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  1. Wow I got one too and I barely react at all!
  2. Not all! As I kid the A Class was always my favourite, but at the time the GM's were much more common on the southside (at least it seemed like it anyway!). Onna seperate note, when will the sound chips for the A's be available?
  3. Thanks for the pic, mayber he'll believe me now!
  4. Yeah that would make sense as there's no release mechanism for the ratchet. My friend is just fixated on the CIE prining on the side. Although I'm not sure that's what it is! Don't worry it's just curiosity, he's not trying to flog it!
  5. Cheers Noel. I was thinking that myself. Is that CIE cast on the side? What would this be used for?
  6. Folks, A friend of mine unearthed this thing and is convinced it has CIE cast into the side. Obviously it’s a form of ratchet. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what it is/was used for and if that’s really a CIE stamp on the side of it. Pics below...
  7. Jayzus. How much are they charging for that job?
  8. In fairness it’s from a known ripoff artist!
  9. Apparently all this stuff is up for grabs..... Lambert Smith Hampton | Assets of Llangollen Railway Plc (bidspotter.co.uk)
  10. Nonsense! Your work is as good as any (and better than alot) of the work that I have seen in the those magazines.
  11. Yeah, even without a Lokprogrammer it can be done by adjusting a couple of CV’s. I standardise the mapping on all my decoders too. It’s great knowing that every loco can be controlled using the same function keys.
  12. Are you running the loco on DC or DCC?
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