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  1. Looks the same as the Spray Tan Fresno one. Same layout, same idea, same email address, same "About Us" . According to this forum, it's exactly what it looks like, a scam.
  2. With a Guinness train servicing it?
  3. Sorry, silly question, but... Is that running era of nineties to '06 due to the height of the cages? As in, would an accesory pack of cages with lower sides make these same wagons appropriate for somebody modelling from the seventies until the nineties? Or were the wagons themselves physically different? Thanks!
  4. IKEA Billy units are very handy for display and storage - large-scale like WRENNEIRE's or small-scale like mine. I find that for the tiny board that I run trains on, each Billy shelf holds enough stock for at least one full train.
  5. Slow down, slow down, or I'll end up living on the beach! I'm already living on bread and rice thanks to you guys. Don't worry about the well... If anything it's growing, not running dry.
  6. No Club Orange with this lot, though. Tracking these little gems down is thirsty work.
  7. Feeling even luckier, today!
  8. I picked that Lima set up a week ago for £115...
  9. Did the entire C Class fleet survive until 1986 or were there any early drop-outs?
  10. Order from El Imperio has arrived, yay!
  11. And why would a spray tan parlour in Fresno California be selling Murphy Models stuff anyway. Their contact details also look suspicious.
  12. Somebody did, and there are several brand-new-in-box slowly winging their way to the Canaries at this very moment.
  13. I spoke with Jose, the owner, based in Madrid. He is like a Spanish Chris Dyer; online sales, fairs, events etc. He bought a job lot from somebody else going out of business and priced it to sell fast, as he has staff and overheads to pay. Madrid has around half of our Covid-19 cases and is suffering more than anywhere else in the country, and he says that a lot of shops are going bust. He is not a regular Murphy stockist and has no plans to become one, but will buy job lots if he thinks he can shift them.
  14. Ha! I could pull pallets all day long, but finicky stuff just disintegrates in my hands, so cutting, joining and filling something that I can hardly see would be a noooooooo, noooooo, nooooooo for me.
  15. Looks like a CIE Supertrain A Class, so that would be mid seventies to mid eighties?
  16. Hattons have one in every six or nine months. I picked one up for GBP £98 in like-new condition a few months back. I see the scalpers (that's what the Hot Wheels collectors call them, at least) asking for twice that on eBay.
  17. Black Friday Bubbles, yaaaaaay:
  18. Are these models still available to pre-order? I have tried emailing the address above once or twice, to no avail.
  19. 1 x Pack D and 2 x Pack E now available on the IRM website for anybody that missed them! No A's, B's or C's, though. D'oh!
  20. How can I click "Like" more than once???
  21. Awwww. When I bought my sets, I also bought two as Christmas presents. Fergus was so helpful with hiding any RPSI evidence from the outside of the packages etc, but he did say that stock levels were low, and that there may be a possibility of a run with three different running numbers if they sold the last of the Cravens. I asked if they'd be doing a GSV and he said no, that they'd be doing models which currently exist as tooling would be too expensive for a limited run like that. Hint hint hint, IRM, pleeeeeease do some GSV's.
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