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  1. Hi Shane. Wouldn't usually write in public but it's almost four weeks since I sent that money through, and I haven't heard back from you in private. A reply would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Thank you. That's probably why it's so hard to find out much about the models. Derek and Adrian have also been behind some of the BritBus commissions, that much I do know, and I've bought some directly from Adrian.
  3. Interesting the way they run nose-first no problem, unlike the 121's.
  4. Yeah, it's just pure torture, life's so terrible. You sound like one of my ex-girlfriends... My Container Liners took ten months to show up, so I'm all intellectualised out.
  5. It really does. I'm dreading seeing everybody posting pictures and videos 48 hours after orders ship, because I know that mine will take about three weeks longer to arrive... Unless I can find somebody flying down here the day after launch, who can smuggle a few in their suitcase!
  6. Got that one yesterday, too, while cursing and not reacting well to anything at all.
  7. Wow, that train is long! What's the restriction in Ireland? The passing loop length or something? The DR20 definitely has an updated 201 look to it.
  8. Good job you sold your car back in 2019 - as per that "weathering" thread!
  9. What have you got? I'm willing to join a three-way with you and gm171kk if I get an IE 141 / 181 out of it!
  10. Who is the actual manufacturer or brand on them?
  11. You mean by another manufacturer? A world-reknowned manufacturer of cutting edge Irish Railway Models?
  12. You'd be a fool not to invest in my stunning offer!
  13. They were fugly in real life, although they did sound nice when re-engined and with their wierd exhaust. They kind of had a face for radio. But in model form, they look savage! Can't wait to order a few!
  14. Make it €2,000 even and I'll throw in this bus, great value as it is: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/144088695917?hash=item218c5b046d:g:IEEAAOSwoSVg1aL1
  15. I have a limited edition JM Designsbrake van for sale, €1,000, p&p not included.
  16. Private buyers like me? We don't pay VAT, never have. We pay IGIC locally instead. Most online retailers have recognised this, like IRM, Marks Models, Hattons, Rails etc, and they were not charging VAT here prior to BrExit. No change there, but a lot less slips under the radar since BrExit. Checks are far more thorough. I'm personally making out like a bandit because of Iceland supermarkets since BrExit. I doubt that the Iceland supermarket chain have lost so many British products due to VAT changes. I'd say that they've lost them due to having to import from a non-EU country. Extra standards to meet, extra rules to comply with, and extra red tape to fumble through. Plus the risk factor. A lot of their fresh foods have a very very short shelf life due to the time lost in transit. Some products arrive with only two days shelf life. If there is a delay for whatever reason, and the product can't be delivered and sold, it is lost. Less risky to buy EU products than British products, from their perspective.
  17. Any hints? Will it be a re-run of something for the A's to haul, or will you burst my BUBBLE?
  18. Yes, yes, yes! I need more of these in my life! Now getting to the pinacle of the A Class, the golden era of Irish railways!
  19. I'm sure he's joking, sure what other colour could you choose? Green, black, white or Bunreacht blue are the only options, really, and green is the most attractive by far. No publicity is bad publicity... Just ordered a few and had them shipped to somebody up in Ireland for re-shipping to me!
  20. I'd definitely buy a special edition in this livery, along with the 1995 silver livery of A39R.
  21. Fabulous stuff, John!!!
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