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  1. OK give this a go. Change the following CVs in this exact order. This should give you directional headlights on F7. CV31 = 16, CV32 = 3 ---------------------- CV385 = 4 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 8 ---------------------- CV385 = 16 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 3 ---------------------- CV401 = 8 CV403 = 4 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 8 ---------------------- CV401 = 32 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 3 ---------------------- CV419 = 16 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 8 ---------------------- CV417 = 128 CV418 = 0 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 3 ---------------------- CV435 = 64 CV436 = 0 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 8 ---------------------- CV434 = 1 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 3 ---------------------- CV452 = 1 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 8 ---------------------- CV450 = 2 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 3 ---------------------- CV468 = 4 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 8 ---------------------- CV466 = 4 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 3 ---------------------- CV484 = 16 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 8 ---------------------- CV482 = 8 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 3 ---------------------- CV500 = 64 CV501 = 0 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 8 ---------------------- CV498 = 16 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 4 ---------------------- CV261 = 1 CV31 = 16, CV32 = 9 ---------------------- CV258 = 32 If this does'nt work just program CV8 with a value of 8. That will reset the decoder back to the original settings.
  2. And a quick shot of it in place on the layout (including the obligatory A Class)! I plan on replacing the platforms with ones made using the same techniques used on the bridge….
  3. Next step was to use a coating of plaster to fill the mortar lines. I used normal plaster of Paris, spread it on then wiped it off the raised stones leaving the plaster in the recesses. Last step was apply powders and washes to blend everything in. End result…..
  4. Hold off and I’ll have a look at my own locos in the Lokprogrammer software. At least then I can tell you which function the headlights are assigned to. Do all the other light functions work ok?
  5. Is it the specific Lokpilot for the A Class? If not then the headlights probably just need to be mapped to a function key. What DCC system are you using? Can you program CV’s with it?
  6. Subsequent layers of black wash tie it together and tone down the brightness. A lot of detailing and weathering is still needed, but I thinks it’s an improvement.
  7. The arrival of the new A Classes have inspired me to do some work on the layout which has been neglected for a while! I wanted to replace a bridge on the layout, the existing one being made from brickpaper from Scalescenes. It looked ok but I was never very happy with it. I decided to use XPS insulation for the new structure. It was cut to size and shape and the brickwork was then carved in by hand. Most people use PVA to seal foam before painting but I prefer to use a coat of Mod Podge mixed with black paint. This creates a harder shell on the foam. Then I painted it using a tan colour acrylic paint. Next I add some variation by painting some of the bricks various different shades. I used the following colours… The affect looks a little stark but it will be toned down with a wash.
  8. I actually can't remember offhand which function output controls which light! I'll have a look at the Loksound file when I get a chance. You'll need some form of interface for programming the decoder as doing it with CV's is fraught with danger!
  9. On seperate note, When fitting couplers in the NEM pockets on the detailed end of the A Class it appears you need to remove the brake cylinder at the fromt of the bogie. How is this removed? Is a simply a friction fit and do the sideframes have to come off as well?
  10. That's a hell of a layout! I'd love to see more of it...
  11. Yeah I have to agree. Especially with the fantastic drive mechanism in these locos. But it's something I see a lot with DCC sound; unrealistic operation despite having all the "bells and whistles"! The sound quality DOES come across well in the video though. They do love their diesels in the Lone Star State.
  12. Never ceases to amaze me. The people who, despite the warnings about limited stock, still turn around and whinge when they miss the boat on these!
  13. Picked up my two A’s today! They are absolutely stunning. Sadly I only had time to pop the decoders in and give them a bit of run, but first impressions are fantastic. One thing that struck me is the quality of the sound from the speaker set up. The lads at IRM have outdone themselves.
  14. Bloody stunning! I ordered the Supertrain myself, can't wait to get my hands on it!
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