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  1. See the link I posted above, they've got pics on the Facebook page. Wonderful! Have both Supertrain locos arrived?
  2. Railway modelling Ireland | Facebook
  3. I see Marks Models posted on Facebook that they have 132 in Supertrain in stock. Have these officially landed?
  4. Btw here's the thread where speed matching 2 or more locos was discussed... 121 Double Header - Questions & Answers - Irish Railway Modeller
  5. Yeah 131 is obviously pulling against 125. I expect it may take a while both locos to really bed in. 30 mins in each direction really isn't enough to run a loco in anyway in my opinion, it takes a few hours of continous running. As Noel mentioned you could try adjusting CV's 5 and 6, but I'd give the locos a bit more running before trying that as you could find yourself back at square one if they end up in settling it and you've changed CV's!
  6. Proper order! I'd never buy anything from Rails after seeing the loony prices they charge for 2nd hand shite on Ebay!
  7. Glad you got the sound sorted! One small thing, I'd have one loco set up so that the horn does'nt work while in consist. In real life the horn would only sound in one loco while double heading. As regards the different speed, give the locos some time ro run-in before considering doing any adjustments. The gear train may just need to loosen up a little. The docders also have an auto-tune feature. Place the loco on a piece of straight track. Set CV54 to 0 then press F1. The loco will take off like a hare for a few seconds then it will stop and the engine sound will start up. This calib
  8. Hornby themselves have a series of videos on programming with the elite. Give them a watch first if you're unsure. (115) Hornby | Elite User Guides - YouTube
  9. There are list of CV's that control what functions will operate under the consist address. These may well be set incorrectly. Now I recommend babysteps when trying to reprogramme a Loksound decoder. They are quite complex and anything more than very basic programming should be done with either a Lokprogrammer or software like JMRI. For a start try setting CV21 to a value 201. This should allow the engine sound to operate in a consist. Let us know how you get on with that before trying anything more.
  10. I put in an order the other day and received a reply from Des this morning so he's still operating. Maybe shoot him an email, he may have missed your first message.
  11. The tragic part of it all is how Prowse's relationship with Lucasfilm soured over the years. During the making of Return of the Jedi he was accused of leaking details about the movie. By all accounts he was innocent but Lucas seemed to harbour a grudge against him ever since, even banning him from official Star Wars events. Another kick in the teeth is that Prowse was among members of the main cast who were entitled to residuals from the profits of Return of the Jedi. Due to "creative" Hollywood accounting, despite grossing close to 500 million on a budget of just over 30 million, on pape
  12. You don't have to imagine it, here ya go... (101) The Real Voice of Darth Vader...hilarious! - YouTube
  13. If both decoders are LOkpilot you can use the Auto-Tune feature which may well improve things. Just place the loco on a straight piece of track then programme CV54 to a value of 0. Then press F1 and the loco will take off like a rocket for a few seconds. (Make sure nothing is in the way!) This reads feedback from the motor and stores it in the decoder. Do it with both locos and see how they run after that.
  14. The springs can also be bought separately, although they’re a pain to replace!
  15. Yes, but not a lot of help to the original poster as he isn’t using a Z21.
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