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  1. To use the auto tune feature: place the loco on a long straight section of track, 5 or 6 feet long if you have it. Then using your controller set CV54 to 0 then press F1. The loco will tear off at top speed and gradually slow to a stop. This calibrates the decoder to the motor and it should run better after this. Bear in mind you may have to do it several times for the best results and make sure the loco has been running for a good while before doing it.
  2. One thing you have to be careful of is differences in decoder brands. Some decoders (ESU Loksound in particular) use different parameters to control acceleration and deceleration. Also many sound decoders have a slight delay that makes the loco wait for the engine sound to rev up before allowing the loco to move off, this can make speed matching tricky. Do you know what decoders are in each loco?
  3. Whoa! I'm not ordering any of these as I've blown this years hobby budget on container flats and A classes, but they're gorgeous!
  4. In pairs is the only way to buy these things. Anybody who says different is kidding themselves!
  5. I might buy maybe 1 or 2, as I pretty much have as many I need or am likely to run. To be honest once my current order from IRM/Accurscale arrives (A classes and a Deltic) and MM's 121's have been purchased I'll be pretty much done as far as new locos is concerned. Barring the odd impulse/bargain buy. I need to concentrate on getting a layout up and running rather than stockpiling locos!
  6. Looks stunning! I must have missed something earlier as I didn't realise these would have a die cast frame.
  7. We all know what happened to him...
  8. As I said on other media this should get a certain cohort of ar**holes off of PM's back!
  9. I don't care if they're the only ones of their kind, the seller is taking the pi**. In fact "seller" is the wrong word "would-be-extortionist" seems more fitting.
  10. Sounds more like a nightmare...
  11. I know how you feel. Last I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow. Woke up and my pillow was gone.
  12. All the way over from Raheny? The lengths that Bracken fella will go to for a free cup of tea....
  13. They're way beyond sainthood. The already sit at the right hand of the father. The father being Paddy Murphy of course...
  14. This months Railway Modeller has a feature about IRM/Accurascale as well as a good interview with the lads. Very interesting read. (And they scrub up well for the photos!)
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