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  1. Correct. The liners sold out entirely in a few days.
  2. Lots of small little changes
  3. Updated now - https://irishrailwaymodels.com/
  4. Or just buy from the several MM stockists in Ireland??
  5. I'm working on an upgrade akin to what we've done at https://accurascale.co.uk which will make life easier.
  6. You'll need to ensure the parcel, going into the UK, has a valid customs paperwork / invoice on the outside, showing the VAT paid and full details.
  7. Then you’ll pay UK Vat on the original purchase then Irish Vat on import.
  8. You guys don't miss much https://irishrailwaymodels.co.uk is online, for now just for preorders as we finalise logistics, but you can purchase in GBP, at 20% HMRC VAT with zero concerns about import/export/brexit or such. Once we nail down logistics over the coming days we'll grow out the in stock items and other lines. Orders placed previously will be supplied no problems from the .ie / com website, again, VAT paid, and customers can choose if they prefer to shop on one side or the other as suits. We'll have more official news in the coming days as Brexit settles with c
  9. If anyone else is seeing oddness let me know. Perhaps it’s distance? The servers are in Dublin.
  10. No strain or errors on the server side. Perhaps general internet pressures?
  11. Would you model in 21mm if RTR track and models were readily available?
  12. https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/ballast-hoppers/products/cie-ballast-bundle-deal this one? You get a complete train of 11 wagons, the plough vans have internal and tail lights (and can be DCC fitted) and the ballast wagons all come with loads. Works out at about €34 per wagon.
  13. A full customs declaration and itemized vat paid invoice will be attached to the outside of every parcel.
  14. They’ll be laying Irish VAT though so perhaps their systems can’t handle charging the correct amount
  15. That looks odd. If registered for tax in Ireland its 21%. Most of the other EU jurisdictions are different too so it won’t be the same as now. Perhaps there is a little confusion.
  16. Yep. It will help remove any vat issues tho parcels may still be examined by customs.
  17. It's part of our contingency plans that Accurascale will likely stock IRM items in the UK and vice versa, tho we're 'paused' awaiting what carnage January 1 may bring to decide the best option!
  18. Every single back order (and new order) should be en route. If you didn’t get an email or sma with tracking details do drop us a line
  19. Down to the last 100 orders which will all go out tomorrow phew.
  20. We send you tracking details with every delivery - so you 'll always know what's coming and where it is.
  21. 'tis ok, we only have 7 new things to announce between now and the A's landing
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