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  1. My order arrived today. About an hour later I got an email confirming that my order had been dispatched. Am I a happy camper? yes.
  2. More orange bubbles would fit into my current setup. +1 from me.
  3. Lol. Throw water at it. It'll be grand
  4. 108

    Mk3 coaches

    And don't forget that all Irish Mk3 coaches had swing plug doors instead of manual ones.
  5. Survey completed. Keep up the good work lads. I'm looking forward to lots more interesting projects. P
  6. Mine arrived today also. I must say they are exceptional. Excellent detail and plenty of detail variations. Well done lads, I'll be ordering bubbles and Tara wagons in the near future.
  7. Thanks Garfield It was a grand sight on the Branch bridge in Drogheda P
  8. Hi I saw 071 last Sunday looking ex-works in Supertrain livery, but with a white CIE logo at Drogheda. Is this a heritage livery? It must be 40 years since they were introduced.
  9. I had a slightly shorter 250 mile round trip. My first time at this great show. I'll be back next year.
  10. A great show today. Good to see Leslie and the IRM crew.
  11. Hi John, Put me down for 1 six wheeler and 1 four wheeler if there is a re-run
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope your day went well.
  13. Great show again. It was good to meet Des and Leslie. Picked up some wagon kits to keep me busy in the dark evenings and a Van Hool from Jim Poots. Stanfording stole the show for me. Working inside motion and working signals controlled from an interlocked lever frame.
  14. I popped in today and was delighted to pick up 220 at €140. It'll be beans on toast for a week or two but worth it.
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