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  1. Those are top class units, cant wait to see them when they're finished 👌
  2. Finally found a spot on the layout for this beauty...
  3. Well the lads did show me a drawing of a forklift at the Blackrock show, heard nothing since though
  4. Ferts waiting to be loaded. Well impressed with the models 👍
  5. Sleeper

    Project 42 Update

    The volvo F88 with the 2 Michelin men on the roof would be very nice 😉😉
  6. Sleeper

    Project 42 Update

    Off the rails and on the road
  7. FYI 3 x Bachmann Esso Tank Wagons in one box 3 x 30ton bogie bolster wagons https://www.donedeal.ie/hobbies-for-sale/bachmann-wagons/13325165
  8. Starting next batch of poles, if you wish to place an order please PM. Thanks Sleeper.
  9. Look absolutely superb Anybody want to buy my bubble kits off me ?
  10. Thanks for the comments, the mobile mast was built from scratch The cables were made from thread used for model boats
  11. Bachmann station facelift to bring it to life, a few Bachmann & Murphy locos. Happy 40th to 071
  12. Completely hand made electricity pole, complete with stay wire, cable guard, cattle guards & transformer. €30. PM if interested. [ATTACH=CONFIG]23411[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]23414[/ATTACH]
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