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  1. Thanks for the grab Noel Perhaps lots of things for Hornby to worry about
  2. Hi Wrenn, The Liners will be away from the factory first, then the Fertiliser Wagons, then the Spoil wagons, the Guinness Keg Wagons and the Weedspray Packs, then we'll possibly do a run of 'unloaded' flats if there is enough demand. We've also several projects underway quietly in the background that will be announced
  3. BosKonay

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Correct Railer
  4. Not much longer https://irishrailwaymodels.com/products/056-a-class-locomotive
  5. BosKonay


    Thanks Broithe, It's now also possible to create accounts with Twitter logins (in addition to Microsoft and Facebook) and you'll be able to sync Status updates on Facebook and Twitter to your status here if you wish
  6. BosKonay


    We've finally made the move to SSL, a new CentOS 7 server, and various other updates. Any 'oddness' over and above the default, do let me know
  7. Typically one goes for a high price, so a few eager sellers hop on the proverbial bandwagon.
  8. Hi Robert, Do you mean on the A class? Chinese New Year has been essentially ongoing the last two weeks, and the factories are only coming back online at the moment. It will be another week or so before they are back up to speed as workers return from 'up country'. The Plough is in the final assembly phase, and the 42' project and A class are in the toolroom however. Updates as we have them!
  9. http://archiseek.com/2009/1926-former-great-northern-railway-engine-shed-clones-co-monaghan/ http://archiseek.com/2014/engine-roundhouse-portadown-co-armagh/
  10. Check out these options https://www.modelrailbaseboards.com/storage-units @Dave
  11. Our market research would indicate, particularly for the UK market, that the 'KEY' era(s) for modellers is from roughly 1945-1975
  12. Now you just need to convince the other three lads!!!! I’m sold!
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BACHMANN-MURPHY-MODELS-CLASS-221-VOYAGER-REWOKED-INTO-IRISH-MK4s-/183611919110?nav=SEARCH
  14. You’ll need to desolder the wired speaker too. Also be sure the onboard is 8ohm a super the TTS only work with 8ohm speakers.
  15. Sounds like the speaker is blown? That or one of its connections is loose in some way. Inspect for any loose wires first off. If all looks ok you could check the resistance across the speaker with a multimeter. If there is no reading the speaker is gone
  16. Assuming it has the right number of pins you can plug in any sound chip in theory.
  17. Our version, included with the Buffer Stop
  18. Pretty sure that’s a 3D CAD render not an actual print.
  19. D'Oh, thanks railer, fixed and more coffee applied
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