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  1. Late to the party on this... but personally I'll be giving these a miss. I own 5 of the older 141/181's already which is quite enough for my small layout. Also, no disrespect to PM and his efforts, but I don't think the minor upgrades to the model will be enough to justify me adding more of these locos to my fleet. But as always fair play to PM for doing the rerun and I've no doubt they'll sell like hot cakes.
  2. Exactly. CIE stock was the very definition of mix'n'match!
  3. Well said! As a kid, avidly watching the Supertrain liveried trains run by I don't remember anything but the heavily faded light-orange hue! Scale is also an overlooked factor. The correct shade will tend to look darker when it appears on a model.
  4. I thought that myself until I read Rails through the West. There are several pictures of freshly painted/cleaned locos and that shade looks spot on.
  5. Unfortunately I missed this years event, ironic as it was on my doorstep! Glad to hear it all went smoothly.
  6. Great stuff... Looking forward to seeing Ballyercall live and breathe again!
  7. Yes, I heard of several people who were left out of pocket. One is a member here (they haven't posted in 5 years) who told me in PMs that he paid $650 to MSB for sound decoders. Got no reply for 6 months and after hounding them was finally told they were "dispatched". Needless to say they never arrived and MSB resumed radio silence. This all happened mid 2013 - 2014. A full two years before MSB folded.
  8. And they closed down under dodgy circumstances as well. Lot of customers were left out of pocket.
  9. I believe I recommended the Lokprogrammer, but just to be clear, that is for detailed CV reprogramming work such as remapping functions or loading sound files. Any good DCC system will allow you to reset a decoder without risk of mucking anything else up.
  10. Yes you can remap the functions on any ESU Loksound decoder. However, it's best done with the Lokprogrammer. It can be done by reprogramming individual CV's but this is complex and risky. The Loksound V5 has over 2000 CVs many of which have to be accessed with indices.
  11. I actually commented on this video at the time and asked where they got the engine sound from. Apparently they used a generic file that was closest the could get to the Crossley sound.
  12. If I were you I'd be looking at either Roco or Lenz. GeorgeConna mentioned above that he has the Z21 and I've heard nothing but good things about it and you can get it for around the €200 mark. I'm looking at the Lenz 101 for my own layout in the future but that's in the €300-400 range. At the moment I use a Gaugemaster Prodigy 2 which I absolutely love, but it's getting on ow and it's very hard to source a new one from anywhere but the UK. The Lenz or Roco can be ordered from Germany and you bypass any Brexit shenanigans.
  13. To be honest you won't use that many functions when running trains, ten is plenty if the main ones are assigned to F0-F10
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