.
  6. D.C. kits also stock it... https://www.dckits-devideos.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=89_92&product_id=1258
  7. I agree. I think sufficient running will sort the problem if some people would prefer not to tinker.
  8. Just my two cents on this.... This morning I had a good look at my own wagons and to me the problem seems to be that the axle caps themselves appear to me binding where they sit into the side frames. There is actually red oxide paint residue on the axle caps where they have been rubbing on the side frames. I removed the axles and with a small, fine file shaved down each axle cap. A couple of strokes of the file while rotating the axle is literally all it takes. This immediately made the wheelsets free running. I also added a tiny amount of Peco oil for good measure but I felt it probably wasn’t needed. I then gave the wagons a good 30 min run on the layout without any more issues.(Previously I had derailments over pointwork and a 071 loco spun its wheels trying to pull the rake of 8 wagons around a curve.) I know this type of “surgery” isn’t to everyone’s taste, but maybe it will help some of you.
  9. Yeah got my card yesterday too. Nice little touch, lads! Happy Christmas to all at IRM.
  10. Got my own copy a couple of weeks back through an Ebay seller. Only got a chance to peruse it last night, but it's a wonderful book and an excellent resource.
  11. Got home from work yesterday and found mine had been delivered. Haven’t had a chance to run them yet, but they are gorgeous!
  12. No, the vacuum pipe hangs low on the container flats.
  13. Well you'll never know, that's for sure!
  14. That's funny, I remember talking to PM at the Blackrock show and asking him about fitting a sound chip in the 121. The space looked REALLY tight in the samples that he had and the ESU Loksound are a little bulkier than other decoders. He said it was going to be a tight squeeze but they'll have it sorted.
  15. Great news, Fran. Roll on Christmas!
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