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  1. Can buy a nice A class for €189 and more to come... When the 141/181/071's were made, the market was much smaller - we reckon about half the numbers it has now... supply and demand unfortunately kicks in.
  2. I'm not seeing any pending Ads BTB, but as the site was moving between servers for the last few hours, there is a chance you added it to the old server, and it's not on the new one
  3. I had to flip the server to another set of virtual machines, tho the 'gap' where DNS was updating would have been of the order of between 2 and 30 minutes...
  4. A few weeks ago we sent out an email advising on the production progress of the A Class, which as made great strides in recent months. After a long slog of research, design, tooling, testing, tooling correction and decoration creation and correction, we are now finally in the latter stages of production before delivery. Of course, at each stage of the process there are always little factors that can trip you up, often outside our control, and a couple have surfaced since we last updated you. Once such area was some of the tampo printing, which we were not fully happy with, particularl
  5. You can buy from the accurascale site at the moment and fulfillment will take place from Dublin...
  6. Thanks Bob! just wait until we turn to Irish steam!
  7. BosKonay

    071 class

    Not to mention a raft of stock, coaches, multiple units and more
  8. BosKonay

    071 class

    Perhaps the key is 'at some stage' tho it's likely to be a brand new model, and therefore maybe a decade away.
  9. We're just moving from one physical cloud platform, to another, upgraded one in the same location . (More a tech refresh for the cloud provider than anything else) All going to plan, nothing will change
  10. until
    Saturday 24th - 6 PM (GMT+1)
  11. The web server is moving to a new cloud platform, which will take place at Saturday 24th - 6 PM (GMT+1) and be expected to cause at least 6 hours downtime. (Possibly longer as DNS updates occur)
  12. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?height=314&href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fthejournal.ie%2Fvideos%2F959309198171753%2F&show_text=false&width=560
  13. Not a lot happens in a week Per Fran's last post, the assembly is flying, and almost complete, and we're on schedule to leave the factory in about 3-4 weeks time.
  14. Lol sorry. RMweb runs the same software and version we do
  15. This forum bolds unread posts too?
  16. BosKonay

    IRM Dublin Warehouse

    Unit 5 Oak Drive, Oak Road, Dublin, D12 RRA4, Ireland
  17. It will if you 'share your location' otherwise just enter the townland or area and it will show that
  18. BosKonay

    IRM Dublin HQ

    Irish Railway Models Dublin HQ Irish Railway Models Ltd. Unit 8, The Hyde Building the Park Carrickmines Co. Dublin D18 Y3F9 Ireland
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