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  1. Personally Noel, I think you've just been fortunate. The Rail-Tec stuff could easily slip under the radar as transfers come in a flat envelope and as the article I linked to above shows Hattons are'nt exactly a safe bet. To be honest I can't see it getting any better, especially when the transition period ends in July. At the risk of getting political, to hell to with it, I've lost interest in the whole sh@t storm. They voted for it, let them stew. I'll buy from the EU and the world will spin on.
  2. Not good news for everybody it would seem, is this a member of this parish by any chance? Online shopping from the UK delivers financial shocks (irishtimes.com) Personally, I've abandoned the idea of ordering ANYTHING from the UK. I've oretty much sourced anything I need from EU countries.
  3. I'll be up front, Irish steam (or any steam for that matter) is something I'm just not interested in so I would'nt be buying one. I try to support IRM, and to a lesser extent Accurascail, as much as possible. But I can't see myslef buying something I won't run. There is far too much other good products to spend my hard=earned on.
  4. Yeah have to agree! I was considering using a couple of SMD's (0603 or 0805) and wiring them to the PCB.
  5. Had a good look through the Loksound V5 manual last night and both the starting and top speeds of the loco while on DC control can be independently set. There is also a setting for allowing the lights and sound to activate before the loco moves off. Unfortunately though Michael will need acess to a DCC controller to check and adjust these settings.
  6. Lovely! Grabbed a couple of the keg packs as I missed out last time!
  7. Ah not good! If I were you I'd be contacting Murphy Models about repair/replacement.
  8. The fact that it only occurs when running the loco one way would indicate it's most likely an issue in the drive train. I would be inclined to think that this would probably disappear with tume and more running in. As for the circuit board, is it causing an issue? Are the lighs working correctly?
  9. The Lokprogrammer is actually a lot simpler than you might think especially if you just want to load sounds to decoders.
  10. I see you got yourself a Lokprogrammer. Great investment if you plan on having a lot of sound equipped locos.
  11. I'd try some light washes on the ballast wagons to vary the overall colour but that's just me. The plough vans are spot on though, they look fantastic. Overall, really nice work.
  12. Ok. Do you have a link for his eBay account? Also, where is his shop online? I tried contacting him via Facebook but no luck...
  13. Is IFM still selling these?
  14. Not sure I understand your question....
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