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  1. Those green boxes just keep getting higher and higher in the attic. Well done lads keep up the good work
  2. That dark weathering really shows up the see through side vents, nice job Noel
  3. Thanks very much Paddy Murphy, not only have you given us models from the past, present and now the future
  4. Well am I the only one who hasnt seen them on the road in years
  5. Just wondering does anyone know why the cages are still being used...
  6. Absolutely brilliant piece, not a gap shown anywhere
  7. Must be going to open up the wet pubs then.
  8. Did a bit of experimenting with the beer kegs accessory packs...
  9. Thanks for the info, nice to know. My days of wondering are over
  10. I often wondered why 073 got the IR livery and not 072
  11. Your background makes that look very realistic
  12. Yep have them all, I wonder if mm will ever do an IR rake. Also found these Lima ones...wonder why there's 2 different boxes though
  13. How many mk2d's is there including the supertrain with the see through white stripe ?
  14. Lockdown additions to the layout
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