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  1. In fairness it’s from a known ripoff artist!
  2. Apparently all this stuff is up for grabs..... Lambert Smith Hampton | Assets of Llangollen Railway Plc (bidspotter.co.uk)
  3. Nonsense! Your work is as good as any (and better than alot) of the work that I have seen in the those magazines.
  4. Yeah, even without a Lokprogrammer it can be done by adjusting a couple of CV’s. I standardise the mapping on all my decoders too. It’s great knowing that every loco can be controlled using the same function keys.
  5. Are you running the loco on DC or DCC?
  6. As I said before, Full Throttle features no longer need to be built into Loksound V5 sound files as it is now a logic function in the decoder’s firmware. It merely needs to be “switched on”. I did this with my own MM 121 decoders. F28 needs to be activated to use “manual notching” on the decoder. F5 is Drive Hold.
  7. I dislike airbrushes for fading effects, the result never looks natural to me. You can also use enamels for dot filter techniques. This class 25 was done that way although I didn’t go for a heavily faded look.
  8. Yeah that Select Direct Decoder is a aimed at the US market so it’s not readily available in Europe, although I’ve seen them for sale from Digitrains in the UK from time to time. It could be difficult finding a pcb to fit, you could also try wiring one of these in place of the board.... https://www.ebay.ie/itm/223080396588
  9. They could see a lot of discounted stock coming their way!
  10. Well I’ll happily laugh at their predicament! Sorry for being political, but the amount of business owners who voted for Brexit is mind boggling. I have zero sympathy for them. You got what you wanted folks. How does it taste?
  11. Sorry but you’re dead wrong there. As was already said it was about being able to order item(S) that couldn’t be shipped any other way. Parcel Motel and Addresspal were a godsend for me. The vast majority of UK based EBay sellers wouldn’t post to Ireland at all and the ones who did charged ridiculous money. They nearly all offered free shipping within the uk so all I paid was the charge from Parcel Motel or An Post. It’s all finished now. I’ve recently invested a lot of time and effort into seeking out suppliers within the EU and now that I’m sorted I won’t be ordering from a UK bas
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