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  1. Hi Colin, thank you for the fotos, thats really good information on the topic. Do I get that right: The wohle motor/cogwheel/axle arrangement is no more provided from Michael Chinery? Are there instead any suggestions where to buy what material, i.e. motor, axles, wheels, cogwheels, wormgears? I often changed wheels on existing axles to get vehicles with smaller flanges (RP 25 instead of sth. else) but building a gear on my own seems rather... embarassing. Cheers, Gerhard
  2. Hello, Is there a source on the net or elsewhere where I can get informations about nowadays goodstrains and their normal schedules? I would like to take some photos if possible. Thanks in advance, Gerhard.
  3. The dealer I thougt of is APC Adams, somewhere in Germany. If you would like me to ask him, please let me know. I guess sending a letter to Ireland cannot cost a fortune, and one belt plus 10 or 20 disks will not be more than a letter. Nevertheless it could be cheaper for you to order in the UK, so as mentioned above: If you want me to, I will ask Mr Adams. BTW: I'm quite sure that the spare parts mentioned above are appropriate for your wagon, but as you describe it, it is an even older version than the last #5569, as this last one already hat NEM-Pockets, but without coulisse. Yours seems to be the one that I do know from a friend when we were about eight or ten or so. In this times every manufacturer in mainland Europe had its own fixture for the couplers. Awful. Nothin' about "good old times", it was just a heck to run after the different couplers if one broke.
  4. Hi, your agent from germany's speaking ;-) what exactly do you need from the spares section? The belt? The felt pads? They surely still produce spares. I regard the Fleischmann site as crap, not only from the actual serch but also from earlier experiences. They write you should type in the product id to get an "Explosionszeichnung", whatever this is in english, it should show the model as a diagram in exploded state. Out of that you ought to take the spares part number to order. I tried several times, but to no avail. I know a good specialist that seems to have nearly every spare part from the Modelleisenbahn Gmbh which is infact the holding of Roco and Fleischmann. He's even known to find a spare part without number, just by description. If you could name the parts you need I would try to make an inquiry if he can deliver the parts and what the costs for sending them to Ireland were. Please apologize my bad english, at the moment I am learning swedish which is not very helpful for my english knowledge and one Bulmers less last night also would have led to more mental activity... Thought it was appropriate to go to the local irish pub on March, 17th...
  5. Hi No. 4, I just don't get that: Do you have a link to Johns Website, where the B101 class locos are already available? I would really like to see one in black and tan, but I still don't find ANY B 101 on his site The one on ebay is the second one I see after the pictures of the silverish one here on the forum. Cheers Gerhard.
  6. I must admit, you are right. the sharp bend from the producer's photo cannot be seen on neither model plus the snatcher holes are not deep enough in my opinion, espescially when compared to the photo linked above.
  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures, hard to decide how to go on now, I will have to think about that.
  8. Well, looking back to when it all begun, the discussions about whether to have glazing or not, interior details or no interior... I'm really stunned about this great development. Congratulations, really really nice models. Cheers Gerhard.
  9. Spotted some Dublin Buses in Hattons Britbus Bargain Bonanza: http://www.ehattons.com/StockDetail.aspx?SID=24569&utm_source=AdHocNewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20130920 http://www.ehattons.com/StockDetail.aspx?SID=39254&utm_source=AdHocNewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20130920 Perhaps somone of you is interested... Cheers, Gerhard.
  10. Very nice indeed, she's a beauty. Thans for sharing the pictures!
  11. I can fully subscribe to this point of view, me the same. I've got a moular station layout with an interchange from continetal normal gauge to meter gauge with a carrier truck pit and its much fun to shunt the wagons onto the carriers with a sounded steam tender engine. It even helps to forsee what the loco will do next. When I hear the steam go to the cylinders I know it will move, even when looking at the carriers in the pit. For Locos at speed I also cannot see very much use of sound chips.
  12. Well, I also can't beat an elephant, but I've got another one: The whole story can be read here (sorry, in german only), http://www.solingen-internet.de/si-hgw/tuffi.htm so here a summary: A Circus came to Wuppertal and wanted to let Tuffi the elefant have a ride on the "Schwebebahn". Alas Tuffi did not like the narrow and swinging coach so he escaped by braking through a door. Luckily the Schwebebahn was over the River Wupper at this time so Tuffi just fell into the water and was rescued after. As no photos were taken, poscard printers had their interpretations of the case made by their retouchers (for the younger: no, there was no adobe Photshop at that time...). A colleague of my girlfriend told her she nearly had a similar passenger: Some people of a circus wanted to beg for money in the city center and thougt it was a good idea to take along the baby elephant to do so. I don't know if she knew about Tuffy but she refused to give him a lift in her tramway.
  13. Would be interesting to know what is really part of the original construction. Looking at the pictures here, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-north-west-wales-20272985 it seems the loco was rebuilt every few years. The freshly painted loco looks very nice!
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