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  1. The Mk2D's with white bands look so at home behind the A Class!
  2. According to this post by @jhb171achill, the A's were re-engined between 1968 and 1972, and I think that the Supertrain livery only arrived in around 1972:
  3. I see from this previous post that the "R" suffix was only used in a mixed-engine fleet: The "S" suffix was for CAWS. One A15 available!
  4. So, probably a taboo subject so early, but which of the remaining in-stock A Class locos are suitable for repaints to represent sold-out models? I'm assuming that the only difference between the two ST/IR hybrids (007 and 056), and the day-glow IR models (036 and 054), is the lack of CAWS guards? ST livery 018 looks like the early ST, has staff catchers, has no CAWS and has original windscreens, but ST livery 027 looks appropriate for IR resprays... No staff catchers, has CAWS and has toughened windscreens. So hybrids 007 and 056 along with ST 027 would be appropriate for pre-CAWS IR repaints? What about the A46 that everybody lost their minds over, and the various B/T models that are almost gone? Were the bodies the same through the silver, green, B/T pre-rebuild and black versions? Were the B/T rebuilt A3R, A23R and A39R the same as ST livery 018? I'm not going repainting one, don't worry, but I am curious!
  5. How much do IE sell locos like that to the preservation groups for?
  6. If somebody were to add backscenes using PhotoShop or a similar program, and convert to greyscale, they would look like real photos.
  7. There is no magic bullet for preventing environmental damage. The electricity for EV's still needs to be generated. It's cleaner and more efficient to generate it in one place, rather than have millions of tiny fossil fuel generators whizzing around the roads, but it's still not a finite solution. A growing population, many of whom are not YET living in first world luxury, is the real worry. Lifestyle changes are inevitable, further down the line - poorer living standards, less luxuries and higher prices for all. Current global economic model is based on infinite population expansion, on a finite planet with finite resources. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something has to give at some point.
  8. Two more videos of the unloading. Excuse the ancient thread resurrection, but these videos are historically important to us! Sadly, the YouTube account that published the video in @Glenderg's link seems to have been cancelled.
  9. Wow! Little Siddington is something else. Some of those photos look like the real thing. Stunning work.
  10. Gotta be some kind of record, selling so quickly. I hope that there'll be nobody moaning in a weeks time because they haven't been on the forum and haven't subscribed to IRM's newsletters so they didn't know.
  11. Hurricane and Wolfbeast are the only two survivors, here:
  12. I don't think that Connolly was criticising the work of any of the preservation groups or volunteers. The written word is very easy to misinterpret. I believe that he was stating quite the opposite, that the proceeds of the model will go towards the locos seeing more light of day, so the model reflecting a livery which saw more use will mean it has a broader appeal. Broader appeal means more sales, which means more money for the ITG and hopefully, more similar fund-raising models in the future if this one is a success.
  13. That guy sitting beside the Diesel Depot... Is he plugged into the wall? What's the massive layout with the two angry guys inside?
  14. Aside from the gorgeous A, I see Optimus kicking back and observing in one of the photos. Can you replace the wheels on the Micromasters with more authentic looking ones? That green Chevy (Big Daddy knock-off?) looks very similar to Hurricane from M.A.S.K.
  15. I took that to mean that the model is in the livery that the loco ran in, but could also be used to represent the later mid-nineties preserved version, minus the glass. "A3r also ran in this livery in preservation (albeit with later toughened windscreens) on mainline railtours in the mid-late 1990s as part of the Metro-Vick swansong on the main line network."
  16. I don't think that it's as-preserved. It's as it was in traffic. The blog article says that it ran like this "later" in the mid nineties, albeit with toughened windscreens.
  17. Yeah, that VAT would be a killer. God love you poor schmucks up in Ireland. Just buy a few of them and make it worthwhile... €40 over five of them is pittence...
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